My Lifestyle Lately – January

I thought I’d start this up again as it’s a nice way for you to get to know the person behind the blog and it’s a nice way for me to remember what I’ve been up to.

Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen

Me and the Bloke celebrated new years eve by visiting Lotus a vegetarian restaurant in Withington which is often overlooked due to it’s location. We love it there, the food (which includes the most amazing mock meats) is superb. Then we came home and watched The X Files and Grimm and enjoyed an awesome firework display by a neighbouring family from the comfort of our sofa!


The Bloke cooked us a New Years day meal which was even better than Christmas day’s with Quorn roast, al dente green beans, carrots, broccoli, sprouts, mashed potato, Yorkshire puds, stuffing, roast potatoes and veggie sausages.


You know those thrifty programmes where they tell you to look in your parents or grandparents loft (attic) where you will almost certainly find hidden treasure? Well not exactly anything of value but I did find this vintage rucksack which would be perfect for festivals. Weirdly, no one has a clue how it got there!?


I’ve added to my collection of the weirder kind of Funko Pops and bought Deadpool, The Cheshire Cat and Alien. As you can see Deadpool is the only person looking figure in my little collection.


 I love it when it gets all foggy at night and makes everything under the street lights look all eery.


I was emailed by vegetarian restaurant 1847 offering 50% off, yup half price! So obviously wanting too support Manchester veggie eateries we thought it rude not to book a table.



The Bloke managed to get these cool shots of the beautiful super moon and I (using the same model of camera) managed to take a big fuzzy orange blob which I won’t bother showing you lol


I’ve been trying to drink only gluten free beer lately but my local Coop run out so I bought this Brewdog beer (which isn’t one of their gluten free ones) instead. It’s the most fruity and refreshing beer I’ve ever had. Such a shame it isn’t one of their gluten free offerings.


I’ve discovered an online shop called EMP which apart from stocking some amazing rock chick apparel also do Funko Pop! and other random cool stuff. I’ve been in need of a mug for ages so bought this kawaii version of Deadpool.

So to some up my purse is a bit lighter and my belly is a lot fatter ^_^


Street Art Manchester and Cities of Hope Global

The Cities of Hope project has been going on in Manchester for 9 days in the Northern Quarter, where renowned street artists from around the world came to Manchester to create art focusing on social justice including homelessness, mental health and equal rights.






Here’s some other street art and shots from around The NQ












Don’t know if anyone remembers me posting this piece last year but I went to check if it was still in the wall and found a little dude chilling on the stairs!



check out the drone

Look out for more street art and general Manchester street shots in future. I intend to do one a month if poss.


Weird & Wonderful Links #4

13 Awkward Things You Have To Deal With When You Don’t Want Kids

If Superheroes Had Part-time Jobs. I love these simple chunky illustrations. Not sure what Harry Potter is doing there though.

News From Sony about Dark Tower, Spider-Man, Jumanji and more! 

15 Fashion Hacks That Every Girl Should Keep In Mind . Some practical tips to prevent and fix wardrobe malfunctions as well some glitter, because glitter – yay!

The Last Witch Hunter Trailer

Birds Eye Views Of Cities and Beautiful Places

Disney Princess imagined in real life. Prince Eric and Aladdin have me sold on this concept.

30 Clever Tattoos That make Good Use Of The Body

Top Ten Spanish Vegetarian Tapas Recipes

10 Ridiculous Ideas Which Can Actually Work. I love all of these lol

Nine Excersizes That Are Better Than Squatts. Whether you have dodgy knees or you want to change the kind of squatts that you do, these are brilliant toning exercizes.

22 Funny Placement Coincidences Caught on Camera. Some of these are ironic and some perfectly timed.

20 Predictions That Back To The Future Made That Turned Out To Be True. I knew it was just a matter of time. That tablet prediction is so accurate it’s scary!

A great article which includes quotes from bloggers about fit-shaming, thin-shaming, fat-shaming and diet-shaming. Stop shaming full stop.

35 innocent pictures and products that actually seem completely filthy. Naughty Elmo!

This is an article about the cutest spider in the world. Believe me I wouldn’t even have glanced at this, had I not been told it was genuinely quirky-cute. The video is hilarious as well!

The odd trend of Bubble manicures. Love or loath? 

Hyper-Unreal Stereographic Projections, or weird curved photographs edited together.

Ready Player One has a release date and will be directed by Spielberg. I better read the novel (full of pop-culture references and set in a dystopian future) first.

Here’s more in my Weird & Wonderful series

Chrissie xx

So Recently I’ve Been…

Watching Kung Fury an awesome short film which parodies and pays homage to Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 15.55.56everything that was cool in the 80’s. Made by David Sandberg and crowd funded the film contains cheesy  dialogue, ridiculous stunts, a soundtrack from The Hoff, dinosaurs, time travel and a battle between good and evil – the evil being Hitler! Considering this was made on a low budget by a dude in his house the direction, editing and special FX are freakin fantastic!

Eating Rowse Acacia honey which looks and tastes gorgeous. It has such a deep, slightly smokey flavour but I’m not sure what to do with the honey comb though as it has a very waxy texture in places that isn’t exactly pleasant to eat. Any suggestions?


Anticipating the new superhero flick Suicide Squad from Warner Bros and wondering what it might be like after reading this article in the Guardian.


Experimenting with editing effects on my mates iPad Mini. The one directly below is my favourite as the effect lends it’s self well to the subject matter 😉


Photo on 27-12-2014 at 16.08 #2

Listening to China Town by Girlpool and now I can’t get the simple melody out of my head. How love how raw this is – it’s so genuine and sweet with a short shout chorus.

Eating cherries as it’s the perfect season for them and they are tastier (and juicer) than snacking on Haribo. The bloke discovered two of these gorgeous little brown bowls by Pearson’s of Chesterfield Est.1810 so of course I made use of one immediately.


Chrissie 🎶📷🍄



I Heart Instagram Tag


Cool 2

I saw this tag over on Super Space Chick a blog I’ve only recently just discovered. She asked everyone to just join in if they wanted and seeing as I ❤ Instagram it’s only right.

What’s your Instagram handle?


How many people do you follow?


How many followers do you have?




cultural 2

What are your favourite hashtags?

#OOTD #altgirl #QuirkyCute #glutenfree #veggie #streetart #manchester #tattoos


What are your favourite genres of pictures?

As you can probably tell from some of my fave #’s I like things that are boldly visual. After all, IG is all about that! Although I have noticed more simple recipes popping up on there, which is handy.






How often do you post?

Only when I have something quirky, cute, cool or tasty to share, pretty much. I’m not one for endless boring selfies. how narcissistic would that be?!

What’s your favourite filter?

I find that a lot of pictures look incredibly hazy and undefined (I’m using an iPod4) but if I use XPro II it darkens and sharpens them. If something is too dark to start with Lo fi helps. Rise is always a flattering filter for selfies so that has to be my favourite.



iPhone only? Purist or rebel?

I only have an iPod 4 and the camera is pretty appalling. I cheat sometimes and upload pics I’ve taken of events or the countryside with my Lumix. It’s got a Leica lens! I select a part of the picture so it’s still IG shaped and maybe add filters. I shouldn’t be telling you this, ha!


Three favourite IG accounts currently?

@mrmojorisin_ is a fellow Manc and takes fantastic shots with his iPhone.

@pixee_pea She’s into her vegan cruelty free beauty, which could a boring album but her product shots are creative and she mixes in lovely lifestyle photo’s as well.

@Pistoja This dude posts the best street art from where he lives and everywhere he visits. It’s not just the massive murals either, it’s the smaller stuff as well.

Now I’ve discovered the @superspacechick album that’s one of my faves as well. It’s so bright and fun and cute but also interesting!

cultural 1

What are your Instagram handles?

Hope to see you all on my Instagram feed soon!