George Floyd Petitions, Equality Charities and Donation Pages #blacklivesmatter

Street art: Portrait of George Floyd by @akse_p19 in Stevenson Square, Manchester as part of the Outhouse Project

Here is the official petition for justice for Floyd

(Google a zip code if you don’t know it)

Here is the petition

Here is a Go Fund Me link for George’s family

Donate to Black Lives Matter UK

‘Black Lives Matter UK is the official UK chapter of the global Black Lives Matter movement.

Here’s a concise but inclusive list of other race and equality related charities and resources listed on stylist website.

The Mancunian Spray – Charity Art Battle

The Mancunian Spray – Charity Art Battle commences on Saturday 15th of Semptember and will involve street artist creating their best effort to win the battle, as well as music, food and drink. It’s free entry and these things always have a great vibe to them. The point is to have fun while raising money the Manchester Mayor’s Homelessness Fund. It’s on until 6.00pm so plenty of time to have a lie-in after a Friday night out and a great distraction from a hangover!

Saturday September 15th

11.00am – 6.00pm

Baird Street


M1 2WQ


The Empty Shop Project

Normally when you see an empty shop you assume it’s either another business that’s fallen victim to recession or the remains of a pop-up that you’ve just missed.


This empty shop is a Manchester based project by the charity Mustard Tree, who will be accepting pre-loved clothing from people. Throughout the day fashion bloggers and stylists will bring their on-trend touch to style up the donated items. But if shoppers see something they like they will have to hurry to the till, as the shop will be emptied every evening.

empty shop manchester arndale

Donations may be sold in the shop to raise money for homeless projects in Manchester or given directly to homeless people desperately trying to keep warm in the freezing temperatures.

A similar project has already had success in Brazil.

The project will launch on January 23rd and be located in the Manchester Arndale (in front of Next) for ten days.

The new year is a great time for a fresh start, so lets have a rummage through our wardrobes and finally let go of those clothes and accessories that just don’t suit us anymore. Plus it will make space for all of that sales shopping!


Lush has the perfect foundation & concealer in one!

Today I called in at Lush as I’d heard they make Colour Supplement for yellow (Asian/Mediterranean) toned skin. I was really eager to try it as I usually have to mix two foundations together and getting it just right is such a pain! The shop assistant explained that you can mix it together with moisturiser to make foundation or use it neat as concealer.

Lush Yellow Supliment

I couldn’t believe it when the Dark Yellow matched my cheek perfectly, without any harsh blending. Finally I’ve found the perfect foundation! I dotted it onto my really rather red nose (it caught the sun a little too much) and the glow was completely toned down, to the point of being undetectable. This is even better than The Body Shop concealer I usually swear by! The only reason this didn’t get full marks is because the range only offers 3 shades for yellow toned skin. I realised when my skin gets a shade lighter in winter, the next shade down in this product is too light so I’ll be back to mixing two colours together.

At the till I was asked if I wanted to buy a little charity pot of hand cream for a £1. I donate a small monthly amount to charity anyway so I usually leave things like this, however, the cool thing is ALL the money (apart from VAT which the government insist on) goes to charity. I know that Lush support small charities where the money will make a big difference. These include charities for animal protection, environment and human rights. On my way out I also noticed that different Lush charity pots are also available in 95g and 240g.

Lush Charity pot