International Women’s Day 2021 Which Women Have Personally Inspired You?

It’s been International Women’s Day today. Have you done anything nice or supportive for a special women or yourself today?

I’ve done lots of little selfcare things. 😌

Even if you don’t have any women in your life, you can support women’s charities or RT important feminist issues and news (both good and bad) on your social media to spread awareness.

I’m also looking to buy more auto-biographies by inspiring women with powerful and wonderful life stories. The last autobiography I read was by Tina Turner, who has had to deal with abuse and chronic illness but who has also had an amazing career and has found love later in life.

Any suggestions for autobiographies?

I have to give a shout out to the character of Tank Girl who, back in the day, was the only young woman (fictional or IRL) who’s style and attitude I could identify with. She taught me it was okay to not act ‘girly’ and look ‘pretty’ and that it was also okay to be confident, or blunt and to kick-ass sometimes!

Which strong women have inspired you in your life?


You Can Be A Feminist & Let A Man Take Charge

A women who wants the right to equal pay, the right have kids and a career or just the career, the right to sleep with who she wants, the right for her opinion on important issues to be heard, and who wishes the same for other women, is a feminist.

I applaud and support women like this.

However, you can take proving you are strong and independent a little too far.

I was a fairly tough chick who never used to show her emotions – well not the vulnerable ones any way. “Don’t hug me! If you hug me I might cry.” “That’s ok.” “Piss off!”

I would struggle for ages with something fiddly before begrudgingly asking for help.

I was rubbish at accepting advice, especially from a man because that would mean I was admitting I was weaker.

I was an idiot! Thankfully, my attitude has matured a lot since then.

It’s ok to let your guard down…

Like a million women out there, I go all giggly when a handsome bloke catches me off guard with a genuine compliment. I appreciate men offering me their hand when I’m walking down a slippery slope. When I’m cold and a dude puts his jacket around my shoulders I’m really happy. Not just because of the warmth but because of the gesture. When I feel poorly or blue a big bear hug from a lovely bloke cheers me up because I feel cared for.


I’m not remotely petite and girly but I love having a big bloke make me feel like I am.

I know I can look after myself most of the time but when walking home at night or when there’s a spider in the bath I want to be protect by a manly man.

When I’m doubting myself or having an emotional wobble I want to be held and told by someone bigger than me that it’ll be ok because they are there.

I appreciate good old fashioned chivalry and for a man to make me feel safe and special and to spoil me sometimes.

When we want that kind of male support it doesn’t make us weak or hypocritical. It doesn’t mean we are all just lost little girls that NEED men to control and rescue us. It’s simply that, it feels fantastic when you can let yourself be vulnerable enough with a man to admit you want help or reassurance and to accept it. Blokey bear hugs are the best!

Review: The Lovely Book for Wonderful Women

The last time I reviewed a book was Othello for GCSE English, so while waiting to recieve this through the post* I was pondering how exactly I’d go about it. Upon opening it I realised this had been pointless as The Lovely Book for Wonderful Women by Lehla Eldridge isn’t like any other book I’ve ever read. It’s a fantastic collection of fun and sweet ideas punctuated with Lehla’s brilliant, slightly eccentric illustrations.


It’s so easy for us all to get grumpy, stressed, tired and generally complacent about the (so called) little things that make life lovely. This book reminds us that we have more to appreciate, more to enjoy and more power to support each other than we sometimes realise. Lehla brings so much warmth and humour while including examples that are both universally truthful, yet specific, the book has the uncanny knack of feeling like it’s been written just for you.

I've just got into the habit of standing alone in the kitchen enjoying my perfectly cooked eggs, haha!

I’ve just got into the habit of standing alone in the kitchen enjoying my perfectly cooked eggs, haha!


It’s fantastic for reminding us we should make time to treat and pamper ourselves…


Support each other and having self confidence…


Getting in touch with our soulful side and enjoying the simple things in life…


Looking outside ourselves and being generous of spirit…


I couldn’t think of a better present for someone you like, love or even admire to make them smile and most likely laugh out loud. The Lovely Book for Wonderful Women is basically a hug in book form.


Lehla Eldridge has fitted so much into her life all ready including acting, illustrating, writing, creating theatre, running a restaurant and being a wife and mum, that you wonder where she finds the time to do the things included in the book. But I suppose that’s the point: To be mindful, high-spirited, kind (to yourself as well as others) and to make the time to appreciate it and enjoy it all!

You can all get 20% off the book and free p&p at Pinter and Martin by entering the code lbblog20 at the checkout.

*This book was kindly sent to me by the author for review purposes.

A Notable Step Forward For Equality

The Bank of England one of the countries oldest institutions wanted to withdraw images of women from all bank notes. Thanks to a campaign by blogger and freelance journalist Caroline Criado-Perez (founder of The Womens Room ) they have agreed to feature novelist Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility) on a ten pound note in 2017.

Caroline started a petition because she “Couldn’t let another decision that airbrushed women out of history pass without challenge.” The petition (which I signed) gathered 35,000 signatures and the campaign was featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph and on the BBC news. It was also backed by MP’s.

Caroline delivered the petition to the Head of Notes at the bank and he agreed to a personal meeting.

I think this is a wonderful achievement but Jane Austin would not have been my first choice. I would have chosen Emmeline Pankhurst as she started the feminist movement which gave women the rights we so easily take for granted today. She also grew up just down the road from me as it happens.
*Amendment* Mary Seacole the incredibly brave nurse who cared for soldiers during the Crimean war, would also have been an equally worthy candidate.

Twitter Needs to Tighten Control on Abuse

Since the successful campaign, Caroline has been subjected to a sustained campaign of abuse in the form of rape threats on Twitter. She received some sporadic threats straight after the campaign but they thinned out, then suddenly she received a barrage as if they had been orchestrated. Caroline contacted Twitters’ Mark S Luckie but his response was to lock down his account!

High profile celebs such as Caitlin Moran and Dara O’Briain have spoken out in support. Caroline faced the abuse head on by saying “Someone issuing rape threats wants women to shut up and get off Twitter…We can’t let them win.”

Tony Wang Twitters’ UK General Manager said “We encourage users to report an account for violation of the Twitter rules by using one of our report forms.” So that’s hundreds of individual forms to be filled out then! Seriously? Twitter has now decided to look into some form of ‘Report Abuse’ button to be added to Tweets.

Sign the petition to get the ‘Report Abuse’ button actioned on Twitter as soon as possible!

So to all you lovely people,

What women would you like to see on future bank notes?

Have you ever formally reported abuse on Twitter and was it dealt with sufficiently?