Manchester Street-art Part 5

These are from my photo archives and were taken way back in 2011 when a street-art competition was taking place in the motorway underpasses between Hulme and central Manchester.

Manchester street art


Manchester street art

Manchester street art

Manchester street art

I wish I could paint that well on a piece of paper, never mind on a tiled wall with a spray can. Major respect to the artists. If any one knows who any of them are, please let me know.

Obviously it stands to sense you should try to avoid taking photo’s with a nice camera in a secluded area (like a tunnel!). If you do though, take someone with you to act as look out.

Space Invaders In Manchester

Property of Manchester Flick Chick

Property of Manchester Flick Chick

Property of Manchester Flick Chick

Property of Manchester Flick Chick

Property of Manchester Flick Chick

Property of Manchester Flick Chick

I don’t know how many of these are originals by Invader and how many (if any) are a homage to the French street-artist, who’s known for invading major international cities. I do know that us Mancunians are proud to have him visit our city.

How many have you spotted around Manchester or have you seen any in your own city?

Manchester Street-art Part 3

I recently said to my partners Dad as I was snapping away “If camera’s weren’t invented yet I really don’t know what I would do” He immediately replied “You would have learned to sketch.” Good point!

Here’s some from the archives – some are still around, others aren’t.

Feb 12 006

Feb 12 008

Feb 12 007

Feb 12 009

Mystical old man


Frank Sidebottom

Old skool 001

Which ones are your faves? Have you seen any of them?

Manchester Street Art: Part 1

Manchester Street Art: Part 2

Manchester Street-art Part 2

Here is a compilation of street art I’ve come across recently and I have to say the folks in Manchester have got pretty creative this summer!

Tiny staircase in wall & me

Tiny staircase in wall close up

Turns out that ‘Mr Smith’ dreamed of a tiny but well lit staircase in the middle of a wall!

Neon footwear street-art


A nice bit of ‘yarn bombing’ surrounding him but I have no idea what he’s wearing on his head.


Street-art by Alice

I’ve seen more work by Alice Pasquini but I can’t remember where and it’s bugging me. Let me know if you know.


I have a massive backlog of street-art to blog about so it’s going to become a regular feature. I’ve made a promise to myself to keep on top of it from now on, as it can disappear pretty quickly!

Manchester Street Art: Part 1