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Urban, stylish and ethical.

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Vamp It Up Manchester is here so you can find out about the best cruelty-free beauty, edgy style, veggie/free-from food, bar and restaurant reviews and geeky pop culture all in the one place.


I know it can be a bit of a gamble spending money on a product or service so I’ll try things for you and give you my honest opinion. Every brand and product that appears on this blog is here because I find it interesting and I think you will to.

If you would like me to review a product or service then please email me at vampitup@live.co.uk

This blog is updated around three times a week with extra nuggets on Instagram.

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2 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Love your blog and your Pinterest boards! My daughter and I have a little shop here in the States(outside of High point, N.C.) . The name of our shop is Spade and Broom. We will be in the UK next week and wanted to make a trip to Manchester ( It looks like wonderful!). Several years ago , we researched the name of our shop and ,to our amazement, discovered that there was a statue of a Spade and Broom in a square in Manchester. We recently tried to find out more info on the statue, but it seems that it may not exist anymore. Is there, indeed, a statue? Thanks for any help that you may have to offer.


    • Thank you very much that’s a lovely thing to hear chuck :0) Still there last time I passed it several months ago. It’s in a tiny little square thats actually the corner of Thomas Street and St John Street behind the NCP multi-storey carpark in The Northern Quarter of the city centre. It’s a piece of metal modern art standing at around 7ft ish. There’s also lots of lovely cafes around there – which I can’t afford ha! x


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