Guru by RuPaul

Hello everyone! 💙

As it was #manchesterpride over the weekend I thought I would keep that spirit going by sharing Guru by Ru Paul with you. 🏳️‍🌈

This is such a great book as Ru covers so many parts of their life and personality (from being a punk in New York to non-patronising life advice). Ru is funny, honest and inspiring. 🤘🏽✌🏽

Not forgetting the fabulous fashion shots! 😍

The cover also has that matte velvet sort of feel to it. 😌


The Body Shop – Body Lotion to Oil

Hello lovely people!

The Body Shop Lotion-To-Oil from their avocado range is a bit of an odd one because it has the consistency of a moisturiser, even after you have applied it but later on, it does feel like you have layered up with a light moisturiser and a body oil.

Over the summer me and the Bloke have used this on incredibly dry skin, as an After-sun replacement, I’ve used it on my face (having a fan on all night is way harsh) and even on my hair as a leave-in conditioner!

It has such a lovely, fresh scent and isn’t greasy at all.


Geeking Out – Watching Stranger Things from the Beginning

Naturally I’m wearing my Stranger Things tee while watching the series. Me and the Bloke have started watching it again from the beginning. We forgot so much!

This is actually a great tee for a warm-moderate summer evening, as it’s not too thick and I bought a Large from Truffle Shuffle to give me some extra breathing room.

No spoilers as we meet up every week for two-three days to binge watch a series at a time. One thing I will say is Hopper has an awesome ‘dad bod’ and him, Joyce, Nancy and Jonathan are bad-ass!

Where are you up to with this series?


All of the Colours I’ve Home Dyed My Hair

Hello love people, Im baaack!

It loves red❣️It hates purple (my entire home was covered in purple ‘dust’?!)💜 It’s indifferent to pink💖 It makes the darkest of blues into Cyan! 💙

I’ve always let my colour grow out (chopping off my old dyed hair just passed chin length) so I wasn’t dying on top of dye.

I have very dark hair so HAS to be lightened first (by my wonderful hairdresser).
All #crueltyfree dyes. My hair is thick and not particularly porous ie it takes ages to get wet and ages to dry, and ages to absorb dye.

💙Chrissie 💙

It’s Snowing so Break Out the Spiced Rum!

Hello lovely people! ✨⛄️✨

It’s snowing in Manchester! I’m not sure why my foot prints look like a big duck has been in my backyard lol

I’ve been warming my self up in the evening with a ‘Special Coffee’ comprising of coffee, hazelnut milk and spiced rum. My faves are Tesco’s Spiced Gold, Sailor Jerry’s and Dead Mans Fingers.

Bones is chuffed with his early Xmas present of Dead Man’s Fingers spiced rum. He says it’s very apt.


Natural Haircare Review – Boucleme Curl Defining Gel (with flaxseed)

Hello lovely people! ✨💙✨

When I applied this Boucleme Curl Defining Gel (with flaxseed) to wet hair it helped my natural curls to form so easily I was amazed!

However, I noticed my hair lacked it’s usual shine and then went frizzy in the rain. Usually the rain just revives any gel I use but not this one.

The next morning when I woke my curls were dull and stretched out, although they remained perfect nearer my roots.

So for my hair type, this gel is perfect for a night out but not over several days. I think my thick, dry, coarse hair needs lightly oiling and then a moisturising curl cream instead.

If you have fine hair which gets overloaded with products easily, then I highly recommend this for you.


Appreciating My Abilities When Coping With Disabilities

Hi lovely people! 💙

This post is basically a little pat on the back to myself and a lesson in believing in my ABILITIES, rather than focusing on my disabilities.

1) I always wanted a laptop with skateboard/band/creepy cute stickers on.

Being Dyspraxic (so having little spacial-awareness and very sporadic coordination) I always assumed I’d arse it up. That really wasn’t an option as my MacBook was a very generous present from the person I loved so I didn’t want it to look shite.

Considering this project has evolved over eight years, I think I’ve done an amazing job and it looks cool, rather crowded or having random gaps etc.

2) I’ve also created and managed a successful green/alternative lifestyle blog for this amount of time too. I’ve stopped doing reviews of gifted items and attending press events due to my health probs BUT it still gets a lot of views, likes and some comments, meaning I’m still coming up with engaging content. I’m also writing in my own unique (slightly bonkers) voice, which I think has helped the longevity of this blog too.

I never would I have thought that I’d be able to keep ANYTHINg going for that long, and of any consistent quality, because of ADHD and Dyspraxia (not even counting the chronic fatigue from having Dyspraxia and Hypermobilty Syndrome) and yet, I have.

Yay me! 💃🏽

Just shows you that giving things a go might actually work out, and if not, well at least you know now, rather than always wondering.