Indian Head Massage: The Best Legal Way To Chill

A few days ago I was invited to Neals Yard Remedies for a complimentary Indian Head Massage (champissage) which is based on the principals of Ayurvedic medicine and massage. I expected to be sat upright on a chair and to just get a nice head rub. It’s actually more involved than that and incorporates the neck, shoulders and upper back to totally de-stress and relax you.

Before my therapist Rachel Wayte began she asked me to fill out a questionnaire about any medical conditions and bumps or bruises I may have. Rachel’s manner was so calming it instantly put me at ease. I asked her how long she had been doing holistic massage. She told me she had a total career turn about in 2010 and got trained in London at the Indian School Of Champissage which was founded in 1978 by a blind man named Narendra Mehta.

We decided that it would be nice if Rachel combined The Indian Head Massage with a Natural Facelift Massage to ease my eye bags and unblock my sinuses (from hayfever/allergies). I lay face down on a massage table then an organic base oil was massaged into my scalp with firm swirly movements, then strange but not unpleasant poky movements (like when you are trying to boots your roots up when your hair looks limp) and then finally a tight scrunching of my roots.

Then Rachel massaged my neck and shoulders which were pretty tense due to stress and me having a big chest balanced on a fairly skinny frame! I gradually realised I could hear a gentle distant voice and I had to drag myself out of near sleep to comprehend what Rachel was actually saying to me. I turned over and she gently tapped and held pressure points on my face which felt very calming. Right at the the end she stretched out my legs and ankles with a gentle pulling motion which felt simultaneously energising and relaxing.

When I got up my body felt incredibly relaxed and my mind was so calm I felt completely chilled out – almost like I’d been smoking something! I drifted into the main room and had a (slightly spaced out) chat with Rachel and another women working there and then I floated out of the door. Normally the thoughts in my head consist of all the tasks I need to do, random weird thoughts and a songs my subconscious has selected to play on repeat. At that point my mind was totally clear and when I tried to fill it with thoughts again I couldn’t focus on much of anything. This feeling was fantastic!

I highly recommend Indian Head Massage to anyone who is feeling anxious or tense. My shoulders were much more relaxed which, in turn relaxed my back as well. I also had a really peaceful nights sleep.

Rating 5/5

I recommend the natural facial massage to make your skin look radiant, reduce bags and to remove a build up of toxins in certain areas.

I’d recommend general massage to anyone really, wether it’s to relax your mind or your body.

All treatment prices are £12.50 for 30 minutes or £25.00 for an hour.

Celebrate Festival

The theme of this years Celebrate festival is Active Minds and Bodies. There will be something for everyone to enjoy and also get involved in including:

Live music
International food
Arts and craft stalls
Free work-shops
Multi sport activities
A bouncy castle for the little’uns.

Free entry!
This Saturday (22nd June)
St Margaret’s Social Centre, Brantingham Rd, M21 0TU
No dogs. No glass bottles.