About Me and My Blog

I’m Chrissie, I’m old enough to remember a ‘peace’ sign is actually the CND logo but young enough to get away with wearing Cat Woman Converse. I’ll still be wearing them when I’m 60 tbh.

In my outfit posts I sometimes have a tough alternative or urban sense of style but I’m surprisingly adorkable, when you get to know me. I also have a growing addiction to Funko Pops! which I have been in denial about, until recently.


‘The Bloke’ and myself have lived in the amazing city of Manchester, UK all our lives and love discovering interesting parts of it, which I share on this blog sometimes.

I don’t use any beauty, personal care or household products that have been tested on bunnies and I review every cruelty free beauty item that I buy, good or bad.

 I have food intolerances to gluten & dairy and blog about vegetarian foods but I enjoy a cheat day every so often. Basically anything with carbs, cheese or ice cream! I have found some amazing vegan alternatives of the latter two though, which I’m always happy about.

It’s been assumed a fair bit that I have Aspergers and ADHD but I’ve never got tested. I don’t care why I am the way I am, I’m just glad I am me! I also have Dyspraxia, Hypermobility Syndrome and an Auto-immune disease, all of which make me chronically fatigued and randomly effect my coordination, memory, concentration and memory ;o)



35 thoughts on “About Me and My Blog

  1. I am also dairy-free and purchase only cruelty-free makeup and beauty products! Thanks for following me. 🙂 I’m excited to read your posts and follow you on your blogging journey!!


    • Thank you, I’ve never been complimented on my theme before. I was wondering if I should have a logo or something. I find it so easy to live a cruelty free lifestyle that I barley even have to try. With a lot if supermarkets doing own brand stuff cruelty free and shopping online it’s not the same challenge as it was 15 years ago.


  2. Nice to meet you! I haven’t been to Manchester since before the peace sign was used. Well, maybe around the same time. Have you shared your pizza recipe somewhere? My pizza is never quite what I’d like it to be.


  3. I am thrilled to have found your blog! Cheers, I love art, I love vegan/veggie & cruelty free living. I am intrigued to read more and enjoy your shares.
    Thank you for sharing your passions.
    Stay positively beautiful and bright!


    • Oh thank you that’s so kind! I’ve never got anything like this before.So am I write in thinking that ‘nominate’ means you have given it to me and now I should nominate (pass it on) to my fave 10 bloggers? Where do I get the questions from? Is the flower the white one this year and not the bright orange one?
      Sorry for all the questions hon!


      • Hi, indeed, you can now nominate your fave 10 bloggers for the Sunshine Award.

        You may ask the same 10 questions as on my blog post on this award.

        I think some awards have more than one logo. Take the one which you like best 🙂

        And you don’t have to hurry. As the award is for helping bloggers, not for hurrying them 🙂


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