Kirsty’s Classic Margherita Pizza Gluten & Dairy Free review


It’s unusual for me to find a pizza that is GF and DF, especially one that has a fair amount of toppings. I found this in Tesco.


Studies have found that our gut health does directly relate to our emotions because they are connected by the vagus nerve, which transmits signals between them. Ever been really nervous and had a slushy feeling in your stomach or received bad news and felt your stomach drop? Ever eaten something you know doesn’t agree with your stomach in the evening and then had really chaotic anxiety dreams? It does make you wonder!


They could add more cheese around the edge but the sauce is delicious and the thin base is lovely and crispy so I wasn’t too bothered. My only complaint is that the ‘cheese’ was too sweet. Nice flavour to it but I had to add salt and pepper to make it more savoury.

In my gas oven I had to put this on the shelf that’s above middle but not right at the top, rather than the middle as suggested. I also had to put it on gas mark 7 (higher than the temperature suggested) and leave it in for five minutes longer. Frustrating at first but I’m glad I persevered.

The bloke cooked his in a microwave-combi oven and followed the instructions exactly. It came out perfect!?

Rating 4/5 (depending on oven)



Fletcher Moss Gardens in Spring

I’ve been visiting this park with my partner to enjoy the changing seasons for about 4 years.


The park is a landscaped rockery including large trees, flowers and shrubs. It was laid out by the botanist Robert Wood Williamson and is South facing. Williamson sold the gardens and rockery along with his house, called The Croft, to Alderman Fletcher Moss, in 1912.  Moss donated the park to the city of Manchester in 1919. Nowadays the park is part botanical garden, part woodland and also offers recreational facilities such as tennis courts, and a quaint cafe.

There are paths and stone steps going up two levels at various different points so everywhere you turn you get another beautiful view over looking the gardens and pond.







As I was walking out of the gardens up the main steps, I noticed a haze of beautiful colours to my right and discovered a small heather garden.