Replacing Our Fave Perfume with Cruelty Free One’s – The Result!

I decided we should use a mixture of Eden Perfumes and Floral Street perfumes to give us a better chance of finding our replacements. Here’s a reminder of what we want to find dupes for.

The bloke

Oud by The Body Shop (as they no longer stock it)

1 Million by Paco Rabanne.


Heat by Beyonce

Deep Red by Hugo Boss (I already have a fairly good one from Floral Street)

Opium by YSL

Burberry Woman (the bloke noticed this on someone and asked what it was)

Final Result

Treasure by Eden Perfumes mixed with Wonderland Peony by Floral street replicates Beyonce Heat pretty well.

Electric Rhubarb by Floral street – which I was sure would be similar to Heat – was fun but had no depth to it, no projection at all and then faded into oblivion after 15 minutes!

Wonderland Peony by Floral Street is a deep, spicy replacement for Hugo Boss, Deep Red with Treasure by Eden being similar but lighter.

Black Orchid by Floral Street very similar to Opium by YSL but a little lighter.

No luck with the random Burberry one unfortunately.

Million Dollar Man by Eden Perfumes is pretty close to 1 Million.

Oud Wood by Eden Perfumes is the perfect replacement for The Body Shop Oud, we are both thrilled!


I can’t even remember how many perfumes I’ve tried at this point but it’s meant that I’ve found some new unexpected favourites.

Wild Vanilla Orchid by Floral Street smells like freshly baked fruit pie. So comforting and natural. It reminds me a little of the original Angel by Thierry Mugler but no where near as sickly.

Virgin Waters by Eden Perfumes smells how a Piña colada cocktail tastes. I have to resist the urge to drown myself in this everyday, the perfume I mean…possibly.

Well, even if I wear perfume every time I leave the house, I don’t think I’ll need to buy any more for decades! Now, I also have lots of handbag/washbag sized  ones.

Which out of all of the above do you want to try?





Motivational Monday – Telling It Like It Is

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 18.10.16

So volunteer for the next tea round or go to the corner shop for that forgotten loaf of bread. Maybe have a quick tidy up or get off the bus a stop earlier, it all adds up.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 18.10.56

Apparently our brains are hard wired from caveman days to continually analyse our mistakes and bad situations so we don’t repeat them. Also, life isn’t fair and bad shit happens to good people obviously. However, you gotta choose to let the past go though, before it negatively effects your future.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 18.04.01

This can apply to how you treat others as well as yourself. Next time you are about to open your mouth to criticise someone (again) for something they did in the past, maybe don’t.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 18.04.41

Fair enough lol

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 18.02.10

This actually gave me goose bumps I thought it was so clever and bad-ass.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 18.01.31

The birds are singing, I’ve got food in the cupboards, my socks actually match, I patted a friendly doggy today.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 17.58.18

Life lessons.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 17.58.49

Sometimes what you have planned your life to be doesn’t make you happy and sometimes, something totally unexpected does.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 17.59.52

If it’s just not you, then why are you wearing it? There’s a big difference between giving new things a try, and wearing what others expect of you, especially if it makes you miserable.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 17.56.23


Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 17.56.45

Especially in a zombie apocalypse.


20 Sensory Things I love


  1. Bubble wrap. Stamping on it or twisting it until non of it pops any more.
  2. Really chewy things like solid caramels, Black Jacks and fruit salads or cola bottles.
  3. Long tight hugs.
  4. Splashing through puddles.
  5. The feel of rubber grips on tools or those wobbly buttons on remote controls.
  6. Strong hot food and sour food. Garlic and chilli stir fry, fizzy sweets, grapefruit and curries.
  7. Stamping on closed polystyrene food containers and that dull cracking noise.
  8. Long tight-ish jumpers/cardigans where I can pull the sleeves over my hands.
  9. The gentle rocking of a train or the rise and fall of a ferry journey.
  10. Squishy things filled with water.
  11. Crunchy food especially the biscuit in cheesecake.
  12. Sitting right in the corner of the sofa or having a big cushion against me.
  13. Pillow fights! The heavy IKEA memory foam ones – I don’t mess about lol
  14. Having my back and shoulders really tightly tucked up in the duvet.
  15. Tightly holding glass marbles in my palm and grinding them together which sounds great and better for me than grinding my teeth!
  16. Just standing in the sea and feeling the push and pull of the waves.
  17. The squeaking of old leather boots.
  18. That scrunching sound fresh snow makes when you walk on it.
  19. Soft fluffy things like faux fur, chenille blankets, dressing gowns, bunnies.
  20. The feel of walking on soft wet sand or through crunchy Autumn leaves.

autumn leaves new_0

Apparently because I’m mainly (I’d say 80%) under-sensitive to a lot of things I’m a ‘seeker’ because I need to seek out sensory things, rather than wanting to avoid them.

I’d say everyone can identify with at least some of the things in this list, which ones do like?

Chrissie xxx

Learning To Recognise & Truly Feel ALL Of My Emotions

I’m typing this tipsy – not because alcohol is my essential coping mechanism or because it’s fun to obliterate a bad memory or feeling but because I simply enjoy getting rather tipsy. Four years ago and for the first time in my life I learned to drink for fun. We all naturally lean toward some kind of copying mechanisms whether it be demolishing a big block of chocolate, shopping for yet more things we don’t need or fishing that packet of fags out of the bin that we said we’d quit. It could even be by being overly bossy and controlling of people or situations.

From age 13 I made it my aim to drink a litre of strong white cider every Friday. That was my day which kept me going through a week of repressing my feelings. That was when I stupidly thought that I could really feel my emotions and let loose. I was doing that but I wasn’t processing them or understand them unfortunately. It was more “Let’s have a laugh and forget about all of the crap – woo whoo!”

Forward a year age 14 and now I’m on to drinking quart bottles of vodka because the cider just isn’t doing it for me anymore. I have to drink it quickly because it has to take effect but then I have to sober up somewhat because I need to get the bus home at at 10.00pm.

I realise now I was always blocking out negative comments from others, negative feelings about myself and generally not allowing myself to feel. Maybe I naturally felt too much as a kid and decided it was sort of scary. Maybe I was made to feel by a relative that someone else was in greater emotional distress so I was to play down any anxieties as if they were of less importance. Maybe I felt I always had to be in control so that I didn’t cause a scene.

Basically the reason doesn’t really matter. It was the fact that by my teens I would do anything before I would actually feel anything. By my early 20’s it was cigarettes for when I was stressed. Sex for when I wasn’t feeling in control (“well I’ll soon change that!”), beer to let my ‘real’ personality out (witty but pretty wild) and dancing while loosing time in alcoholic oblivion so that all I was thinking about was the beat and the base.

What happens when the club shuts, you’re on your own, you’ve run out of booze and fags and you’re starting to feel again? I mean you are sobering up and that uneasy, lost, bewildered feeling is starting to creep back in.

Luckily by my late 20’s I had The Bloke. He ‘left me’ to go to the 24/7 supermarket, he hadn’t dumped me in the way that I misunderstood. Afterward he scrapped me off the floor and basically rescued the sweet, kind, closed off, bitchy block of stone that he’d been going out with for 3 months.

That’s when I learned to actually feel my emotions again.

I say feel – not deal with. Two very different things those.

I was raw and adorably childlike yet frustratingly childish in my neediness.

It was a long difficult road but fast forward 5 years and I like embracing my emotions now. Emotions fill us with joy or sadness. It doesn’t matter – what matters is that we have them and we should embrace them as that’s how we can learn to cope with them – even appreciate them.

Now I’m in my mid 30’s I don’t automatically decline a hug when I’m sad because “I’ll loose it and start crying” because that’s ok. I don’t have this awkward pretend empathy because I don’t know how it feels to go through a particular emotion. I don’t have a silent rage inside of me anymore or a feeling of unjustness that I need to burry.

I feel everything and it’s freaking fantastic – even the really crappy bits.

Guess what? I’ve lost control quite a bit and done some ugly crying (you’re crying for god sake, who cares whether you look pretty) and I’ve had mini emotional meltdowns where it’s all felt too intense. Embracing your emotions really takes some getting used to! However, I’ve not completely fell apart. I’ve not been disowned by everyone (one person yes, but that says more about them than me).

Even if I was left with no one and had to start all over again it would have been the right choice. NEVER EVER FEEL LIKE YOU SHOULD BURRY YOUR FEELINGS DEEP INSIDE. We are humans. We need to feel. This is what separates us from robots. It’s what makes us truly unique. It’s okay to cry and let it out. You don’t need to be ashamed of this either. If you learn to feel then you learn to accept those feelings and you learn to cope with them over time. They are part of you. The joy and the despair – it’s all you. It’s what makes you you.

Love and giant bear hugs.

Chrissie xx

P.S. A few days later – I learned some rather alarming news about my health in a series of letters from my Neurologist to my Dr that I’d requested (for ATOS) and I looked up the three (yes three) conditions online on very specific professional sites . What I found out really worried me but I was busy reading the specifics of each one and the fact that one is very rare and I couldn’t find a reason for the other erm..Then I found that two conditions can at least be slowed down by drugs – phew! Then I was late and had to rush. I didn’t process it properly and spent the next few hours calmly explaining it my loved ones and looking on the bright side. Then A couple of days later I burst out sobbing for around three hours because what the bloody hell this is some seriously scary shit! It was classic – I did exactly what I warned everyone against. I guess it’s hard to see the wood for the trees sometimes. So yeah, I need to head the advice I’ve written above a lot more basically. 


New Year = Old Me


Happy new year dudes! I hope 2014 is awesome of for you and full of love, luck and great surprises.

In the years previous to me turning 30 I was a bit of a nut job, that is to say I was up and down emotionally but always fun…to the extreme! During the past two years I’ve become a lot more balanced, responsible and well… boring.

You see, in my need to grow up and be responsible and more emotionally stable, I’ve swung too far the other way. Someone who loves me and knows me really well just told me “It’s just that sometimes, it’s a bit boring being out with you, nowadays.”

If any of my old mates would’ve heard that they would’ve been as gob-smacked as I was. I wasn’t exactly known for my self restraint back then, believe me! Upon thinking about it though, this person has a very valid point. I have turned into a bit of an old biddy, glued to the couch wearing my blanket with sleeves, sleeves I tells ya!

My new years resolutions to get back the spontaneously fun version of me

Don’t over think things. Just do it already!

Just because you aren’t getting completely w@nkered anymore, does not me you are now the responsible adult in charge of the completely w@nkered people. Drink and be merry!

Learn to laugh at yourself, you fell over, you aren’t hurt, it’s funny!

Stop planning everything. Not knowing where the night will take you, isn’t being reckless. There’s a difference between not knowing and not caring where you end up.

Keep trying new things and take advantage of opportunities. If nothing else, it will give you something to blog about – rather than those weird posts where you talk to yourself, ahem.

Forgive people their flaws. Have more patience with people, you can also be annoying sometimes. Diffuse tension, don’t cause it.

Have conversations with people, don’t just hurry on your way. You never know what new film, bar, cafe you might learn about or what interesting people you might meet.

Put the iPod, phone, TV remote down and back away. If someone you care about is trying to have a laugh with you or share some good news etc. give them a big smile and your FULL attention. These moments are precious.

Get out of the house every single day even if it’s just to buy some fresh food from the local shop. Freezing cold wind and rain is not an excuse. Make an effort with appearance every day – ‘crazy cat lady’ is not a good look.

So 2014 should see me getting back to feeling more chilled out and having more fun. Hopefully this change in attitude will be evident in my blogging.
This ace illustration of me being more spontaneous was drawn for me by Jammy and Jelly

What are your new years resolutions and reasons? I’d love to know x</strong