Paul Mitchell Express Dry: Dry Wash & Stay Strong

I’m a huge fan of Paul Mitchell since I read up on his long standing green ethics, so I was delighted to receive these samples to review. There are a lot of cruelty free haircare products out there that condition well but when you have really thick unruly hair like mine, you realise there are very few ranges that actually style hair effectively.


Dry Wash

Dry shampoos are great for cleaning and adding body to hair. A lot of them are also white and smell like car air fresheners. This one is totally transparent and smells lovely. Not of anything in particular (like flowers or tropical fruit), just lovely. It made my hair feel so silky I didn’t need to straighten the top third, like I would normally after dry shampooing.


Look, no frantic combing to make it blend in!

Stay Strong

Wow, they aren’t kidding, this could hold up a bank! I created a fancy (messy) ¬†french pleat and secured it with a clip but no grips. I sprayed it with Stay Strong – but didn’t completely coat it as I would with my normal hairspray – then shook my head. It didn’t move. Not only did it not move all day and evening, it didn’t go frizzy in the rain! It was slow combing it out but my hair remained shiny and didn’t need to be washed afterward, which is a big plus point for me. This spray had the same lovely scent as the dry shampoo and didn’t make me cough after applying a cloud of it.

Rating 5/5

Cool Brands is an award by Ethicool given to brands which are cool because they care about the environment and keeping their natural ingredients fair and sustainable. I would have been surprised if Paul Mitchell hadn’t received one. Co-founder John Paul DeJoria states “Success unshared is failure.” Through sales of their Tea Tree brand 100,000 trees have been planted since the brands inception. Carbon emissions are offset through Reforest Action, a program that allows customers to choose from two locations where their tree will be planted ¬†through an online platform. It allows people to choose the project they wish to support and to keep track of the trees.