New Years Wishes

Since I’ve gotten out of my twenties I don’t much like the idea of new years resolutions as a) I’m just such a rebel and b) Why start the year by putting pressure on your self and possibly setting yourself up for a self-induced guilt trip a few months later? I’m not religious but I know the universe throws some welcome surprises and wonderful coincidences at us. Wether that is the work of serendipity, a trick of fate or the work of an optimistic faerie, I’m wishing on it.

free Happay new Year 2015 digital greeting cards and wishing messege  (2)

During 2015 I wish…

My friends, family and myself stay in good health apart from the odd sniffle, which is probably to be expected, realistically.

My friends, family and myself are happy with our lot and try to make other people feel appreciated.

That I will win the lottery – well it’s worth a try and if it was a large amount I’ll be giving quite a bit to a small local charities anyway.

That I get to see my favourite actors in some awesome scifi, fantasy and superhero films, oh and some epic historical drama’s featuring swords of course.

My blogging goes well and I meet more lovely bloggers and continue to collaborate with many more ethical and interesting brands.

That people have more awareness about the dangers to our environment and endangered species and act on this knowledge, even if it’s in a small way everyday.

That at least once a month, I’ll remember to show compassion to a stranger wether that’s a mum struggling with a buggy or a homeless person needing some gloves.

Bob’s Burgers will run for many more series.

Someone will invent a larger that tastes like Sailor Jerry’s but it doesn’t make me ridiculously emotional  like too many shots of dark rum does.

That by some miracle my living situation allows me to have a little bunny or kitty, puppy or er, lizard.

That you all have a fantastic 2015 full of everything you’e been wishing for!