Veggie Review: Barburrito

I was delighted to be sent two tokens for free burrito’s at Barburrito as I love Mexican food! I went to the Piccadilly one (there’s also one on Deansgate) which had a really colourful and contemporary feel. I was impressed with the choice of seating they offered (we chose a comfy booth) and how friendly the staff were.

Huge burrito

How it works: You get a choice of having a burrito in a traditional tortilla (I was impressed they had a gluten free option), a burrito bowl (served in a bowl obv), tacos (corn or soft flour) or nachos. I love tortilla’s but my partner is more a nacho, nacho man! (sorry). Then a choice of filling: Chicken, beef, char grilled stake, pork or veg. You then have a choice of salsa either mild, medium, hot or extra hot. Then a choice of extra’s: Peppers, mushrooms or guacamole.

I got the whole lot: Mixed veg, garlic mushrooms, spicy rice, spicy beans, jalapeneo’s, medium hot salsa (should have got extra hot), sour cream and guacamole. By the time it was finished it was wider than my mouth!

It tasted A-maze-Ing!

Barburrito is going on my list of ‘Best places to get a mid-may meal for under a fiver’, along side TJ’s (a takwaway/deli also in Piccadilly) and This & That (a rice and three curry place).