5 Fandom Friday: My Favorite Things About Winter

Fandom Friday

Anyone who lives up North in the UK either develops SAD during the winter months or learns to like or at least appreciate winter. I used get really down with the dark mornings and evenings but now I realise I’m lucky to live somewhere that has seasons and I appreciate them all individually. Thanks to Super Space Chick and The Nerdy Girlie for creating 5 Fandom Friday.

1. Sometimes bleak can be beautiful

It really is worth going on holiday in winter, not abroad but to the countryside – especially to Scotland and Wales. They are equally beautiful in bright sunlight or cloudy shade. Me, the Bloke and some friends hired a cabin at the side of a loch and on one of the days we caught a cable car half way up mountain. I loved being at cloud level.

4006ft up Aonach Mor

2. Hot drink creations

Cinnamon tea, Egyptian spiced tea, ‘Chrissie’s special coffee’ milk and one sugar, hazelnut syrup with a little coffee added for flavour. Then there’s ‘Chrissie’s special soup’ which is a heaped teaspoon of bean miso paste, a heaped teaspoon of Bisto onion gravy, 2 generous pinches of seaweed flakes, a little glug of tamari (wheat free soy) sauce and 4 little splashes of Tabasco in a mug. Sometimes I use this pre-prepared one so I don’t offend guests noses!

Miso Soup

3. Staying all snuggly inside 

I love snuggling under a giant blanket with the Bloke and watching the rain on the windows and listening to the wind roar, while the trees dance outside.


4. Snow!

It’s rare that we get snow near in the centre of Manchester as it’s quite low and it only takes a little moisture to produce sleet rather than snow. When it does snow I immediately go straight into my local park. I love that it looks like there is a beautiful white blanket covering everything. I love the crunch of snow under my feet. I love snowball fights!

Cizzy in snow

5. I get to wear my new winter coat

The kind of coat that is so warm no matter what you wear underneath, it’s only for the coldest days. Here I am looking rather chuffed with my Christmas present…Oh, and Christmas of course!



Chrissie xx

#Blogtober Day 21 My Pet Peeves

Clothing manufacturers assuming all size 10 people are Hobbits and all size 18 people are giants.

Checkout assistants who zoom your stuff through quickly, expecting you to pack your stuff and pay them at the same time, then they start serving the person behind you before you’ve finished packing or even put your change in your purse.

When someone on the bus before you has clearly been eating a pasty/sandwich and it’s gone everywhere – yuk.

When people have a conversation by yelling at each other while standing at opposite ends of the street.


When people leave their bike on the floor so it’s perfectly blocking the shop doorway.

When people are oblivious to where their toddlers are and the fact they are running into peoples legs and only narrowly missing the corner of your hand basket.

When people on the bus think it’s more important their bag gets a seat than your butt.

Ring pull can lids which only open half way and then when you really yank it the contents go all over your kitchen walls.

When people spot a nice place in the park to chill and dump their litter all over it, so it’s now a crap place for other people to chill.

When you fall over in the street and people just stare at you without asking if you are ok.

When someone is wearing giant padded earphones and yet you can still here that they love thrash metal – at 8.00am on a Monday.

When you go shopping and come back with a bag full, only to realise you forgot the main thing you went shopping for in the first place.

Workers who are granted a tiny bit of authority in their job and go on a total ego trip by lording it over everyone.

When people say “I’m not being rude but…” Then don’t.

People who move to a leafy suburb then spend hours a week noise-polluting their neighbours with effing leaf blowers!

Wow, that feels much better!

What are your pet peeves, any of these?

Chrissie xx

I Heart Instagram Tag


Cool 2

I saw this tag over on Super Space Chick a blog I’ve only recently just discovered. She asked everyone to just join in if they wanted and seeing as I ❤ Instagram it’s only right.

What’s your Instagram handle?


How many people do you follow?


How many followers do you have?




cultural 2

What are your favourite hashtags?

#OOTD #altgirl #QuirkyCute #glutenfree #veggie #streetart #manchester #tattoos


What are your favourite genres of pictures?

As you can probably tell from some of my fave #’s I like things that are boldly visual. After all, IG is all about that! Although I have noticed more simple recipes popping up on there, which is handy.






How often do you post?

Only when I have something quirky, cute, cool or tasty to share, pretty much. I’m not one for endless boring selfies. how narcissistic would that be?!

What’s your favourite filter?

I find that a lot of pictures look incredibly hazy and undefined (I’m using an iPod4) but if I use XPro II it darkens and sharpens them. If something is too dark to start with Lo fi helps. Rise is always a flattering filter for selfies so that has to be my favourite.



iPhone only? Purist or rebel?

I only have an iPod 4 and the camera is pretty appalling. I cheat sometimes and upload pics I’ve taken of events or the countryside with my Lumix. It’s got a Leica lens! I select a part of the picture so it’s still IG shaped and maybe add filters. I shouldn’t be telling you this, ha!


Three favourite IG accounts currently?

@mrmojorisin_ is a fellow Manc and takes fantastic shots with his iPhone.

@pixee_pea She’s into her vegan cruelty free beauty, which could a boring album but her product shots are creative and she mixes in lovely lifestyle photo’s as well.

@Pistoja This dude posts the best street art from where he lives and everywhere he visits. It’s not just the massive murals either, it’s the smaller stuff as well.

Now I’ve discovered the @superspacechick album that’s one of my faves as well. It’s so bright and fun and cute but also interesting!

cultural 1

What are your Instagram handles?

Hope to see you all on my Instagram feed soon!



#Blogtober14 Day 5 – My Fall Bucketlist


#Blogtober14 Day 5 – My Fall Bucketlist

  1. Wear fluffy animal print slippers
  2. Buy almond milk and maple syrup to have in hot chocolate
  3. Go to a blogger meet up in Manchester, if I can RSVP early enough!
  4. Have the courage to go to a Halloween party with only one person I know there. Actually, that’s left over from last year.
  5. Stock up on pre-ownded (cheap) video games and set the TV to record Hannibal, Masters of Sex, American Horror Story and girly sitcoms.
  6. Go to bed before 2.00am
  7. Get up before 10.30am
  8. Keep the content of my blog posts interesting and regular.
  9. Don’t save clothes for best or you will end up wear everything maybe, once a year.
  10. Make more best occasions and go out more and do more in the evening.

Day 1 If You Won The Lottery You’d…

Day 2 Dream Job When You Were Little/What Is It Now

Day 3 – The One Thing You Can’t Live Without

Day 4 – Favourite Photo You Posted On Instagram

#Blogtober14 Day 4 – Favourite Photo You Posted On Instagram


Blogtober14 Day 4 – Favourite Photo You Posted On Instagram

photoThe Beat Herder festival, Sawley, Lancashire, 2011

My first ever festival. My first festival with The Bloke. We won the golden ticket! Free entry, £100 quid, plus drinks tokens and souvenir tees and bags. They take no weather precautions so it’s either a mud bath or it’s idillic and that summer was a scorcher. Perfect first festival! I wanted the photo to have a timeless quality to it, so I chose this filter and frame from the Camera + app.

Tomorrows prompt: Your Fall Bucket List.

Day 1 If you Won The Lottery You’d..

Day 2 Dream Job When You Were Little/What Is It now

Day 3 – The One Thing You Can’t Live Without

#Blogtober14 Day 1 – If You Won The Lottery. Day 2 – Dream Job When You Were Little


I found this tag on Beauty Expression by Luchesa‘s blog and I’m in need of some motivation right now, so I thought I’d join in. I’ve missed the 1st so I’ll include that prompt as well.

#Blogtober Day 1- If You Won The Lottery…

It’s just occurred to me that the people I love are pretty happy with were they are in life and what they have. I’d get my Mum and Dad a nice bungalow in a nicer area. I’d buy myself a little place, even though I know I’d hardly be there most of the time. More of a giant walk-in wardrobe then, with a TV, a games console, a mini fridge and sofa. The kitchen would have a fridge, a microwave, and counters to rest my Ocado deliveries and takeaways on, ha!

I’d get pretty much every food, jewellery and makeup subscription box available, every month.

I’d give a load of money away to small charities that are struggling.

Now to enjoy! I’d take The Bloke with me to Hawaii. I’d pay a brilliant PA to make all of travel arrangements and a (very flexible) itinerary and also a local guide as well. No getting stressed or lost – ace! I’d also do the same for where The Bloke wanted to go, of course.

Then I’d invest the rest.

#Blogtober Day 2- Dream Job When You Were Little?

Me: A vet!

Mum: Commendable profession but can you deal with seeing animals in pain and making tough decisions?

Me: A pet minder!

Mum: Well, I’d like to do that! Is that really a job?

Me: Only small-ish dogs… That are really well behaved…That aren’t the yappy kind.

Mum: So your flexible then.

Me: An artist!

Mum: So you’re planning on living with us for a very long time then?

Me: A marine biologist!

Mum: That job does sound really interesting but you…

Me: I’m scared of crabs yes, and the fact I sink easily in water might be a problem.

Me: A snow boarding instructor!

Mum: You will need a lot of patience with people. (gives me a pointed look)

Me: A stunt woman!

Mum: You’re able trip over your own feet when standing still, love.

Me: A fighter pilot!

Mum: I’m leaving the room now.

This is how many of these conversations went with my Mum from the ages of six through to sixteen.

My parents supported me with whatever mad notion I came up with, to be fair.

I still have no idea.

Tomorrows prompt: One Thing You Can’t Live Without?






Marry My Blog tag

I was always the quirky one, the one who swore never to conform to social norms. Then I realised over the course of my life the idea of a wedding was starting to creep into my thoughts subconsciously. Now, by that I mean ‘the wedding’ part not ‘the marriage’ part. I love The Bloke and he loves me. Nice and simple.

So, when I read Keeley’s Marry My Blog tag on her blog Phat Cupcake, I thought hyperthetically marrying my blog sounded brill, then I noticed she’d tagged me into it and squeeled! The idea was inspired by Carrie on Sex and the City marrying herself – to get her stollen shoes back… Anyway…

The Ring


I’ve always had an affinity with Celtic symbolism but didn’t want anything too chunky. I find diamonds to be beautifully sparkly but rather cold, so this 14kt white gold Celtic knot ring is perfect. I actually adore it! Hang on Chrissie, this is all just hypothetical -_-

The Dress


Come on, this is me, it was never going to be traditional. As I also have slim hips like the model, I’d prefer the rouching to be really high up. I do think the combination of the relaxed structured corset, the colour and the fabric is stunning!

The Accesory 


When Carrie had her wedding for real she decided she would love nothing more than to be accompanied by a bird – a dead one – on her head. So here is my rather macabre but much sexier accessory.

The Shoes Boots


The Bloke and I have always had this intuative understanding that if we were to get married  I would obviously be wearing some bad-ass boots. So the same goes for Mr blog. My blog as a male? That’s weird. What would I be called then, Mrs Blog? Ha! I can just imagine me dancing on a saloon bar holding my skirt up while wearing these boots.

The Cake


I typed ‘dragon cake’ into Pinterest (oh crap! I should have made a board of all this) and a lot of beautifully painted Chinese cakes appeared. Total works of art. The Bloke would have gone crazy over them but with everything else being a little unusual, I chose this simple but beautiful cake (by Hillary Rose Cupcakes, with crowning rose omitted). But wait for it…

Dragon Cake Toppers!!!


The Venue


A castle of course! Part gothic fantasy – part fairytale, this is castle Coch in Cardiff, Wales. My blog (who’d be present via laptop) and my loved one’s could have a pagan/hippy wedding reception in the woods below.

The Honeymoon


It’s got to be Hawaii. Top picture is rainbow falls and bottom picture is haiku steps ‘stairway to heaven’, this picture doesn’t really give you a clue as to how steep/high they actually are. Still the easiest way to climb a small mountain! Oh, I can just imaging myself and my blog chilling on the beach, hiking, cycling and exploring the wildlife. Although in the evening I’d have to sneak off & cheat on it with The Bloke.

I tag:

Peace, Love and Patchouli

Square One Notes

Philippine Artisan

KJ Andersen

Mich Eats and Shops

Doesn’t matter if you are already married or (as you can tell from mine) what you can realisticly afford. You’re marrying your blog so go wild girls!


An Interview With…Me!

This is a tag I picked up from Nickie O’Hara at Typecast as I loved her questions and also the opportunity to make up my own questions to ask you all at the end.

Who would you like to dance with and why?

The Bloke (aka my bloke) as he has great hip action (oi, naughty!) and fairly delicate hands for a tall stocky dude. He’d be great in hold, maybe something like a basic Rhumba or American Smooth. He’s kind of coming round to the idea, slowly…

Roller Disco or Ice Skating?

The last time I went to a roller disco I fell and comically could not get up even with help. I’ve learned how to rollerblade OK now, apart from the stopping part. Ice skating terrifies me!

What music do you listen to?

Blues, Northern Soul, 80’s alternative, 90’s R&B, 90’s trip-hop, 90’s/200’s hip-hop, rock, punk, drum & base.

Mayo or Ketchup?

Garlic mayo but ketchup on chippy chips.

How do you evaluate success?

I couldn’t give a damn to be honest. As long as I’m not stressful to be around then I’m a success at being a decent person.

What is your social media platform of choice and why?

WordPress! OK, that’s cheating a bit. Twitter suits my attention sp…

What would be your chosen superpower?

Most awesome and important question ever! I’ve given this a lot of thought over the years and I’d say to re-wind time just for a few moments within my own life time, to put things right for me and others.

Going out or staying in?

Ah, er, going out late afternoon for a mooch about town and a pub tea then grabbing some cans and going home to watch box sets with The Bloke. Gosh I’m rubbish at answering either/or questions!

Who would you like to have a brew and a chat with?

Juliette Lewis, she’s such a lovely, accepting and free-spirited individual.

Who is your biggest female influence?

It has to be my Mam for better and for worse, ha!

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

My Mam always used to say “Just do your best kid, whatever the result it’s OK with us.” Hardly optimistic like, but very reassuring. Also “Just be yourself love, never change just to fit in with certain people or you’ll end up loosing yourself.” So true!

Here are my questions for you to answer:

If you could fine members of the public for doing one thing that you find really annoying what would it be?

Which animal do you most relate to and/or would choose to be?

Ideally would you like to live in a town, by the sea or in the countryside?

What genre of films do you like watching?

Name someone you admire and tell us why?

Which sites online are you most addicted to?

What do you think is the best bit of you?

If you could be famous for any reason, what would you want the reason to be?

Happiness is…

Which do you prefer, God or dinosaurs?

So if anyone wants to play then answer these questions, then make your own up to ask the next person and either nominate another blogger or hope with fingers crossed tightly (as I am) that someone is game enough to play tag. Don’t forget to let me know if you’re playing. Tag!

The Closet Confidential tag

This is a tag all about different vloggers and bloggers delving into their personal style history. I picked up the tag (in blogging form) from Amy Mander at A life In Beauty The Write Up. I don’t do vlogs because (even though I can chat for hours – even to myself) my voice makes me sound like a young boy, with a cold, with a mid-atlantic accent. So…

What is the oldest item in your wardrobe/closet?


My boyfriend recently gave me his old belt he’d had for about 20 years. I love how battered it is with the worn leather and holes that have been punched using a corkscrew, or what ever was at hand over the years.

What is your biggest bargain?


This bag, inspired by Ed Hardy who was obviously very inspired by Sailor Jerry (a tattooist before he started making rum) was around £6 from Chorlton market. This slogan is much more romantic than than ‘Love Kills Slowly’ one that Ed Hardy favours. I like sailor tatts and street-art so The Bloke tipped me off immediately when he saw it in the window.  It’s so durable and roomy, with little pockets inside. I cart all my heavy stuff around in it.

What is the most expensive item?

Long black leather coat

I bought this with my first wages age 20 to replace my old PVC one from C&A. I’d given up trying to find one cut with a women’s shape in mind and was on the way home, when I noticed a tiny leather shop on Deansgate. I asked the shop keeper if he had any long leather coats and he positively beamed! Turns out he’d had this in for a long while but every one who’d tried it on were either too short or too wide for it. It fitted me like it was made for me, it’s perfect! I tend to wear it with heels and simple jewellery.

What is the cheapest/most affordable item? (that you wear/use a lot!)


I dore this little Topshop cardi! I’ve worn it so much it’s starting to get a few little holes in it because it’s really thin. It’s perfect for wearing over sleeveless tops and dresses when it’s a little cold or draped over the shoulders and fastened with one button.

What is your newest purchase?


You can ask me this question every 6 months and the answer will most likely be chunky boots, black one’s. I would like to thank my loved one’s for supporting my long-term boot addiction. These over knee boots were from River Island are really easy to walk and are roomy around the legs but they are tight around my not-so-dainty ankles.

Bonus item you want to share:


This is a kurti: A long Indian shirt for women (the man’s version is called a kurta) which has come back into fashion in the UK with young people, who are wearing it with leggings or skinny jeans and heels or ballet flats.. I bought this from a stall at the Manchester Mega Mela for under £10. The colour (which I just wouldn’t photograph true) is a deep aqua blue – almost green. Two reasons why I’ve never worn it: Unfortunately it’s made from heavily lined nylon which is really, really warm, yet the sleeves are only 3/4 length and sheer. I’m so mard when my arms are cold! I know the traditional one’s are much lighter. Secondly, I’m not sure what the local Asian people in my area would make of me wearing this. I think I’d get some confused or amused looks from people wondering why the chick with the alternate style has taken to wearing a traditional Indian garment! Maybe for nights out and holidays, which just brings me back to “it’s too warm!” It currently decorates my wardrobe door beautifully.

This Closet Confidential tag idea originally came from Fluer De Force’s Youtube vlog. Feel free to join in!