LUSH Body Butter scrub bar

Aqua Mirabilis £6.50 95g

Is it a scrub? Is it a butter? It’s both, which saves time and money! My mate Stephie surprised me with this for christmas, so I don’t know why I’m only just blogging about it. Maybe because it’s a prezzie and not a product gifted to me for review purposes. I have to share it with people who are yet to discover it, it’s that awesome!



This bar smells like freshly baked biscuits so I had to resist the urge to lick it! Cocoa butter and Almond butter provide moisture but the bar has enough resistance to scrub with, rather than turning into a gooey mess. The ground almond shells are so fine and generously added they do a wonderful job of gently exfoliating skin without irritating it. I even used this on my nose and forehead but don’t recommend this if you have sensitive skin obv! The fine grit does mean it’s necessary to buy a storage tin (thanks Steph), this will also keep it away from the daily humidity of your bathroom. I took this picture when I first got it so you could see how thick it is, believe me, it last a long time!


Fair trade organic cocoa butter, almond butter, laureth 4, ground almond shells, sandalwood oil, rose absolute, lilial, perfume.

[The egg shaped ninja dude in the background is Hero Zappy, he sterilises our toothbrushes for us with UV light.]

Chrissie xx

Sniffy Wiffy Blueberry Body Scrub

I’m really pleased to collaborate with this exciting and caring company which encourages men and women to check their breasts/balls everyday when applying skin care products so that it becomes routine.

Pretty packaging

Pretty packaging

They say…

‘We know that to get one of our products into the hands of every man and woman up and down the country is a mahooosive mission but one that we are going to have a really good bash at. We are so grateful to all of our lovely customers – each and every one helps us get one step closer to ‘mission accomplished’. And the more we sell, the more we can donate to charity!’

‘A proportion of profits from the sale of all our female products are donated directly to our chosen charity, the fabulous and inspiring CoppaFeel!. Likewise, from the sale of every male product, we donate a proportion of profits to the brilliant Ballboys.’

Sniffy Wiffy Body Scrub


The body scrubs and lotions have the ‘how to perform a self examination’ labels but you can choose to not have the label if you don’t think it’s appropriate and each product comes with a massive list of 25 scents you can choose from.

I find some body scrubs can be too dry and contain such large chunks they simply aren’t practical. This luxury body scrub (£8.50 for 300ml) contains olive oil, shea butter and a very fine salt, meaning the scrub is gentle but effective and so moisturising I didn’t need to use a moisturiser after. The blueberry scent was really unique and reminded me of hot blueberry muffins.

I look forward to working my way through the other delicious flavours, I mean scents when I’ve used this one up :0D

This product was sent to me for review purposes. This does not affect my opinion of the product.

Chrissie xx