5 Fandom Friday (very late) – Less Common Fandoms


Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 20.34.16

An astronaut (Halley Berry) is astounded when she becomes pregnant after a solo 13 month long space mission. Pierce Gagnon (Tommorowland) puts in an incredibly masterful performance as the couples existing son. If you are looking for a series which brings up issues about humanity, family and responsibility then this is the one for you.

Dark Matter

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 20.35.59Six people wake up from stasis on a space ship with no memory of who they are and how they got there.  An unoriginal idea which is well actualised and will keep you guessing.


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A bunch of scientist are sent out to the Arctic to investigate a potential outbreak but soon realise everything is not as innocent as they were led to believe. Part sci-fi, part horror, part thriller, part mystery, this series just gets better and better the more it progresses.

Orphan Black

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What would you do if you learned you were a clone – one of several in fact? Would you track them down, steal their identity, try to run away or all of the above? What about the people who made you  and why? This series is grimy, street wise, funny and utterly intriguing. Tatiana Maslany is amazing as the main character/s. Sci-fi for people who aren’t normally into it.

The Strain

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This is a series of three parts really. The series starts with research scientists trying to control the outbreak of a virus. Moving into the middle we also get flash backs into one of characters terrible and very unusual time in a concentration camp and then the series turns into an all out zombie vampire hunt . It’s very similar to the From Dusk To Dark series which also has this kind of serious/sensational aspect to it. David Bradley (Harry Potter) is fantastic as the wise and dry humoured Abraham Setrakian. Kevin Durand (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) as Vasiliy Fet does a great turn as the sexy matcho dude with a heart.

Bonus – Stitchers

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I’ve chose this as my bonus because I felt it took the whole of first series for me to really get a handle on it, even though I became emotionally invested in the characters fairly early on. What if, instead of just doing an autopsy on a corpse you could go back in time and watch how they died? Kirsten is recruited by a secret government agency to do just this but it takes a toll on her and she’s in danger of overloading her brain entirely.

Which one’s have grabbed your attention?


I Heart Instagram Tag


Cool 2

I saw this tag over on Super Space Chick a blog I’ve only recently just discovered. She asked everyone to just join in if they wanted and seeing as I ❤ Instagram it’s only right.

What’s your Instagram handle?


How many people do you follow?


How many followers do you have?




cultural 2

What are your favourite hashtags?

#OOTD #altgirl #QuirkyCute #glutenfree #veggie #streetart #manchester #tattoos


What are your favourite genres of pictures?

As you can probably tell from some of my fave #’s I like things that are boldly visual. After all, IG is all about that! Although I have noticed more simple recipes popping up on there, which is handy.






How often do you post?

Only when I have something quirky, cute, cool or tasty to share, pretty much. I’m not one for endless boring selfies. how narcissistic would that be?!

What’s your favourite filter?

I find that a lot of pictures look incredibly hazy and undefined (I’m using an iPod4) but if I use XPro II it darkens and sharpens them. If something is too dark to start with Lo fi helps. Rise is always a flattering filter for selfies so that has to be my favourite.



iPhone only? Purist or rebel?

I only have an iPod 4 and the camera is pretty appalling. I cheat sometimes and upload pics I’ve taken of events or the countryside with my Lumix. It’s got a Leica lens! I select a part of the picture so it’s still IG shaped and maybe add filters. I shouldn’t be telling you this, ha!


Three favourite IG accounts currently?

@mrmojorisin_ is a fellow Manc and takes fantastic shots with his iPhone.

@pixee_pea She’s into her vegan cruelty free beauty, which could a boring album but her product shots are creative and she mixes in lovely lifestyle photo’s as well.

@Pistoja This dude posts the best street art from where he lives and everywhere he visits. It’s not just the massive murals either, it’s the smaller stuff as well.

Now I’ve discovered the @superspacechick album that’s one of my faves as well. It’s so bright and fun and cute but also interesting!

cultural 1

What are your Instagram handles?

Hope to see you all on my Instagram feed soon!



Geeks Are Chic and Hipsters Are Hot

I’ve noticed recently that it’s become trendy to embrace things that were considered childish, old fashioned or niche by the mainstream, not so long ago. Basically geek is chic! Topics that used to be gleefully ridiculed are now in everyday conversation. I’m glad we are openly celebrating our inner geek!

TV Series
Sci-fi & fantasy series like The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, Dr Who are now wildly popular.


like Elysium, Oblivion and Star Treck. Films adapted from fairy tails and tall tales like Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, Oz, The Hobbit and Harry Potter. Comics and graphic novel adaptations: Thaw, Iron Man and Avengers Assemble. Not forgetting all of the merchandise – Wolverine figurine any one? Actually, yes please!


Bands that originally would have had had a niche following are now everywhere. Mumford and Sons: A blend of folk and indie, Of Monsters and Men: Indie, Pop and folk, She and Him: Folk, pop and indie, Haim: A blend of folk and rock. Then there’s Macclemoore with the song Thriftshop and LMFAO enthusiastically turning geek into street.

Socks with sandals a la 5 year old, onesies (shudder), peter pan collars, thick glasses frames like the NHS prescription ones from the 70’s and 80’s (yup, I’m wearing them), man cardigans, bobble hats, beanies with animal ears, headbands with animal ears, young men with big beards and women embracing a long wild untamed haim, I mean mane.


Style and decor we are searching for
Spending weekends wandering around antique shops and retro/vintage stores for quaint pieces for our homes. Learning from vintage chic TV like Sarah Beanies Victorian Christmas and Kirsty Allsop making and mending. Browsing Pinterest for Steampunk inspiration, even bars are getting an aesthetically mechanical make over.

Patiently sitting in front of a plate full of amazing food which is getting cold while we get the right angle for our instagram #foodporn snaps (guilty), buying lettering and inserts online for scrap booking (Paperchase thank you!) and even using scrap-apps like Coolibar. Searching for and photographic interesting architectural features and hard to find street art. Not forgetting urban exploring of places we shouldn’t. Comping and couponing, things that would have only interested our Mum have become popular with people of all ages since the recession kicked in. Pubs holding social nights where people play board games, crochet and craft. Even colouring books for adults are making an appearance where you can colour Ryan Gosling, shoe illustrations and Cara Delvine who’s available from Selfridges.

Finally, on a slightly different note, I think it’s great more people are blogging about their embarrassing experiences and almost being proud of the fact that they are indeed #awkward!