Pinching My Bloke’s Skincare

These are the best skincare products for men, which also work just as well on women too. Sometimes you only have a small amount of storage space in your bathroom or if you live separately, you can’t be bothered to lug a wash bag around every time you stay over, so why not share your basic skincare! I also think that certain scents can be very androgynous and so are sexy on everyone!


Faith in Nature, Blue Cedar, Handmade Soap £1.99

BUAV approved; certified vegan; organic and SLS free, this soap is as kind as it gets. It’s also kind to every skin type and can be used for face and body, as it contains moisturising vitamin E and soothing green tea. The cedar scent is also super sexy!

Bull Dog Original Moisturiser £6.00

I cannot tell you how many moisturisers I’ve tried that either give my skin a ‘velvety’ texture (read ‘sucks all of the radiance out of it’) or they have a strong flowery scent or are cheap but too harsh for my complexion or are effective but way too expensive! This moisturiser, made with aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea is so calming and moisturising, without feeling too heavy. It also works well under many types of foundation – perfect! Oh yeah, my bloke loves it too, ha!

AA Skincare, Grapefruit & Cedarwood Deodorant £4.95

Another Cedarwood scent but much zingier due to grapefruit essential oil and Aloe Vera. I’m showing my age here but the scent reminds me of Impulse O2 body spray from the late 90’s – which the boys used to borrow of us. This isn’t an antiperspirant so no good for heavy exercise (as if!?) but a wonderful fresh and effective deodorant. It doesn’t contain any aluminium salts which can clog pores and is perfume and alcohol free so non-drying, equalling happy pits – I mean ‘under arms.’


My bloke has just read this and actually snorted with laughter at the term ‘under arms’. “Do we have ‘under elbow’ and ‘under knee’ too or is that ‘side elbow and ‘side knee’? No wait, that sounds like our body parts are being bitchy, like ‘side eye'” I can’t imagine what else he’d come out with if he read my copy of Cosmopolitan.




Lavera Organic Self Tanning Cream for the Face

I get a wonderful tan really easily because of my golden skin tone but my body forgot to give my face the memo! My face always looks sallow in comparison and needs some extra help so I bought Lavera (Organic) Self Tanning Cream for the Face £10.90 for 50ml.


Lavera self tan for face

The tan contains macadamia oil to moisturise which means you get an even streak free tan which lasts. This creates a subtle tan which can be increased with more light applications leaving each one to dry in between. I’m choosing to show you the results on the underside of my forearms (still rather pale), rather than my face which had too many shadows. The natural daylight has been virtually non-existed the last three days!


This is after one application and as you can see the effect is quite subtle but there are no streaks and it’s a very natural colour.


  • Moisturising
  • Natural Tone
  • Organic
  • Vegan


  • Quite expensive for the amount you get
  • Tanning effect is almost too subtle

Rating ❤ ❤ ❤

❤ Chrissie ❤



Balance Me Revitalising Hand and Body Wash

Glamour are giving away samples of Balance Me products with their March issue so I picked up this Revitalising Hand and Body Wash which is normally £6.00 for 100ml upward. It usually comes in a lovely white square pump bottle that would look rather classy in anyone’s bathroom.


Balance Me  say…..

‘Sensitive skin: Our bespoke blend of zesty, skin-quenching essential oils that soothes irritation and prevent dry patches.
Him and Her: The perfect gift to fill any bathroom with a unisex aroma
Normal skin: Grapefruit Essential Oil with a hint of mint refreshes skin whilst Bergamot balances and Sweet Orange rejuvenates’

I say it’s wonderfully effective….

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I’ve always had hands that are prone to dryness and look at least ten years older than they should – humph. I used this product to wash my hands, expecting to slather on a mass of hand cream after but I didn’t need to as my hands didn’t become dry again for around 10 hours! It also has a really fresh unisex scent, so everyone is fighting over it in our bathroom.

Rating ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Have you used any Balance Me products before?

Chrissie ❤



Soak Yourself Patchouli & Vetiver Soap

Soak Yourself Patchouli & Vetiver Soap

This little hand wrapped package was included in a Souk Souk beauty Box I received a while back. I recently opened it up to find it was soap. The scent immediately reminded me of that mint flavoured expensive dark chocolate.


“Oh no! Not drying, tightening, pore blocking soap” I thought. How wrong I was!

Soak Yourself Patchouli & Vetiver Soap

Product Information

After reading the booklet (which has the same colour and pattern as the soap – cute touch) I was impressed that it’s free from SLS, paragons, alcohol, mineral oils, silicone, artificial fragrance, animal fats and silicones – wow! Made from 100% natural ingredients and handmade.

The leaflet says patchouli essential oil is very beneficial to problem skin and open pores. It also has astringent and diuretic properties. Not only will I be using this on my face but on my ankles which are prone to water retention, then. It’s also non to be a tissue regenerator and helps to heal dry or cracked skin and also helps to reduce inflammation. It can also be used as shampoo for scalp conditions or for greasy hair. This is promising a lot!



Small but amazing! This is the first soap that’s gone near my face since I was 13. I’ve been using this every morning and night for a week and it’s tightened up my pores, helped in healing my spot prone skin and soaked up excess oil. I’ve only needed to use the lightest of moisturisers before applying makeup and I’ve skipped my mattifying one completely. I’ve been using light coverage foundation for summer and hardly any concealer as my usual flushed patches around my nose have disappeared! I also started massaging a little of this into my ankles and then rinsing it off with cold water in the evening and so far, no puffy ankles – although I’m sure this is partly due to the massage it’s self. I need to buy more of this soap asap! At £10 for 100g it’s expensive but as it’s quite a hard soap I can see this lasting quite a while and if you have problem skin, it’s so worth it.

Rating 5/5 I think I need to up my max score to 6 for this, ha!