Tips For a Stress Free and Safe Night Out

Learned from over 21 years of Friday and Saturday nights out, my realistic tips include prep, keeping track of your mates, getting there and back and keeping the fun going while you’re there.

1. If you’re unsure about the area, speak to friends or locals to find out about the streets or places to visit AND to avoid.

2. Phone a taxi company before hand a book a return cab for a realistic time (probably a little bit before the club/bar chucking out time) and agree where to be picked up. Have other local cab company numbers in case it doesn’t work out or find where the nearest base/office is.

3. Buy a stylish cross-body handbag bag that has a zip or solid clasp so your bad doesn’t get ‘dipped’ by thieves. Wear it inside your coat when out on the street.

4. Always store enough money for food and a taxi in a separate part of your purse, bag or (ideally pocket) so you don’t accidentally spend it.

5. Have a pair of fold up ballet flats in your bag. So no limping around on blistered feet at the end of the night. Practical and it doesn’t make you look like a target.

6. Always be friendly to the door and bar staff, you never know what they might be able to help you with.

7. If you are in a big club or area and go separate ways, agree on a place to meet back up.

8.  If your good mates say you are too pissed, believe them and get them to escort you to the toilets to freshen (sober) up a bit. You do not want to get suddenly thrown out on your own by the doormen, making you vulnerable.

9. If you do end up worse for wear, it’s safer to trust groups of women rather than a man, no matter how charming they may seem.

10. Keep an eye on your drink at all times or ask someone you know and trust to watch them. Don’t accept physical drinks from strangers, instead go to the bar with them, order it and then let them pay.

11. Before leaving a place check you have everything (coat, bag, phone) and everyone. No one wants to get left behind because they went to the loo!

12. When walking to a place either walk the same speed as the slowest person or break into two groups (if there’s a lot of you), with clear agreement on where you are heading.

13. Same as when you are getting food. Everyone needs to make it clear where they are going and who they are going with or if they want someone to wait for them.

14. Don’t be that dick who just goes home without telling anyone. People will be worried if you just disappear.

15. Make sure you are getting into a registered taxi. Is the logo familiar? Do they have photo ID with their driver number on ? If you have booked it, they should know your name and address. Agree on a price first so they can’t inflate the fare.

16.  When you’re at home, message each other to say you’ve had a top night and you’re home safe.

Happy partying people!

New Years Wishes

Since I’ve gotten out of my twenties I don’t much like the idea of new years resolutions as a) I’m just such a rebel and b) Why start the year by putting pressure on your self and possibly setting yourself up for a self-induced guilt trip a few months later? I’m not religious but I know the universe throws some welcome surprises and wonderful coincidences at us. Wether that is the work of serendipity, a trick of fate or the work of an optimistic faerie, I’m wishing on it.

free Happay new Year 2015 digital greeting cards and wishing messege  (2)

During 2015 I wish…

My friends, family and myself stay in good health apart from the odd sniffle, which is probably to be expected, realistically.

My friends, family and myself are happy with our lot and try to make other people feel appreciated.

That I will win the lottery – well it’s worth a try and if it was a large amount I’ll be giving quite a bit to a small local charities anyway.

That I get to see my favourite actors in some awesome scifi, fantasy and superhero films, oh and some epic historical drama’s featuring swords of course.

My blogging goes well and I meet more lovely bloggers and continue to collaborate with many more ethical and interesting brands.

That people have more awareness about the dangers to our environment and endangered species and act on this knowledge, even if it’s in a small way everyday.

That at least once a month, I’ll remember to show compassion to a stranger wether that’s a mum struggling with a buggy or a homeless person needing some gloves.

Bob’s Burgers will run for many more series.

Someone will invent a larger that tastes like Sailor Jerry’s but it doesn’t make me ridiculously emotional  like too many shots of dark rum does.

That by some miracle my living situation allows me to have a little bunny or kitty, puppy or er, lizard.

That you all have a fantastic 2015 full of everything you’e been wishing for!