Quick Question…?

Quick question: Do I look like a XXX worker dressed like this? I had big black rocker boots on btw.

This is what I’ve been basically mistaken for TWICE by l@w enforcement.


Because I’ve been walking around the neighbourhood I’ve lived in (safely) all my life, in the evening, I’ve been stopped and repeatedly questioned as if I’m guilty of that, then told ‘well if your not out here working, why are you dressed like that?’ 🤯 They’ve insisted they drive me back home immediately ‘for my safety’.

When I’ve said I’m actually going to the shops/takeaway (both times), they’ve looked annoyed (like I’ve wasted THEIR time) and apparently weren’t remotely concerned about my ‘safety’ anymore. 😑

I’ve also been followed around shops by security, repeatedly when dressed like this.

So if you have an okay figure and dress a bit alternative, you are obviously on the game and a thief! 🤣

💙Chrissie 💙