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Simple Creepy-cute Style

Hello guys and ghoul’s 💙

I’m on a mission to reduce what I buy. I’m looking at the things I already own and wearing them or using them in different ways. Maybe with the odd purchase to suit a new season but it has to be something I know I will wear or use to death!

Tee – Teen section (age 14) at EMP

Boyfriend Cardi – charity shop (similar at Cotton Traders)

Leggings – Next

Boots – Newlook (vegan)

Earrings – gift

Armour ring – Abacus at Affleck’s Palace


Tee from the Villians collection (few years ago) from @shopdisneyuk

I didn’t realise until I had a look in my pin box for this post, how many creepy-cute pins I’d bought over the years.

Gelly Nail Paint by Barry M, nail decal from a big selection on Etsy.

My version of wearing a blouse and pearls.

Both items gifted to me (I designed the necklace, they are little skull beads with sparkly eyes) several years ago.

Some people think this is creepy, I just think it’s awesome. Tee and flannel shirt both from EMP.

Hope I’ve inspired you to be creative with the items you might already own. Let me know in the comments.


2 responses to “Simple Creepy-cute Style”

  1. Starfish Avatar

    Oh I love those pins and that venom tee! Everything’s too cute ✨


    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      Thanks. You are the only person I have heard say that Venom is cute but he is very tongue- in-cheek with his humour.


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