Weird and Wonderful Links #2

Film and TV

Paper Towns official trailer ft. Cara Delevingne and Not Wolff

Best TV Series of 2015 so Far according to Rolling Stone Magazine I’m looking forward to catching up and watching Dare Devil and Empire. I liked Better Call Saul but it wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be and it’s more heartfelt. Some episodes can feel a little slow in places but stick with it.

The Best TV Series This Summer  Me and The Bloke loved True Detective we are so glad it’s back for a second series, same goes for Ray Donovan – I’m not usually into mean and moody types but there’s just something about this guy!

21 Add-libs That Became Famous Lines in Films Just leave the actors to it!

What Do US Film Critics Think Of Our Biggest Home-Grown Stars?

Alternative Endings to Films That Didn’t Make the Cut


25 Signs Made Funnier By Pedestrians  I can’t even pic my faves as their are too many, although 3, 4 and 7 are a special kind of humour.The New Trend of Cooking/Baking Concealer

Best News Bloopers 80s and 90s “….The Noise!” haha!

Funny News Bloopers Compilation 2015 part 1

15 Logos That Have Failed Spectacularly. It helps if you have a dirty mind for a lot of these, lol

Weird Japanese Commercials – What. The. Actual. F#*%!?

Quirky, Clever and Cute Animals

French Bulldog Get Ratted On By His Friend

Maru the cat who’s behaviour is funny, lazy and adorably strange

Very Clever Animals 

Simon’s Cat ‘Hot Water’ cartoon sketch

Cute Mini Pigs Compilation Ok the word ‘cute’ is already obvious!

Unbelievably Strange Animal Friends Compilation

Social Media, Apps and Blogging/Vlogging

Daily Blog Tips For newbies or professionals.

5 Fandom Friday: 5 Favourite Aliens Five things on a certain topic that The Nerdie Girlie and Super Space Chick love. Link up your own Fandom Friday post there because it’s a linkie!

100 Ideas for Instagram Posts  If you have Insta-envy and want inspiration or if your just bored and fancy a challenge, these ideas are awesome!

The Busy Bloggers Guide To Pitching PR’s 

10 Smartphone Apps That Wil Save You A Fortune 

PewDiePie You Tube Gamer Gets Rich


Lybia Jet Skims Person in a Very Low Fly By

Bloodhound supersonic car will be the fastest vehicle on earth, reaching speeds of 1,000mph

The New Trend of Cooking/Baking Concealer. A great alternative to Strobing (and looking like an alien) especially if you have oily skin as it involves a LOT of powder.

World’s First Line of Dolls with Disabilities 


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Chrissie xx

How To Run A Successful Blog On A Budget

When you start blogging it’s easy to think “I’m on a budget. I can’t afford to buy products and do exciting things to blog about.” Don’t let that put you off.

A lot of experiences like going to the cinema, bowling, dry ski slopes etc. have off peak rates that can a third of the price cheaper than peak times. It’s also worth phoning up and seeing if they have any deals on group bookings and then convincing your mates they really want to try snowboarding.

Would it be possible to swap or borrow things from friends and family in return for something of yours? You could review or feature your mates new game/makeup/box set/shoes/cookware.

Get a membership card (not a store card) where you do your everyday shopping and sign up to beauty cards and brands newsletters that you love. Don’t touch your points and let them build up. At the end of the month or longer (depending on the card) you can treat yourself to a nice blog worthy item you wouldn’t normally justify buying – even if it is just a luxe shampoo or a quirky phone case.

Join blogger groups on Facebook that are for your town/region, are especially for PR opportunities or your blogs genre. This really is the easiest way to become part of a like minded blogging community and to get invited to events and learn about opportunities.

Sign up to Amazon Local and Wowcher to get deals in your area on experiences, food, pampering sessions and much more to blog about. You will have to be flexible on dates and times but it’s better than staying in watching re-runs on TV.

Beware of websites that say ‘free product testing for bloggers’ as most of the time it’s more like a lottery or you will be answering endless questions and inadvertently giving your details to numerous companies.

Style for Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) posts or blogger events: You should invest in key pieces that aren’t going to go out of fashion such as coats like trenches, parkas and blazers, good fitting jeans, simple boots (which can double as shoes worn under trousers). Anything unusual that’s in fashion – and therefore might laughably go out of fashion – don’t waste too much money on. Belts, scarves, hats and bold statement jewellery can refresh and transform an outfit. Layer and play about with how you wear your garments together.

If you love a brand it’s a good idea to talk to the manager of your local branch and explain that you are a blogger and ask if you can take away some samples to review or you could inquire if they have any in store blogger events planned and leave your details – you might give them the idea!

List posts are great for a quick read such as Top Five Cameras For Bloggers or 10 Reasons Why Winter Is Actually Awesome or What’s On My Wish List This Month.

If you are having a night out with the girls take advantage of beauty counter makeovers. Agree beforehand that you will buy X and X if they throw in Y and Y. Remember to blog about it all the next day.

Don’t by the cheapest camera. You will get quickly frustrated with it and wish you had saved up for a better one. It isn’t necessary for all bloggers to own a DSLR unless you intend on covering fashion shows or vast panoramic scenery etc. High-end point and shoots such as a Panasonic Lumix are surprisingly effective for most purposes.

Wait until a good online deal comes up on products you use often and bulk buy, adding in a new item you feel like reviewing, so you will make a bigger saving and the postage cost will be justifiable or even free.

Don’t buy glossy magazines unless they have a free gift you’d like to blog about. If you can’t live without a particular one then wait until the free gift/offer upon sign up is perfect for you. Just don’t moan when your mates who aren’t subscribed are getting great freebies every third month.

If you get to review something you love it’s worth asking the brand/PR if you can have a second one as a giveaway prize for your readers or a money off code. You will be surprised at how many think this is a great idea! [Always check postage costs before running a competition and specify in your post which country/countries the competition is open to] If the prize is a large item ask if it can get sent straight from the warehouse to the winner and not to your house first!

Don’t forget your life experiences and the knowledge you have gained. It might be useful to include in a blog post like this.

Take advantage of speciality subscription boxes which are perfect for getting into a new thing – be it artisan crafts, vegan food or cruelty-free beauty etc. as they will help you to discover lots of new products and brands. You won’t have to spend a fortune on lots of different websites and most sub boxes have some kind of loyalty scheme.

Don’t throw away any products which randomly get sent to you for review or that turn up in a subscription box that you know you’ll never use. Save them up a run a giveaway.

After a while write a post about all of the sample sized products you have acquired.

Research local PR companies and also find out who does your fave brands PR (look at the bottom of their website under ‘press’) then introduce yourself via email, either with a collaboration idea or ask to be put on their mailing list for future events.

Remember everything you blog about doesn’t have to be exclusive or innovative. Everyday experiences like a day out in the countryside, cooking/baking, a walk around a town with great architecture or a picnic/BBQ in the park are all blogable. Don’t forget to include small occasions in weekly/monthly round up posts. Your blog’s content should be about you, it’s your blog after all.

Hope I’ve given you some useful ideas. Happy blogging!

Chrissie xx

#Blogtober Day 6 – 10 Things You Would Tell Yourself When You Started Blogging


I already wrote a cheat sheet for bloggers after my blogs first birthday, so I’m going to take a more light hearted approach to this one.

  1. Just use WordPress from the start. It leaves you room to expand and It’ll save a lot of time started/deleting old blogs on other platforms. Go for it!
  2. Practice with your camera every single day. If you know an image is crap, even after editing, don’t use it. If it’s for a product review or an event, then ask the brand/PR to supply you with one instead.
  3. “Oh NOOOOO! I didn’t get the post up before rush hour so people won’t be able to read it on their way to colleague and work now!” *sobs hysterically* “OH. MY. God. I forgot to include the ‘before’ picture in my makeover post. So embarrassing!” Take a break, get a drink (not caffeinated), take a deep breath and chill the hell out, you idiot.
  4. Images can break up text but so can paragraphs and headings and … little asides…Don’t be afraid to press Return to give your content room to breathe.
  5. Unless your aim is to be a journalist and write generic copy for magazines, then you should let your personality to shine through. Don’t write too formally but don’t literally write like you would sorta ava chat to ya mates etha. Urgh! Find your own writing style that sounds natural but is easy for others to read.
  6. Having said that…Bear in mind what type of post you are writing and find a suitable tone. For instance, if you are writing a serious informative piece that you want all kinds of people to use, it’s maybe not the best time to waffle on in copious brackets about something that happened to a friend of a friend -blah – blah.
  7. At some point you will delete things with a carless swipe or button press. This is not the end of the world, though you might want a cushion handy to scream into. Most blogs automatically update frequently but before uploading pics, links etc you should probably press ‘save draft’ just incase.
  8. It’s worth having ‘the conversation’ with friends and loved ones right from the start. Do they want their picture included in your blog which will Googleable? Do they want their name revealing? Is it really OK to use them as an example in your Hilariously Humiliating Moments post?
  9. Think about the info you are revealing about yourself and your life. After reading certain blogs for a few weeks, you would know the persons age, weight, be able to figure out their exact date of birth, where they went to school, where they live, what their house looks like, what their greatest fear is, whether they have a lot of excess income, whether they trust banks or not and who, if anyone is in the house during the day. You once had to use the spare key outside, you say…
  10. Don’t rely on your blogs spell check as they not only correct words but replace them entirely – sometimes with completely inappropriate words. Google ‘autocorrect mistakes’ if you want a good jiggle.