Barry M Nail Paint: Aquarium Collection – Arabian

Sea Punk has gained almost as much popularity as Cyber Punk and Steam Punk and in much shorter space of time. I love how fun, expressive and er, shiny it is! I think it’s more suited to tweens, teens, people in their 20’s or the kind of people that have an eternally endearing childlike kind of sweetness about them. If I went with it completely, I’d look like The Little Mermaid’s insane older sister. I’d like to incorporate a couple of Sea Punk inspired garments into to my wardrobe though so I thought I’d better start slow with this nail polish first.


Beautiful colour which reminds me of when the setting suns rays hit the waves in the sea. I took two pictures in different lights to show you the iridescent effect clearly.



I applied two thin coats. It lasted for 3 days before I noticed the first tiny chip on one nail and then it took another 2 days until I needed to totally remove it. That’s longer than any other polish I’ve used that isn’t a professional gel type.

Rating 5/5


‘The Lady is a Vamp’ Mani

    Starry Night

I thought I would start of with a fairly simple gothic manicure first, for anyone who won’t be wearing a specific costume this Halloween.

I love how 3D the star studs are. They are from a set of assorted nail jewels from Claire’s. I decided to make my thumb the accent nail as there’s more room to play about with and it’s just more original. For amore rock-chick look, keep nails short.

I used an appropriately named Star Gazer polish in 129.


    The Lady is a Vamp

For this look file your nails into an uneven point and leave cuticles with a gory smudged edge. We’re going for a creepy vamp or devil look here, not Elizabeth Hurley in Bedazzled.

I think a vamp would accessorise her nails with crosses but invert them just to be ironic.

I used a Body Shop polish from last years collection but they usually always have a deep red available for A/W or you could try this one from Ciate which is very similar.

For anyone who’s not confident with a brush (like me) you can use Nail Art nail tattoos for the crosses, they are cheap and easy to use.

Have fun!

B. Quick one coat nail polish

B is Superdrugs own brand nail polish and all of their own brand products are BUAV (leaping bunny) approved, meaning they are cruelty-free. At only £3.32 I thought this bright peach shade with a hard candy shell-like finish would be my go-to everyday polish from now on. Wrong!

PB Quick one coat nail polish

£3.32 189 Persica

PB Quick one coat nail polish

£3.32 189 Persica

The name claims it only needs one coat. Now, this is true if you actually like an uneven streaky finish, me, not so much. I tried slapping on one really thick coat but the varnish is so gloopy it looked rounded, as if I’d just dipped my whole nail into the bottle or like I was wearing really cheap plastic false nails. Once dry however, it looked great and it dried so fast that even I didn’t have a chance to accidentally smudge it.

PB Quick one coat nail polish

Here you can see the difference between thin and thick coats.

I was starting to like this polish and was about to do a write up but thankfully decided to see how long it lasted first. I painted my nails at tea time (5.00pm) and by dinner time (1.00pm) the following day, 5 nails were chipped.

PB Quick one coat nail polish

When applying it I’d used a base coat and top coat and the only house work I’d done since was to fill and empty the washing machine, hardly an endurance test for my nails. I don’t know if the chipping is due to the solid shiny finish and other finishes in the range would do better but I’m not remotely impressed. The only reason I’m giving this goop any points at all is because it dries quickly so it makes the perfect rushed manicure.

As I’m writing this my bloke looks at these pictures and asks “Is that paint from B&Q?” “No” I reply “That would have lasted longer.”