#Blogtober Day 21 My Pet Peeves

Clothing manufacturers assuming all size 10 people are Hobbits and all size 18 people are giants.

Checkout assistants who zoom your stuff through quickly, expecting you to pack your stuff and pay them at the same time, then they start serving the person behind you before you’ve finished packing or even put your change in your purse.

When someone on the bus before you has clearly been eating a pasty/sandwich and it’s gone everywhere – yuk.

When people have a conversation by yelling at each other while standing at opposite ends of the street.


When people leave their bike on the floor so it’s perfectly blocking the shop doorway.

When people are oblivious to where their toddlers are and the fact they are running into peoples legs and only narrowly missing the corner of your hand basket.

When people on the bus think it’s more important their bag gets a seat than your butt.

Ring pull can lids which only open half way and then when you really yank it the contents go all over your kitchen walls.

When people spot a nice place in the park to chill and dump their litter all over it, so it’s now a crap place for other people to chill.

When you fall over in the street and people just stare at you without asking if you are ok.

When someone is wearing giant padded earphones and yet you can still here that they love thrash metal – at 8.00am on a Monday.

When you go shopping and come back with a bag full, only to realise you forgot the main thing you went shopping for in the first place.

Workers who are granted a tiny bit of authority in their job and go on a total ego trip by lording it over everyone.

When people say “I’m not being rude but…” Then don’t.

People who move to a leafy suburb then spend hours a week noise-polluting their neighbours with effing leaf blowers!

Wow, that feels much better!

What are your pet peeves, any of these?

Chrissie xx

#Blogtober14 Day 4 – Favourite Photo You Posted On Instagram


Blogtober14 Day 4 – Favourite Photo You Posted On Instagram

photoThe Beat Herder festival, Sawley, Lancashire, 2011

My first ever festival. My first festival with The Bloke. We won the golden ticket! Free entry, £100 quid, plus drinks tokens and souvenir tees and bags. They take no weather precautions so it’s either a mud bath or it’s idillic and that summer was a scorcher. Perfect first festival! I wanted the photo to have a timeless quality to it, so I chose this filter and frame from the Camera + app.

Tomorrows prompt: Your Fall Bucket List.

Day 1 If you Won The Lottery You’d..

Day 2 Dream Job When You Were Little/What Is It now

Day 3 – The One Thing You Can’t Live Without

#Blogtober14 Day 1 – If You Won The Lottery. Day 2 – Dream Job When You Were Little


I found this tag on Beauty Expression by Luchesa‘s blog and I’m in need of some motivation right now, so I thought I’d join in. I’ve missed the 1st so I’ll include that prompt as well.

#Blogtober Day 1- If You Won The Lottery…

It’s just occurred to me that the people I love are pretty happy with were they are in life and what they have. I’d get my Mum and Dad a nice bungalow in a nicer area. I’d buy myself a little place, even though I know I’d hardly be there most of the time. More of a giant walk-in wardrobe then, with a TV, a games console, a mini fridge and sofa. The kitchen would have a fridge, a microwave, and counters to rest my Ocado deliveries and takeaways on, ha!

I’d get pretty much every food, jewellery and makeup subscription box available, every month.

I’d give a load of money away to small charities that are struggling.

Now to enjoy! I’d take The Bloke with me to Hawaii. I’d pay a brilliant PA to make all of travel arrangements and a (very flexible) itinerary and also a local guide as well. No getting stressed or lost – ace! I’d also do the same for where The Bloke wanted to go, of course.

Then I’d invest the rest.

#Blogtober Day 2- Dream Job When You Were Little?

Me: A vet!

Mum: Commendable profession but can you deal with seeing animals in pain and making tough decisions?

Me: A pet minder!

Mum: Well, I’d like to do that! Is that really a job?

Me: Only small-ish dogs… That are really well behaved…That aren’t the yappy kind.

Mum: So your flexible then.

Me: An artist!

Mum: So you’re planning on living with us for a very long time then?

Me: A marine biologist!

Mum: That job does sound really interesting but you…

Me: I’m scared of crabs yes, and the fact I sink easily in water might be a problem.

Me: A snow boarding instructor!

Mum: You will need a lot of patience with people. (gives me a pointed look)

Me: A stunt woman!

Mum: You’re able trip over your own feet when standing still, love.

Me: A fighter pilot!

Mum: I’m leaving the room now.

This is how many of these conversations went with my Mum from the ages of six through to sixteen.

My parents supported me with whatever mad notion I came up with, to be fair.

I still have no idea.

Tomorrows prompt: One Thing You Can’t Live Without?