Aloe Vera Drink

Aloe Vera Juice Drink

I was really interested to review these drinks that were sent to me by Taj as Aloe Vera has been renowned for it’s healing benefits for centuries. I’d never considered any internal benefits before though. Aloe Vera is reported to aid digestion and detox and also to help calm ulcers.

I was impressed that the drinks both contain 46% Aloe Vera: 16% pulp and 30% juice. When chilled the juice tastes slightly sweet like lime cordial, the pulp tastes slightly bitter but only if you choose to chew it. The strawberry flavour totally masks this bitterness however and tastes great! It didn’t quench my thirst as much as I thought it might but it’s more refreshing than than some sweet smoothies and I preferred to drink these rather tea and coffee with my evening meal.