Bayliss & Harding Jojoba, Silk and Almond Oil Fragrance Diffuser




This is one of the biggest fragrance diffusers I’ve seen and the sticks are incredibly long ┬áso it makes a lovely visual statement. I love the scent of jojoba and I like almond but I never knew that silk had a scent. The three scents combine to make a fragrance which smells exactly like expensive vanilla ice cream!

I actually had to remove half of the sticks as the scent was drifting out of the bedroom and along the landing and down the stairs! That would have been wonderful if it was a lighter fragrance but not suitable for this one.

This was a present and isn’t a fragrance I would normally buy for myself but I actually really like it and it helps to relax me so I can get a peaceful nights sleep.

Rating 5/5

Chrissie xx