Your Tea – Tea Face Healing Hydrating Tea Scrub


Your Tea is a company which sells all kinds of tea, tea accessories and tea based beauty gifts. Tea Face Healing and Hydrating scrub ($24.95) is said to assist with a radiant complexion, healing scars, addressing uneven skin tone and drawing out impurities. It contains all natural ingredients including Rosehip Oil, Patchouli Oil, Jojoba Oil, Ylang Ylang, Cold Presed Coconut Oil.


I thought this scrub would be messier to use than it actually was but the tea granules stuck together quite well as I scrubbed my skin in circular motions. I leaned back to chill out for 15 minutes to let the oils soak in before removing with a damp flannel and rinsing my face with tepid water. I was impressed with how effective the exfoliation of this scrub was as it left my skin feeling really smooth. It also looking radiant and a lot calmer than before. Some scrubs leave my skin a little red or flushed but Tea Face actually calmed down the redness that I had across my nose and cheeks.


I decided not to use any moisturiser straight afterward as I loved my skin the way it was! I really like the packaging as it’s easily recyclable and I’m going to re-use the glass jar as I think it’s lovely. It’s important to keep the scrub in the fridge once it’s opened, which keeps it fresh and really adds to how refreshing it feels.

Rating ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


Amazing Scar Oil Remedy ft. Oils from Buff & Butter

Buff & Butter specialise in aromatherapy and natural products such as organic oils, candles, haircare and skincare products. I found them to be a comprehensive resource for essential ingredients to make your own candles, remedies and skincare.

I got the chance to review 5 Essential Oils and picked Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil and Ylang Ylang III Organic Essential Oil for their amazing scent to mix with Epsome salts for a wonderfully relaxing and soothing bath. I chose Carrot Seed Essential Oil and Rosemary Essential Oil for their healing, calming, moisturising  and restorative properties as I’m trying to diminish my newly acquired scar as noticeably and as naturally as possible.



For my homemade ‘scar oil remedy’

3 drops Frankincense essential oil, 3 drops Carrot Seed essential oil, 3 drops Rosemary essential oil, 30ml of (carrier) Almond oil. I had some Almond oil left in a bottle just the right size but apricot oil and rose hip oil also have similar healing and conditioning properties for skin. As soon as my scar was revealed I applied the remedy dutifully every morning and night for a month.



As you can see the scarring is a lump which is fairly spread out with different depths and shapes within it. It was also very dry and bumpy.

After 1 month


The width has decreased dramatically, the scarring is much more even and slightly flatter and also feels as soft as the rest of my face.

After 2 months


I am honestly amazed at the difference these oils have made!

Note: Due to my genetics I get keloid scar tissue (usually found in people with ethnic skin) which is a type of collagen creating a much thicker, raised type of scarring, so I was skeptical my ‘scar oil remedy’ would make any difference at all. I’ve never been more relieved to be proved wrong!

For my relaxing bath

250ml glass bottle, 4 drops Cinnamon Bark oil4 drops Ylang Ylang oil, 30ml Almond oil, fill up the rest of the bottle with Epsom salts. It was the most relaxing and rejuvenating bath I’d had for weeks and heavenly scented! My muscles were more relaxed, my skin incredibly moisturised and nourished and no cankles lurking from being on my feet in the heat.


Spirulina – Superfood or Fad?

I’ll admit until Focus Supplements offered me Spirulina Supplements £5.99 to review, I had no idea what it was. After doing some research I found out that it’s a type of algae which grows in ponds and gets it’s energy from sunlight.

It was used by the Aztec’s for it’s health benefits and NASA proposed it could be grown in space and used to by astronauts.


Spirulina naturally contains high levels of Protein, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, and Manganese. So if you think your current diet may leave any gaps in your general nutrition this seems to be the superfood to go for!

Spirulina supplements


The size of the supplements made them incredibly easy to swallow and they didn’t have any kind of funky taste. Quite often the bulking agents in supplements gives me indigestion but these didn’t. If you aren’t a great taker of pills, this is also available in powder form.

Usually in the warm weather I feel twice as fatigued after very little effort but since taking the Spirulina for three weeks my energy levels have been feeling a little more even, without as many peaks and troughs. I’ve also noticed that my finger nails feel slightly stronger and are growing at an incredible rate, as is my hair. I seem to have been more on-the-ball with my memory and concentration compared to how I normally am in hot weather. I’ve have got into smoothies and juicing (adding nuts and seeds as well as fruits and veg) recently though, so I’m sure those added vitamins and minerals have also helped as well.

At £5.99 I think these are really reasonably priced and I’m going to carry on taking 1-2 a day until I use them up. I like the idea of just taking one supplement with an incredible amount of health benefits (with food, so they are digested and absorbed efficiently), rather than lots of different supplements which might not all work as well together. I will be purchasing more of these in the winter when I won’t be as keen on creating chilled juices and smoothies.

Focus Supplements provide superfoods, teas and antioxidants, including spirulina, acai berry, chia seeds, matcha and goji berry supplements in powders and capsules. 28 day detox plans are also available. They also have a really helpful blog full of tips and recipes to get you started.


Neal’s Yard Remedies Bigger and Even Better in King Street



NYR have located to King Street and the new store looks beautiful, with elegant touches and attention to detail every where.


I highly recommend NYR lip glosses which stay put for hours and come in a very flattering range of colours. I can’t wait to try their mascara but I have so many others to use up first that I think I’m becoming a mascara junkie!


All of the treatment rooms are down these stairs. I love the wall decals and the idea but these treatments rooms won’t be accessible to people with mobility issues unfortunately. Unless there is a tiny lift somewhere which I didn’t spot.


The sale of products from the Bee Lovely range mean that NYR can donate 10,000 a year to projects that help to save bees. Fantastic!


NYR are still all about the herbs and tinctures – the original products sold in the first Covent Garden shop.


On the night there were hand and arm massages and deep tissue/seated chair massage available. I opted for the latter by masseuse Gary as I’m always tense around my back and shoulders. Afterward I felt much more relaxed and the circulation in my hands (rather a problem) was working better than it ever has! NYR offer a huge range of treatments and therapies (16 in all) including nutritional therapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, reflexology, drop in clinics, facials and indian head massage which I’ve previously reviewed and is amazing!


How cute is this Festival Favourites wash bag ^_^ It contains Beauty Sleep Concentrate something that I need to try again using a much smaller amount next time because it’s so rich, White Tea Facial Mist which moisturises skin on the go and can be sprayed over makeup (I’ve noticed this does a great job of setting my makeup when in hot places), Wild Rose Beauty Balm which I seriously cannot recommend enough and the lazy girls must have product Face Wipes, which are so gentle even people with sensitive skin can use them.

What would would you get from Neal’s Yard Remedies?

Chrissie xx


Azuri Therapies Massage Discount

I’ve visited Azuri Therapies (based in Chorlton) previously for a massage from Linda. I was getting really bad back ache due to having very weak core strength and carrying a heavy load in the chest area, plus I was pretty stressed at the time as well. Linda’s presence was lovely and soothing right from the start as she explained the different massages that would help. The soothing music and candles also created a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

Linda warmed up my muscles first with gentle massage, as this is incredibly important, then she did sports massage to stretch out my lower back muscles to release any toxins that had built up and then a relaxing massage to finish.

She then told me to drink lots of water (not too cold) to flush out any further toxins and to take it easy for the rest of the day. After my back felt rather sensitive but not sore and the next day my usual pain was gone and full movement, which I hadn’t had for years had returned!


Now you can treat yourself, a loved one or have a pamper party with friends and get relaxing massage or stress release massage lasting an hour per person for just £25 each (usual price £30). With all of the stress, socializing and partying over christmas and new year, you deserve to relax!

Contact Linda at Azuri Therapies on 079 6965 6620 quoting ‘Manchester Flick Chick’