How I Created My Blog – Name, Header, Theme & Signature


I chose Vamp It Up Manchester as a pun on the expression Camp it up. I’ve always been quite alternative and a bit vampish over the years with my style, hair, films, TV and music and my attitude in general. Why be boring when you can Vamp It Up!

My social media is Vamp It Up Mcr which got confused with an abbreviation for My Chemical Romance a few times initially. That was cool because their fans were my type of people anyway.

Header, Theme & Signature

I found it really difficult to decide on a image for my blog header that reflected everything my blog was about and my blogs branding in general. As I run a lifestyle blog based in Manchester, covering street style, street photography and local events I choose one of my photographs of Manchester.

Three years later my blog had evolved to feature many international brands and it had many more international followers. I also wasn’t going out and about around Manchester as much anymore, even though I was still featuring local eateries, so I wanted something more generic but stylish.

I chose an image of rain on a window at night, which my camera had snapped by mistake. It was a quirky little accident but the rain looked pretty glittering gold in the street light. I love anything black and alternative but I also love gold, which is what I’d chosen for my blogs theme so it was perfect! It also inspired me to use this 🖤✨ as my signature.


For a few years I struggled with the tone of my writing. Trying to hard at being a writer I suppose. It came across as professional but cold. I realised the solution was to include more, well…me! I started including more personal posts, writing more in my own voice and being proper honest and having a laugh.

I think it really helps to bring your personality to your blog, after all it’s YOUR blog. Every blog needs decent editing and styling of course but people want to read blogs by people they can relate to on some level.


A Photo Tour of My Fave Place in the House

Even though for me to feel peaceful and relaxed I need the main living area of a house to be airy, open and calm, my fave place in my home has to be the bedroom. It’s like a little cave filled with sparkly, interesting and collectible things.

I do my hair and makeup in the bathroom as there’s a really wide mirror and more natural light. This is for costume jewellery, perfume, nail polish and pin badges etc in trinket boxes.

The view I have at the foot of the bed. Nice and plane but bright with the light pouring in through the yellow and gold curtains. Oh, and Guss the gargoyle.

Books, gifts, geeky collectibles and fossils, rocks and gems. Some of my fave albums on CD which should be in the ‘memory crate’ instead on display.

Above the bed.

I had a marble desk and pin board before I was a blogger and it was such a bloggers clique lol. Some pretty little things now live on the left of my pin board because they aren’t fit for their original purpose anymore. Film books, graphic novels and free copy of Festival Annual that one of my photo’s was featured in. A cut glass vase I rescued from a house clearance (hiding behind my Funko’s) that looks like a pineapple.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! I’d love to have a nosey around your fave place.


Manchester Street Art & Stuff part 7

It’s been three years since I did one of these posts on this blog – three years! A few days ago me and the Bloke decided to go into town to get something to eat from V Revolution but we needed to work up an appetite first so we went for a wander…






























P1000584 (1)














There was this guy standing in front of the cockerel when we wanted a photo so I said to the guy “Me and my bloke want a photo but you are literally cock blocking us.” He replied “Oh gosh, I didn’t even realise that erm, thing was there!”

Do you know any good places to find street art and things?


It’s My 3rd Blogversary! Thank You ^_^


An absolutely mahoosive thank you to everyone who has been with me since the start or found this blog a while ago or have just discovered it. Your comments and likes have spurred me on to keep blogging and have been the highlight of my day when I’ve been having a bad one. Your support and enthusiasm has made me feel like I’m actually good at something when Dyspraxia has made me feel otherwise. You have made me laugh (with you, not at you), you’ve been as excited about geeky things, urban things and cruelty free things as I have and really made me think about life with your observations and advice. You are all awesome!

It is so strange to think that three years I finally took peoples advice and started a little unassuming blog. A blog which turned into something that a lot of lovely strangers actually started to follow and commented on and then some of my fave brands which I’ve used for years started to gift me their products to review and invites started arriving for blogger events, meals and cocktails!

The most surprising thing however, is that I’ve actually kept this up for three years and yes, people leave but new people follow every week. When ever I’ve felt bored because of illness or Winter weather or I’ve felt lonely, this has been a little sanctuary that I can visit, with a cuppa and snuggly wrap around cardigan, which always makes me smile.

To anyone who’s followed this blog for a long time, I appreciate you putting up with the early days of back-to-front structured sentences (thats how my thoughts sound in my head) and under or over exposed photo’s. I never realised that as a blogger I would become a copy writer, an editor, a photographer of all sorts of subjects, a photographic editor, a creator of layouts and an organised (gasp!) person capable of meeting deadlines, tagging and scheduling blog posts and the owner of several busy and successful social media accounts. Phew!

To anyone reading this who isn’t a blogger, why ever not? Give it a go, what have you got to loose? Even if you only get a small amount of followers, you will still have a creative journal of your life and maybe learn some new skills along the way.

Now give me some cake!

Genuine thanks from the bottom of my heart



Making blogging events look glamorous since 2013.

Making Instagram Albums to Share on Social Media

I’ve been using the Insta Collage app to create mini albums to draw attention to my Instagram feed on social media. It’s really easy to compile, edit and share them and so addictive that I’ve made eight of them!

Edgy Urban

Edgy Urban

Pretty Urban

Spot the dove

Style Wishlists


Geek and Alternative


Cruelty Free Beauty


Lifestyle Colourfulness


Food and Drink

Food and Drink

Just Random Really

Cool Stuff

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Times for Bloggers Chats on Twitter and Link Shares on Face Book

If you are like me with a range of interests then you know how difficult it is to keep track of all the different Twitter #bloggerschats and Facebook link shares, so I’ve made a list the ones I know and like!


8-9pm Fashion bloggers #fbloggers by @fbloggerschat

All Day All Bloggers #MondayBlogs by @MondayBlogs


7-8pm Book bloggers #bookbloggers by @BookBlogChat

8-9pm Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle bloggers #fblchat by @fashbeautylife

9-10pm All bloggers #bloghour by @UKBlogAwards

All Day All Bloggers #TuesdayShares by @TuesdayShares


7-8pm Lifestyle Bloggers #lbloggers by @lbloggerschat

8-9pm Beauty Bloggers #bbloggers by @bbloggerschat

All Day Women Bloggers #wwwblogs by @Womenwriterblog


7-8pm All (crazy) Bloggers #crazybloggers by @hollycassell

8-9pm Fashion Bloggers #fbloggers by @fbloggerschat

8-9pm Nerds of Colour or Any Nerds! #BlerdChat by @DawnMGibson

8-10pm Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalcula #DDChat by @DyslexiaAndMe (first hour questions, second our open chat)

9-10pm Cruelty Free Bloggers #cfbloggers by @CFbloggerschat

All Day All Bloggers can share links to their older blog posts #ThrowbackThursday


All Day Book Bloggers #FridayReads by @TheBookMaven


6-7pm All Bloggers #socialbloggers by @skinnedcartree


All day  All Bloggers #sundayblogshare by @SundayBlogShare (Suzie Speaks)

7-8pm Lifestyle Bloggers #lbloggers by @lbloggerschat

8-9pm Beauty Bloggers #bbloggers @bbloggerschat


All weekdays 1-5pm For All Bloggers #ItBloggers





There is a ‘FBL: Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle Bloggers’ page and their link share days are:

Monday – Facebook links, Tuesday – Twitter links, Wednesday – YouTube links, Thursday Instagram links, Friday – Bloglovin links, Saturday – Pinterest links

I hope this helps us all to be even more social with each other!

Chrissie xx


The Highs & Lows of Blogging List

Yay a list post! Is it sad that I’m getting excited over my own list post?

Good You get to write creatively about pretty much what ever you want. It’s  your blog after all.

Bad Bloggers block. Trying to figure out an idea for a post that hasn’t been done before is really tough! Hey, I was writing list ‘posts’ before you were born…Age 12 in my diary.

Good You have taken the best picture possible of your lovely food and know it will get shared on Pinterest and liked on Instagram.

Bad You are sure your food was meant to be served a bit hotter -ahem.

Good Companies send you free stuff – whoop! IMG_0142

Bad PR’s can be seriously cheeky by asking bloggers to post info graphics for free or asking bloggers to add links a pre-written text to old articles and then are the ones giving you the ‘opportunity’ to create a specific blog post with text and their products for your ‘chance to win’ being featured on their page – aha no.

Good Getting positive feedback from your readers feels like the most wonderful thing in the world. It can really pick you up when you’re flagging.

Bad Dealing with smeg head trolls who leave abusive or just plain stupid comments. Luckily I’ve not had any of these in over two and a half years of blogging!

Good When you have found an item or a place that you adore and want to share it. You’ve taken the photo’s and edited them. You’ve figured out the perfect formatting and layout. You’ve added the tags and automated social media sharing. You’ve spell checked and faffed about some more. You are really proud of how it looks and your writing and all of your hard work.

Bad It gets no likes, comments or shares. Oh….But you are still proud of the way it looks and all of your hard work.

Good You get to communicate with lots of lovely people that are really supportive, interesting and creative. People that might be on the other side of the world from you or decades older or younger than you but it doesn’t matter.image

Bad Sometimes you don’t get to meet the people you want to because you didn’t get an invite to that fantastic event. Why not? Bring on the blog paranoia. Until you remember there were opportunities that you’ve had that others didn’t and then you feel greatful for getting any opportunities at all.

Good Typing can be so much easier than writing and you don’t have to know a thing about coding to set up a really decent blog that’s customisable. As well as scheduling posts, you can set up programmes such as Hootsuite to do things automatically for you as well.

Bad When you some hoe make spelling mistakes and then publish your completely unedited draft. When that ‘simple’ plug in or competition widget just refuses to work and you are wailing “Why though? What is wrong with you!” at your device.

Good Even if you decide to quit your blog and go in another direction or you get more time consuming commitments. You will always have your little space on the internet that you lovingly crafted to look back on. Like the most vibrant journal or scrapbook that you can imagine.

Chrissie xx

Monthly Round Up – January

It has felt to me that January has been in two parts: The first where I was still in a slight Sailor Jerries and chocolate reindeer induced haze and the other where I was constantly taking pictures of gorgeous items then writing posts about them on my new laptop (I’m old skool – I don’t do tablets). I’ve already developed a little callous from clicking my track pad constantly. This obviously means I’m a proper writer now, right?



I’ve been watching… Gotham as you know I like quirky geek and goth things. So far the series has subtly introduced three well known characters but don’t expect a new character with an origin story true to the comics each week. Gotham is choosing to go it’s own way in that respect. I love that Sean Pertwee (Worzel Gummidge’s son) is playing a rather bad-ass version of Alfred the butler!

I’ve been listening to… Northern lad Ash Hunter’s debut album Rural Music and even though shoe gazey folk isn’t really my bag, I really the track Grand England it has that ol’ magic of making you feel nostalgic for a place you’ve never been.

I’ve been sniffing… Lola a perfume by Signature fragrances that is sexy, fruity and sweet thanks to these notes:

Top: African Orange Flower

Heart: Jasmine, Patchouli

Base: Cedar, Rose, White Honey

This is my personality in a scent basically! I can’t wait to buy one of their beautiful full sized cut glass bottles. The Bloke has also been on their site and is looking at buying a sample (for £4.95) of something he fancies.

I’ve been writing…For a new website aimed at female bloggers called The Click. This month I’ve written the feature ‘5 Unusual Sources Of Inspiration’ for anyone who’s got bloggers blog or who wants to vary their articles a little. I think I will be playing ‘the album game’ soon myself. I’m looking forward to writing next months article, the content of which I will keep as a surprise.

I’ve been blogging about…


Sci Fi Flicks To Watch Out For in 2015

Teen Films Worth Watching As A Grownup


Zuzka Natural Rosa Canina Body Butter


OOTD: Pretty Casual (get the pun there?)

Home – Not So Neutrals showing how a neutral palette can be interesting.

I’ve also wrote two summing up posts (one for 2014 and one for why I actually like Winter) which I’m not going to link to on this summing up post, otherwise it might interrupt the time space continuum and generate a black hole in the blogging world, or something.

Chrissie xx