Norvelle 4 Faces Facial Tanning Spray & Body Buff Exfoliating Ph Balancing Mitt

Norvelle are British brand who serious about tanning, they are even used on Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing With The Stars. They offer a comprehensive range of products depending on how dark you want to go and how you prefer to apply your product. They are BUAV (leaping bunny) approved to not test on animals.

4 Faces Facial Tanning Spray (£9.99 2floz)

The Science Bit

Time Release Micro Capsules bind moisture within the skin, for 24hr hydration.
Natural Enzymes repair weak, dehydrated skin.
Unique Dermal Barrier locks DHA within the top layer of skin, priming it for Longer Lasting, Deeper, Sunless Results.
Advanced DHA Odor Encapsulation molecules ‘trap’ and virtually eliminate common sunless odor.
Non-Comedogenic Facial Quality Formula designed for delicate facial skin and will not clog pores.
Just of the Beach Color™ patented blend of DHA and bronzers found only in Norvell Professional products.

Application of Facial Spray

It’s suggested that you spray this facial tan onto a beauty blender to apply it. The first one absorbed most of it and then it ran straight off the second one. Clearly, I need to up my beauty blender game! So instead, I prepped my face with some rich moisturiser and sprayed this straight onto my skin and blended with my fingers and palms. The spray is very uneven and does not come out like a mist. The nozzle is incredibly hard to press down (and not just with my hypermobile fingers, my friend struggled too) so some work is definitely required either way you apply this. I’m going for the mouse if I ever buy this myself.


Please excuse the shadows on the left of my face, this was the most true light, rather than blanching me out in glaring sunshine.

Result! (Yes, I am actually shouting that out loud)

Spray tan usually makes my skin so dry and it settles in all of my expression lines but my skin remained hydrated, even through the next day. When my skin was wet I patted it dry with a white towel and the tan didn’t transfer. Well, that’s a first! I have been wearing darker coloured tops incase it rubs off around my neckline though. I had a very faint freshly painted smell but that faded quickly. I’m still waiting for it to go patchy five days later but it’s not budging. I’ve just exfoliated (because my skin needed it, not the tan) and even now I’m still tanned and glowing!

I have a realistic colour that works wonderfully with my natural skin tone and I wonder if this is because I diluted the colour a little with my moisturiser. I can imagine you could go really quite dark with a few layers of just this product, even though there are much darker one’s available in the range.

Pre Sunless Body Buff Exmitt Exfoliating Ph Balancing Mitt (£5.99)

The Science Bit

Boosts Amino Acid Levels on the skin surface, which works directly with the active sunless ingredient, DHA, to produce maximum color results.
pH Balancing Skin Primer balances out skin surface prior to tanning to minimize orange look for that natural just off the beach™ color.
Hydrates skin for even and maximum absorption of sunless solution.
Advanced DHA Odor Encapsulation molecules ‘trap’ and virtually eliminate common sunless odor.
Time Release Micro Capsules bind moisture within the skin.
Unique Dermal Barrier locks in DHA.


Even though this mitt is really big it’s soft and easy to use. I didn’t realise it comes with a lot of moisture, so much that I dripped it everywhere taking it out of the foil – oops! It moved along my limbs fine but didn’t feel very exfoliating. There was enough moisture left to be able to reuse it, so I put it into a zip lock bag for next time.


My legs felt moisturised and a little smoother and the tan glided on really well. I was worried about the colour payoff because my legs were actually wet from the mitt before applying the tan. I was left with subtle, natural looking colour as if I’d been running errands, during a week of sunny weather, rather than on holiday or outside gardening all day. A huge bonus for me was that there was no freshly painted smell at all! My skin stayed moisturised, with no patchiness, colour change or spray tan scent and those really are the most important things for me. Low maintenance and a believable result.



This product was gifted to me.


Little White Lie Tanning Lotion by Makebelieve

I received this a while ago in a goodie bag at a blogging event and was pleased to discover the brand is cruelty free. With summer here,  I thought I’d try it on my pasty neck and arms which seem to tan a lot slower than the rest of me.

Makebelieve Little White Lie Tanning Lotion


I really love the simplicity of the packaging with the little logos and pearlised effect which makes it look like a luxury item.


This product smells gorgeous! Vanilla with other more  tropical notes and the argan oil makes it so creamy it’s a dream to apply! The colourless cream sinks in fairly quickly but doesn’t drag some others I’ve used. There’d be no messing about standing star fish shaped waiting for it to dry.


My skin is medium toned and I’d been out in the sun on-and-off for two days. Although I definitely wouldn’t have described my skin as tanned in any way, I was already too ‘tanned’ for this to show up! I applied one coat and let it develop for three hours then applied another generous coating. Three hours later and er, not much difference. I took a photo to show you the result but it just didn’t show up on camera. Obviously I was expecting too much for the ‘light’ version. This is perfectly suited to someone with incredibly pale skin who wants a bit of colour.

Good Points

Paraben free.

Gorgeous scent – I’d buy this as a perfume!

Incredibly moisturising.

No overpowering biscuit after scent.

Easy to apply evenly.

Incredibly subtle, perfect for pale skinned girls.

Bad Points

Incredibly subtle, therefor rubbish for me.


This product normally retails at £12.50

I can’t wait to try the darker version of this!

Spring/Summer Body Bearing Essentials

Don’t you wish you were one of those kinds of women that sees the first bit of blue sky and sunshine in months and gleefully springs out of bed and then, 30 minutes later leaves the house in the perfect outfit of dress, sandals and sunnies? Yup, me to. By the time I’ve harassed my body into looking bearable (literally), it’s already afternoon and the sun is hidden behind ominous looking clouds.

Not this year. This year I’m taking action!


Exfoliating gloves are the business. You can apply as much pressure as you like, they cover the whole area evenly, they prevent in-grown hairs and don’t cause a slippy mess in the base of your shower like body scrubs.

Exfoliating gloves

Hair Removal

I’m on the look out for a really effective cruelty-free waxing kit. Any recommendations? I think it’s the quickest and longest lasting form of hair removal. Plus I get a weird  kick of masochistic pleasure from doing it myself haha!

If you hate yourself and want to punish yourself severely, then I highly recommend using an epilator. Those wenches on the adds that say it doesn’t hurt – they are lying to you!

My friend and I have found our at home IPL (intense pulsed light) machines to be affective to the point of thinning, softening and greatly lightening hair but disappointingly only removing around 40% of it.

On that basis, I’m glad I’ve found the best shaving cream in the world LUSH Dirty Shave Cream.

LUSH Dirty Shaving Cream

This is scented lightly with LUSH’s ‘Dirty’ perfume which is a nice idea.  It has the creamiest texture as you can see, so it’s best to rinse your razor often in warm water when shaving. It leaves skin feeling calm and moisturised.

LUSH Shaving Cream


If I had a beautiful pale English rose complexion, I’d just go with it and not bother. I actually have yellow under tones to my complexion so I  immediately tan in sunshine but can look rather sallow after months of shade. I also think my features suit a nice tan if that makes any sense, ha! I keep seeing money-off offers for a professional spray tan  but the idea of going to a salon and having a women spraying me from head to toe, while I stand in a tent just sounds hilarious!

I have had some cringe worthy incidents over the years with wash-off tan though, such as leaving most of it behind on someone’s posh white sofa, tan running down my legs in a rain shower and it going streaky under my arms and then onto my dress after a night out dancing. Major fail!

Fake Bake Sport Daily Tan

I like Fake Bake permanent spray tan but it takes a bit of practice to control otherwise you can end up getting blasted full force in the (later, very bronzed) face. I prefer Fake Bake Sport Daily Tan. It’s the most moisturising fake tan I’ve ever used and it actually draws in moisture all day so it never goes patchy. The affect after two days is a medium depth of healthy colour like I’ve been outdoors constantly for 5 days. It also comes in a giant tube, which is great value for money.


Sun Protection

Dermatologists say we should use a sunscreen spf of 10-15 everyday to protect skin from the suns rays and to prevent uneven pigmentation and early signs of ageing. I use The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion as it contains an spf of 15 and is really light and calming.

Image: The Body Shop

Image: The Body Shop

For the rest of me I love using Yaah Organic Hemp Seed Oil Sun Block spf 15. It last for absolutely hours and smells amazing! When I’m wearing this and my skin has been warmed by the sun, I constantly get asked “What’s that gorgeous scent?”

Yaah Sun Block

Yaah Sun Cream

So, I’m all prepared for those bright days, blue skies and mild evenings spent with friends at beer gardens and BBQ’s. Now, where did I store my sandals…