5 Fandom Friday – My Favourite Places To Read



In Bed

I find it so easy to read in bed as there are no distractions and as reading makes me tire quickly it’s a great way to calm my mind after my body has given up hours ago and needs my mind to shut up the hell up.

In a big comfy chair in front of the fire at my folks house

When I’m around at my parents they can be a little full on with the talking and sometimes manage to not notice that I’m reading – even when I have a novel right in front of my face. Sitting in the cozy chair with a footstool in the back room in front of the fire is so relaxing. It’s like recharging my social batteries.

The bath

I’m one of those strange people who get bored with sitting in the bath for any great length of time. As I mentioned before I also get distracted easily but when you are, essentially stuck in a bath you can’t just wander off at a tangent. I don’t trust myself not to drop my iPad in there so it’s always (medium sized) paper backs. I still manage to get the bottoms of the pages wet though, who put that water there!?

On public transport

When I worked I used the 30 mins of travel time to catch up on reading my magazine subscriptions and the entertainment/going out section of the Manchester Metro and the Nemi cartoon of course. Handling more substantial news when half awake at 8.00am was not happening!

At the bloke’s when we are having ‘me’ time

We have an unspoken rule of ‘me’ time where we don’t interup each other. Whether he’s watching Bear Grills (killing animals for ‘survival’ when he could have chosen not to strand himself there for the fame and money in the first place – seriously, what a dick) or I’m reading blogs, Marie Claire or some YA fantasy thing involving dragons, it’s works. We are happy being alone together.

This post has made me realise how often I do actually read. It’s 04.43am, I’ve just finished proof reading this post and I’m going to bed!


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5 Fave Nostalgic/Comfort Films from the 80’s So little allowed, so much choice!

5 Fave Fictional Foods I didn’t include Bob’s Burgers in this because of the character Louise O_o

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Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 17.56.27

I saw Deadpool at the flicks and absolutely loved it! The dialogue is like what me and my quick and darkly humoured mates would come up with over a few pints but with a coherent storyline attached and epic action scenes. I don’t review films because I hate breaking down something that I really enjoy (and makes me feel something emotionally) into it’s individual parts and then analysing them so my reviews would only be of films I dislike! Books I have no problem with reviewing for some reason? Look out for some book reviews coming up soon!

Chrissie ❤

5 Fandom Friday – Favourite Nostalgic/Comfort Films from the 80’s


5 Favourite Nostalgic/Comfort Films

E.T.Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 17.41.39

Just look at that little face – aaaaw! E.T. is the story of baby alien who gets accidentally left behind by his family and meets a young boy who’s family has recently been disrupted. The whole human family (including a very young but wonderful Drew Barrymore) help to keep ET safe. There are equally joyful, funny and harrowing moments, including a race against time and the authorities. What makes this film wonderful however, is the connection between alien and human and the true meaning of love and friendship. I will never tire of watching E.T. ever.

Flight Of The Navigator
Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 17.55.15

This is another one of my favourite 80’s childhood films that I still watch when it’s on telly about a kid who gets to drive a rather dry humoured space ship “Compliance”. Unfortunately, time passes quicker on earth than it does on the ship, leading to a rather surprising return!

Short CircuitScreen Shot 2016-03-02 at 18.05.56

“No disassemble!” A robot designed to be a deadly weapon becomes self aware and has very different ideas – including dancing to the Bee Gees and doing John Wayne impersonations. It’s better than I’m making it sound, honestly!

Labyrinth Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 15.48.38

This has to be one of the most magical films I watched as a kid (I managed to totally miss The Never Ending Story) and not liking babies very much I kept on wondering why Sarah didn’t want to just stay there with him!

Batteries Not IncludedScreen Shot 2016-03-02 at 19.04.42

The 80’s had a big effect on me cinema-wise obviously! A film about a family of tiny droids who visit earth and help an elderly couple who’s restaurant is planned for compulsory demolition. A strange heartwarming little story which works really well.

Which are your faves?


5 Fandom Friday – Characters I Would Invite To My Dinner Party


As I’m English I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving so I’ve turned it into the old imaginary dinner guests question with a fictional twist and a cocktail party at the end.

Lyra (The Golden Compass)


Probably the only kid you would want at a dinner party. She has ridden on a polar bear, fought crazy socialite scientist and talked to angels. I can’t imagine anything would phase her.

Agent Phil Coulson (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D)


He looks great in a suit, he’s witty and includes pop culture references, he’s a little dorky, those smile lines, he has a flying car.

Betty (Ugly Betty)


It would be nice to have another normal girl there and she is opinionated but really sweet with it.

Riddick (The Chronicles of Riddick)


I’m sure after a bottle of wine or three we will have found a side to him that isn’t so serious.

Loki (Thor)


He’s the god of mischief, what more do you want for entertainment, even if he is a little sulky.

Ripley (Alien)


I just totally admire her I’d have to be careful not to go fan-girl crazy. Her social skills aren’t always that great in a big group and neither are mine so that’s cool.

Giles (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)


I’m imagining this is his response to my desert that I’ve slaved over.

Clonal Jack O’Neal (Stargate)


Jack, Riddick and Ripley could bond over their space travel history or try and out-do each other.

Tai (Clueless)


I love how sweet and positive and sort of grungy she is even post makeover.

Barry Allen (The Flash)

The Flash -- "Going Rogue" -- Image FLA104A_0307b -- Pictured: Grant Gustin as Barry Allen -- Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW -- © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

I love how adorable and brave he is and I think he’d be on the same wave-length as Tai and Betty and me.

Spike (Buffy)

ca. 2000 --- Actor James Marsters in Black Leather Jacket --- Image by © James Minchin/CORBIS OUTLINE

I’d have to fix him a very special Bloody Mary unless he was completely on the wagon.

It’s funny, I fall pretty much in the middle between the young people and the older people here (apart from Spike) which always seems to be the case at parties. I wonder which way it would go after Giles and Spike had downed a few cocktails, wether they would reminisce about old times or wether it would be a case of “Spikes got all bitey again, taxi!”

Chrissie xx

5 Fandom Friday – Broadway Roles I’d Love To Play


I’ve been told I would be a good actress if it weren’t for my terrible memory, meaning I struggle to remember lines. Daniel Radcliffe has dyspraxia as does Florence Welch and I have no idea how they remember lines/lyrics! Seeing as most plays on Broadway are musicals (according to Wiki) let’s just go with those.

Magenta in The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Who doesn’t want to get all gothed up in fishnets, a maids uniform, massive hair and tones of smudged black eyeliner? Plus if it were back in the day I’d be on the same stage as Tim Curry’s Franken Furter – how awesome would that be!

Velma Kelly in Chicago


I would love to belt out ‘All That Jazz’ (some how) plus all of the fantastic 1920’s costumes of course. I know the two main female characters are really flawed but I love how feisty and determined they are.

Sandy in Grease


I’d go through most of this musical on auto-pilot until after her bad-ass make over, ha! Ok so I’d probably fall over in my heels when trying to dance through the Shake Shack (at the fun fair part) but I’d have cool dude Danny to catch me. Ok, make that, definitely fall. Maybe I should have picked Rizzo instead as she’s confident and sassy right from the start.

Charity in Sweet Charity


I remember seeing the film starring Shirley Mclaine on DVD, which included the alternative ending where Oscar does come back for her. That’s the only version I’d want to perform.

Baby in Dirty Dancing


I absolutely love her character arch, from shy naive teenager to sassy dancer who knows exactly what she wants. It would be amazing learning how to dance for this role – although I’d need a strong partner playing Johnny to do that lift with seeing as I’m 5’8 and a size 12 ha!

Chrissie xx