Amazing Scar Oil Remedy ft. Oils from Buff & Butter

Buff & Butter specialise in aromatherapy and natural products such as organic oils, candles, haircare and skincare products. I found them to be a comprehensive resource for essential ingredients to make your own candles, remedies and skincare.

I got the chance to review 5 Essential Oils and picked Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil and Ylang Ylang III Organic Essential Oil for their amazing scent to mix with Epsome salts for a wonderfully relaxing and soothing bath. I chose Carrot Seed Essential Oil and Rosemary Essential Oil for their healing, calming, moisturising  and restorative properties as I’m trying to diminish my newly acquired scar as noticeably and as naturally as possible.



For my homemade ‘scar oil remedy’

3 drops Frankincense essential oil, 3 drops Carrot Seed essential oil, 3 drops Rosemary essential oil, 30ml of (carrier) Almond oil. I had some Almond oil left in a bottle just the right size but apricot oil and rose hip oil also have similar healing and conditioning properties for skin. As soon as my scar was revealed I applied the remedy dutifully every morning and night for a month.



As you can see the scarring is a lump which is fairly spread out with different depths and shapes within it. It was also very dry and bumpy.

After 1 month


The width has decreased dramatically, the scarring is much more even and slightly flatter and also feels as soft as the rest of my face.

After 2 months


I am honestly amazed at the difference these oils have made!

Note: Due to my genetics I get keloid scar tissue (usually found in people with ethnic skin) which is a type of collagen creating a much thicker, raised type of scarring, so I was skeptical my ‘scar oil remedy’ would make any difference at all. I’ve never been more relieved to be proved wrong!

For my relaxing bath

250ml glass bottle, 4 drops Cinnamon Bark oil4 drops Ylang Ylang oil, 30ml Almond oil, fill up the rest of the bottle with Epsom salts. It was the most relaxing and rejuvenating bath I’d had for weeks and heavenly scented! My muscles were more relaxed, my skin incredibly moisturised and nourished and no cankles lurking from being on my feet in the heat.


Azuri Therapies Massage Discount

I’ve visited Azuri Therapies (based in Chorlton) previously for a massage from Linda. I was getting really bad back ache due to having very weak core strength and carrying a heavy load in the chest area, plus I was pretty stressed at the time as well. Linda’s presence was lovely and soothing right from the start as she explained the different massages that would help. The soothing music and candles also created a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

Linda warmed up my muscles first with gentle massage, as this is incredibly important, then she did sports massage to stretch out my lower back muscles to release any toxins that had built up and then a relaxing massage to finish.

She then told me to drink lots of water (not too cold) to flush out any further toxins and to take it easy for the rest of the day. After my back felt rather sensitive but not sore and the next day my usual pain was gone and full movement, which I hadn’t had for years had returned!


Now you can treat yourself, a loved one or have a pamper party with friends and get relaxing massage or stress release massage lasting an hour per person for just £25 each (usual price £30). With all of the stress, socializing and partying over christmas and new year, you deserve to relax!

Contact Linda at Azuri Therapies on 079 6965 6620 quoting ‘Manchester Flick Chick’