15 Long Sleeve Dresses That Are Definitely Not Boring

Long Sleeve Dresses

Checked Boyfriend Shirt – Next


Why do my eyes always come across as a dull mint green in photo’s when they are lime green almost yellow?

I bought this to go under a thick navy style jumper as the neck was really wide, which looked kinda sexy but was way too chilly. I actually love how this shirt looks on it’s own though, which has surprised me. It feels like it’s made from the softest brushed cotton like the 90’s versions but it’s actually a man-made fibre.

I need to point out that although the cut is feminine to some extent, it’s more of a ‘boyfriend’ fit, so if you want a really fitted shirt then I’d suggest going down one or two sizes. I love the fit though as it’s one the few shirts I’ve been able to wear without getting button-gape across the chest, something that most brands never seem to allow for.


Alt 80’s & 90’s Film & TV Style Icons #3 My So Called Life

My So Called Life
The show My So Called Life is the first in my series of Best 90’s Film and TV Style Icons. A mixture of Angela’s grungy look and Rayanne’s cool bohemian look has basically been my personal style ever since!

OOTD 90’s Grunge

I was considered weird in my early teens in 90’s Gorton, Manchester. I dressed like an untidy boy and listened to weird out of tune music by a band called Nirvana. Then by my late teens ‘Grunge’ had hit all parts of Britain and I was cool apparently. These days with grunge being a popular look for off duty models there’s a legion of teens giving a damn about not looking like they give a dam. Irony upon irony.

I do alternate my style for different seasons and occasions but I always come back to some variation of this. I’ve piled it all on today as it’s so cold. If only I’d bought a leather jacket big enough to fit over the top!


Necklace Customized from 4 old broken ones

Tee My blokes old vintage T-shirt

Checked Shirt On long term loan from my Dad

7 For All Mankind Jeans £2.00 from charity shop (£200 new)

Boots New Look