5 Fandom Friday – My Favourite Places To Read



In Bed

I find it so easy to read in bed as there are no distractions and as reading makes me tire quickly it’s a great way to calm my mind after my body has given up hours ago and needs my mind to shut up the hell up.

In a big comfy chair in front of the fire at my folks house

When I’m around at my parents they can be a little full on with the talking and sometimes manage to not notice that I’m reading – even when I have a novel right in front of my face. Sitting in the cozy chair with a footstool in the back room in front of the fire is so relaxing. It’s like recharging my social batteries.

The bath

I’m one of those strange people who get bored with sitting in the bath for any great length of time. As I mentioned before I also get distracted easily but when you are, essentially stuck in a bath you can’t just wander off at a tangent. I don’t trust myself not to drop my iPad in there so it’s always (medium sized) paper backs. I still manage to get the bottoms of the pages wet though, who put that water there!?

On public transport

When I worked I used the 30 mins of travel time to catch up on reading my magazine subscriptions and the entertainment/going out section of the Manchester Metro and the Nemi cartoon of course. Handling more substantial news when half awake at 8.00am was not happening!

At the bloke’s when we are having ‘me’ time

We have an unspoken rule of ‘me’ time where we don’t interup each other. Whether he’s watching Bear Grills (killing animals for ‘survival’ when he could have chosen not to strand himself there for the fame and money in the first place – seriously, what a dick) or I’m reading blogs, Marie Claire or some YA fantasy thing involving dragons, it’s works. We are happy being alone together.

This post has made me realise how often I do actually read. It’s 04.43am, I’ve just finished proof reading this post and I’m going to bed!