Multi-medium Customised Phone Case by Dainty Fox

I came across Dainty Fox on Twitter and had a nosey at the gallery of 3D multi-medium phone cases. Wow, these were little works of art!

After talking we quickly decided upon an ‘alt girl’ theme for me – the perfect balance between geek and cool. I listed some retro icons, then Dainty Fox created a mock up and we went from there.

You could say Dainty Fox’s signature are rounded oversized shapes but I asked if the adornments could be flush with the side of the case so it would be sleeker to fit in the phone pockets of my bags, which wasn’t a problem.



This cute little package arrived through my letter box about a week later.

customised phone case by dainty fox

Ta-daah! Totoro from the Miyazaki anime, a light sabre, ‘alt girl’, Batman, a Pac Man jelly ghost and Hello Kitty decked out in specks of course.

customised phone case by Dainty FoxI thought the improvisation of the black and red gems really suited my personality. This is really easy to hold and to use. I’ve been using my new case for around two weeks and there is no way any of motifs are coming loose.

You can order your personalised case from Dainty Fox and see examples of cases here. I did all of my discussion and ordering through the Dainty Fox Twitter page. and Paypal.

Mr Nutcase Phone Case review

I liked the idea of being able to customise a case with your own photo’s yourself. I assumed because I have an iPod that there wouldn’t be a case to fit but I was surprised to see there were cases for a massive range of smart phones and iPod 4 and 5.

The site is really easy to use and navigate, with an option of choosing a pattern from the gallery or creating your own single photo or collage layout with your own images. As with any software, the more you zoom the fuzzier the image will become, so if you’re using photographs where the main subject is far away, I suggest using the busier collage for smaller images. There is also an option to pick a background colour so you can separate your images but I just chose to stack my pictures up. I’ve blurred this one image as The Bloke doesn’t want to be featured on my blog.



Mr Nutcase




I’m pleased with the overall image quality of the printing, it’s clear, bright and includes fine details. These photographs were taken with a Panasonic Lumix with a Leica lens (a ‘point and shoot’ but a top quality one) so I would’ve been disappointed with a big drop in image quality. The image quality does deteriorate right at the very edges where the image has been wrapped around the case, so don’t use a photo where a loved one is right on the edge of the picture! There was a slight funky plastic smell to the case at first but it faded after about a week.

Over all I’m pretty pleased with my totally unique customised case. I also like the slightly matt feel so it’s not too slippy. I received this item from Mr Nutcase for review purposes but it would normally retail at £14.95.
I’ve had the case for 5 months now and I carefully take it off and swap it for a rubber one (with more grip) every 2-3 weeks when I’m on a night out. I strongly advise, especially with a thinner case like the iPod Touch one, that you leave it on permanently, as it’s cracked in three places and is now so brittle that if I squeezed it in my hand it would shatter. I have another hard shell case which this hasn’t happened with.