Light Block Clip On Reading Light Review

Light Block clip on reading Light

This is perfect for when you need a light to read by but don’t want to disturb anyone else near by. Erganomic and stylish, it simply clips onto the back of your book, the goose neck bends over your page and you turn the light on by pressing the grey square.

clip on reading light

As you can see the light is quite bright but there isn’t any light pollution around the book and it didn’t strain my rather light-sensitive eyes at all.


I bought the Light Block from Waterstones for around £6.00 and was pleased to see that it comes with 3 X AG3 (LR41) batteries which are easy to replace. This light really has got me into reading again!


Yeti Lap Warmer from Firebox

Is this yeti lap warmer cute and fluffy? Yes but is it warm? Kinda…

When you touch a cat or a yeti – I imagine – it doesn’t feel immediately warm but when it’s snuggled on your lap and then it jumps off you really notice the difference and miss the warmth it created. It’s the same with this yeti.


If you are the type of person who is really prone to feeling cold it won’t give any where near enough heat. Seriously, buy a heated blanket, tie it to your seat and put a pretty throw over it instead.


The yeti is perfect for cuddling up to if your back gets cold in bed or there’s a chill in the air or your upset and need something nice and warm to cuddle. If you need guanine heat, I’d give it a miss and get a hot water bottle with a fluffy cover and put googly eyes on it instead.

It is incredibly easy to use and comes with a built in battery and USB charger but I think £34.99 is too dear for a warm ‘adorable snowman’.


Note: After reading my feedback Firebox immediately offered to give me a refund and ask if there was anything else they could do, which is some of the best customer service I’ve had from a company. I decided to keep the yeti as I realised his belly does warm up better than his back ^~^

Times for Bloggers Chats on Twitter and Link Shares on Face Book

If you are like me with a range of interests then you know how difficult it is to keep track of all the different Twitter #bloggerschats and Facebook link shares, so I’ve made a list the ones I know and like!


8-9pm Fashion bloggers #fbloggers by @fbloggerschat

All Day All Bloggers #MondayBlogs by @MondayBlogs


7-8pm Book bloggers #bookbloggers by @BookBlogChat

8-9pm Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle bloggers #fblchat by @fashbeautylife

9-10pm All bloggers #bloghour by @UKBlogAwards

All Day All Bloggers #TuesdayShares by @TuesdayShares


7-8pm Lifestyle Bloggers #lbloggers by @lbloggerschat

8-9pm Beauty Bloggers #bbloggers by @bbloggerschat

All Day Women Bloggers #wwwblogs by @Womenwriterblog


7-8pm All (crazy) Bloggers #crazybloggers by @hollycassell

8-9pm Fashion Bloggers #fbloggers by @fbloggerschat

8-9pm Nerds of Colour or Any Nerds! #BlerdChat by @DawnMGibson

8-10pm Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalcula #DDChat by @DyslexiaAndMe (first hour questions, second our open chat)

9-10pm Cruelty Free Bloggers #cfbloggers by @CFbloggerschat

All Day All Bloggers can share links to their older blog posts #ThrowbackThursday


All Day Book Bloggers #FridayReads by @TheBookMaven


6-7pm All Bloggers #socialbloggers by @skinnedcartree


All day  All Bloggers #sundayblogshare by @SundayBlogShare (Suzie Speaks)

7-8pm Lifestyle Bloggers #lbloggers by @lbloggerschat

8-9pm Beauty Bloggers #bbloggers @bbloggerschat


All weekdays 1-5pm For All Bloggers #ItBloggers





There is a ‘FBL: Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle Bloggers’ page and their link share days are:

Monday – Facebook links, Tuesday – Twitter links, Wednesday – YouTube links, Thursday Instagram links, Friday – Bloglovin links, Saturday – Pinterest links

I hope this helps us all to be even more social with each other!

Chrissie xx


#Blogtober14 Day 5 – My Fall Bucketlist


#Blogtober14 Day 5 – My Fall Bucketlist

  1. Wear fluffy animal print slippers
  2. Buy almond milk and maple syrup to have in hot chocolate
  3. Go to a blogger meet up in Manchester, if I can RSVP early enough!
  4. Have the courage to go to a Halloween party with only one person I know there. Actually, that’s left over from last year.
  5. Stock up on pre-ownded (cheap) video games and set the TV to record Hannibal, Masters of Sex, American Horror Story and girly sitcoms.
  6. Go to bed before 2.00am
  7. Get up before 10.30am
  8. Keep the content of my blog posts interesting and regular.
  9. Don’t save clothes for best or you will end up wear everything maybe, once a year.
  10. Make more best occasions and go out more and do more in the evening.

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Day 2 Dream Job When You Were Little/What Is It Now

Day 3 – The One Thing You Can’t Live Without

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