Accidental dip-dye

There’s been another development (sorry) with the hair dying situation. I’ve discovered the colour rubs off on my pillow, my clothes, my parents sofa (that was a fun day) and even my hands!


After 10 days I beer bribed asked my boyfriend to colour the parts of my hair that had faded. He did an excellent job as well! Now 4 days and 1 rinse with cold water since then (big mistake) my hair looks insane or like one of those expensive dip-dyes celebs get – depending on your perspective.

Accidental dip-dye

I’ve over heard comments ranging from “Wow, that girls hair is awesome!” to “Shanika I think you should have that hair style – ahaahaa!” Followed by a swift “F*cl< off!” from Shanika. My mates love it but then they are quite alternative and open-minde so no suprise there. I really quite like it to be honest and I’ve never given a damn what other people think – I keep telling myself that anyway.

I think you can prob tell from my exasperated and haggard expression that I’m gutted at just how temporary and uneven the colour is.  After all the expense, people’s time/effort and constant cleaning of things that are now frackin’ purple (including my key-board since I’ve been typing this) it’s not worth it. If you have thin/medium or short hair and want a very temporary blast of colour, then Manic Panic is the dye for you – just remember not to wear any light coloured clothes – or go out in the rain….

Violet Femme

Since I was about 13 I’ve been bored with my dark brown hair and wanted to dye it a brighter colour. I used rinses which were only noticeable when in bright sunlight. I used Sun-In during the mid 90’s which hardly made the texture but not the colour similar to straw. I asked a local hairdresser to give me subtle caramel coloured highlights and low-lights and she decided to give me yellow ‘tiger stripes’ instead.

I’ve since found an amazing hairdresser called Maria who is originally from Cyprus and she’s used to dealing with her own long thick dark hair. I had a half head of medium sized blond streaks put in and then I used Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL in Red Passion 43 which looked fantastic! This time I asked my boyfriend what colour I should dye my hair and he suggested purple in a totally non “I dare you” kind of way so I said “Cool, I like that idea.” I was determind to use a cruelty-free vegan dye this time. I went to Cyber Dog one of the alternate style boutiques in Afflex Palace in Manchester.

Amplified semi-permanent dye by Manic Panic N.Y.C in Ultra-Violet

£13.00 Amplified semi-permanent dye by Manic Panic N.Y.C in Ultra-Violet

My 8 months old dye job was looking faded and nothing like the on-trend dip-dye effect I was hoping to blag it was.

Back to my roots

Back to my roots

2 hours and 3 tubs of conditioning pre-lightener later my hair looked paler but a bit too Golden Retriever for my liking.



I managed to persuade my Mum into applying the Ultra-Violet dye to my hair in the bathroom. We put down dust sheets to protect the carpet with and a tint brush Maria had given me. The bottle suggests you can use a plastic bag and a hairdryer as a makeshift salon dryer to develop the colour more which we liked the idea of. I have really thick coarse hair so it absorbed the colour at a tremendous rate. By the time we’d resorted to putting the bottles of dye in warm water to melt it so it was more spreadable, we were very dubious of the result. Mum referring to my boyfriend “He needs to come round so I can teach him to do this instead if he’s going to suggest such er, creative colours!”

Praying it turns out OK

Under the ‘bin bag dryer’ praying it turns out OK

I rinsed off the foamy dye in luke warm water and dried it off to reveal the result, which for once I was really worried about.

I was right to be worried

I was right to be worried

After I finished freaking out about the patchy Kelly Osborne gray-violet result I resigned my self to buying more dye. I dipped into my savings, put my hood up and got the bus back to Afflex and purchased 2 more bottles.

Violet femme - result!

Violet femme – result!

Hurrah! I’m well chuffed with the result. I’m really pleased I’ve got the exact colour I wanted – until it fades after around 6-8 washes and I have go back to my Mum’s bathroom salon. Lucky then, that I have very dry hair which responds well to a bit of oil, ha!

Before dying your hair always patch test by applying a tiny bit of dye to your hairline 48 hours before to check if your skin reacts to it – even if you have used that product before incase they’ve updated the formula.

Dye containing Paraphenylenediamine (PPD and PPT) shouldn’t be available in the UK as this can cause severe allergic reactions.

I’ve found out that applying Vaseline around my hairline so I don’t end up with painted ears and temples works brilliantly, also wearing a top that’s darker than my newly coloured hair for the first few days is a very good idea!