Appreciating The Mandalorian with The Child, Bobble Head, Funko Pop

The detail and sense of movement (as well as actual movement) in this Bobble Head, Mandalorian with The Child, Funko Pop is fantastic and the little’un is smiling!

I’m so glad it has a base cleverly incorporated into the design so he stands up properly – unlike the pastel Harley Quinn and Cat Woman one’s.


My Reading List for 2017 (Sci-fi, Drama, Fantasy, YA, Humour)

True to the promise I made to myself I’ve ordered a pile of books. I’ve actually been wanting to read some for several years! I’ll be reviewing them all at some point so here’s what will (eventually) be coming up…


Raven Girl by Audrey Niffenegger is a beautifully illustrated fairytale about a raven trapped inside the body of a girl who longs to be free.

Bossypants by Tina Fey her autobiography/collection of essays and other random thoughts.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer is a very unique reimagining of the old fairytale. Cinder is a gifted mechanic in New Beijing and also a cyborg. Hated by her step mother and blamed for her step sisters sudden illness her luck starts to turn around when she meets a prince where loyalty, freedom, betrayal and temptation collide.

Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher about a teenager with a terrible secret who decides to confide in a man on death row.

The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas about a young woman who comes across a very old a rare book which she has heard will curse anyone who reads it. This has elements of ‘real world’ time travel (as apposed to the sci-fi kind) so I was sold on that.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor about a student who also happens to be an errand girl to a monster who is basically like family to her. The door too the other world is closing and so it’s time to choose between the two.

What the F*** is Normal?! by Francesca Martinez who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of two and has obviously heard many times and in many ways just how not normal she is. But what the f*** is normal anyway? Sure, I’ll identify with this a little from my Dyspraxia/Hypermobilty/(something like) MS point of view but more for the fact we are average women (in my opinion) of similar ages, who cannot understand why the society we live in is so judgmental and so obsessed with this elusive and somewhat bizarre standard of ‘normal’.

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. I love traditional fairytales and folk tails so I’m really looking forward to reading this story about a mysterious child who appears at a remote homestead in Alaska and the couple who wonder whether to take her in or not.

The Humans by Matt Haig. I used to chat to Matt a long time ago on Twitter just by chance and vowed to read one of his books so now I’m finally getting around to it. I’m about a quarter of the way through and I can tell by the specific things he chooses to satirise about the human race that we are fairly similar people, except in this story his protagonist is an alien on a mission.

The Diabolic by S.J Kincaid is about a humanoid created to protect the girl she has grown up with, a senator’s daughter. She will give her life and take the lives of others in order to do so. When she goes undercover as the girl things really start to kick off in a rather ruthless manner basically.

Every time there has been a large gap in between me reading books I have to start off with the lighter or at least funnier one’s first so that it doesn’t feel like hard work. Thanks to Dyspraxia and sometimes ‘brain fog’ in general I have to concentrate a lot more than most when reading so as not to skip words or read them incorrectly as other similar words, therefore becoming rather confused. I’m glad I chose The Humans to read first as Haig’s writing style is so accessible I’m just flying through it!

Have you read any of these and what’s in your reading pile?


5 Fandom Friday – Fave Fictional Foods


5 Fandom Friday – Fave Fictional Foods

Maybe I’m not a big enough geek or maybe it’s my bad memory but this is going to take some research! I’ll start with the obvious and progress to the more obscure.

Honeydukes in HarryPotter

Anything really, especially the Pepper Imps ‘breathe fire for your friends’, better make sure you tie your hair back though!

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 20.03.36

Tacos in Deadpool

I know, I know tacos aren’t fictional but the account of him liking them is. I’d love to share a taco with him, mainly because I think he’s awesome, not because I like those awkward little things that break up the second you bite them.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 20.42.11


The food of the Greek and Roman Gods is a kind of sweet nectar poured over fruit which sounds wonderful and also gives you immortality by the way. Although on second thoughts maybe this wouldn’t be the best of ideas, I mean you’d get sort of lonely after a century or just plain bored….

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 20.20.33

Three Course Meal Sweets in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

You know those days when you feel really bloated from the night before but you’re still hungry? ;o)

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 20.28.04

 Sharing a curry with Lister from Red Dwarf

He’s pretty fit, he’s lazy, he appreciates a hot curry and quite a few beers. Who better to spend an evening with when you just want to Netflicks and chill – or whatever their version of that is.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 21.02.40

Did I miss any obvious one’s out and do you think I cheated a tad? Hehee!


So Recently I’ve Been….

Anticipating watching Terminator Genisys out July 1st, featuring ‘The Mother of Dragons’ Amelia Clarke as a less ripped version of Sarah Connor. I won’t explain the plot as the trailer does that so if you don’t like spoilers I’d stop watching after 45 seconds!


Shopping locally in Unicorn a deli in Chorlton. I bought some black bean salad which I’m going to be making myself this Summer and some avocado humus which goes beautifully with the garlic gathia.

black bean salad P1050699

Discovering cute and cool vids online thanks to everyone sharing them on social media. Including A dog that does inappropriate walking handstands and Marvel Superheroes made into pancakes but no Loki though and Black Widow looks cross eyed but it’s still very clever. I can’t stop watching these adorable baby goats running and bleating – d’aaaaw!

Writing positive things. When we first got together (around 6 years ago) The Bloke gave me this beautiful tooled leather notebook. That’s how long I’ve kept it wondering what to do with it. I’ve decided as often as I can – that I will write down something that I’m glad about (I’m averaging around one thing every three of four days at the moment). The Bloke thought this was a wonderful idea. Well it had to be something I’ll want to read again as I’m never throwing it away!

Tooled leather diary


Binge watching The Flash. I’d watched two seasons of Arrow back to back and then I got this mad lyric going around in my head in Mark Bolans voice “Mirakuru is it true?” Definitely time for a change. Plus, Oliver is such a miserable sod and pretty much the only humour comes from Felicity and Diggle. The Flash is a lot more tongue in cheek and upbeat. Anyone else notice they have toned down the squirm inducing – almost insect like noise the CGI door to the Dr Wells secret office makes?



Buying White Jelly Block Heel Sandals from Newlook which I’ve been patiently waiting to come down in price. I got them for a tenner. My big toes are like BFG kinda big and my little toes are pretty little, which is such a contrast people stare before helpfully pointing it out to me, so I like that these have a closed toe. Plus they offer more protection for my toes from bed casters and things being dropped on them (ahem) than open toe sandals. Ok now I’ve got “metal guru, jelly shoe” in my head, ha!

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 16.11.00


Going gadget crazy – although I have to say these have been bought for me over many christmases and birthdays. Actually the iPod is so old that apps which are even vaguely new won’t work on it anymore and it’s so temperamental. The laptop is amazing for blogging but way too heavy for my weak back to lug around, hence the iPad mini!


I’d love to know if you’ve been up to any similar things latley or written your own round-up post? 

Chrissie 💻⚡️🔮








December Monthly Round Up

My family and friends have opted out of appearing on my blog, so that they won’t be affected by the subsequent fame that would of course ensue, so there are no pictures of christmas gatherings to entertain you with. I’m sure you are just, oh, so saddened to here this :0)

This month I’ve been…


Scrubs and falling for Dr Cox all over again.

Myself and The Bloke watched a wonderful film called The Machine about a man who’s daughter is physically ill. He intends on building an artificially intelligent android and uploading his daughter into her. The AI develops advanced emotions and a subconscious. The mans government boss has other ideas and wants to use her as a weapon along with the war veterans he’s modified. Luckily the modified Vets also have other ideas. This film is really quite beautiful with subtle heartfelt dialogue and room for the characters to develop. There are the obvious parallels to be made with Blade Runner in it’s themes, characters and score but this is a much smaller independent film and I thought it was better for it.


My Fraggle Rock tee that I treated myself to for xmas. I also bought a white faded Count Duckula tee (I’m all for being retro) only to find it’s not faded or retro looking at all which makes it look rather childish. I’m going to die it light grey like the other one and hope it subdues the colourful print – eek! I’ve also got reviews of some gorgeous jewellery coming up in January so keep a look out for those.

Absolutely chuffed to bits with my new laptop! It has a very similar operating system to The Blokes computer so I’ve customised it and figured it out pretty quickly. Gutted that I got the wrong game for The Bloke for christmas! I swear I picked up Grand Theft Auto and asked the assistant if it was a follow on pack or a full game just to check, then I took it to the till and paid for it. I opened the bag a day before christmas to wrap it and realise I’d actually bought Far Cry – WTF!!! It’s going to be fun taking that back now the 28 day return time has past. I’m trying to get help from an occupational therapist by going through my local councils services instead, as I’m not keen on the Neurologists almost blasé suggestion of taking a sample of my spinal fluid like it’s no big deal. I’ve been waiting for around two years now to just get some suggestions and excersises from an occupational therapist to make my memory and coordination problems (that I’ve had all of my life and that haven’t deteriorated) easier to cope with – that’s really was all I was asking for in the first place.


Boxing day dinner with roast and mashed potatoes cooked perfectly by The Bloke. A giant Thorntons reindeer in milk chocolate that should last me around 2 months of cheat days! I’ve taught myself how to cook (yes, using paste from a jar counts) a fantastic Massaman stir fry. It tastes so creamy thanks to full fat coconut milk and crushed cashews and is dairy free.

Using these beauty products…

My Proactiv+ starter kit worked really well and cleared up my skin completely but it was a bit of a shock to receive an email from them detailing three large payments I would be making that month to them for full sized products because I’d supposedly signed up to an ongoing and very expensive plan with them. I don’t think so!

Soak Yourself patchouli and vetiver soap, combined with Good Things daily exfoliator and a light moisturiser – maybe from Lush? – should do just as well.


That you have to read the small print carefully and make sense of cleverly worded jargon and beware of any type of plan. I’ve learned how to write good blogger pitch emails which means I’m able to collaborate with some wonderful brands and designers. I’ve also discovered that Jack Daniels, Dr Pepper and fresh lime juice tastes wonderful.

I hope you had a guddon’ and even if you didn’t, I’m wishing you a really wonderful new year full of surprises of the most awesome kind.

Chrissie xx

Geeks Are Chic and Hipsters Are Hot

I’ve noticed recently that it’s become trendy to embrace things that were considered childish, old fashioned or niche by the mainstream, not so long ago. Basically geek is chic! Topics that used to be gleefully ridiculed are now in everyday conversation. I’m glad we are openly celebrating our inner geek!

TV Series
Sci-fi & fantasy series like The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, Dr Who are now wildly popular.


like Elysium, Oblivion and Star Treck. Films adapted from fairy tails and tall tales like Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, Oz, The Hobbit and Harry Potter. Comics and graphic novel adaptations: Thaw, Iron Man and Avengers Assemble. Not forgetting all of the merchandise – Wolverine figurine any one? Actually, yes please!


Bands that originally would have had had a niche following are now everywhere. Mumford and Sons: A blend of folk and indie, Of Monsters and Men: Indie, Pop and folk, She and Him: Folk, pop and indie, Haim: A blend of folk and rock. Then there’s Macclemoore with the song Thriftshop and LMFAO enthusiastically turning geek into street.

Socks with sandals a la 5 year old, onesies (shudder), peter pan collars, thick glasses frames like the NHS prescription ones from the 70’s and 80’s (yup, I’m wearing them), man cardigans, bobble hats, beanies with animal ears, headbands with animal ears, young men with big beards and women embracing a long wild untamed haim, I mean mane.


Style and decor we are searching for
Spending weekends wandering around antique shops and retro/vintage stores for quaint pieces for our homes. Learning from vintage chic TV like Sarah Beanies Victorian Christmas and Kirsty Allsop making and mending. Browsing Pinterest for Steampunk inspiration, even bars are getting an aesthetically mechanical make over.

Patiently sitting in front of a plate full of amazing food which is getting cold while we get the right angle for our instagram #foodporn snaps (guilty), buying lettering and inserts online for scrap booking (Paperchase thank you!) and even using scrap-apps like Coolibar. Searching for and photographic interesting architectural features and hard to find street art. Not forgetting urban exploring of places we shouldn’t. Comping and couponing, things that would have only interested our Mum have become popular with people of all ages since the recession kicked in. Pubs holding social nights where people play board games, crochet and craft. Even colouring books for adults are making an appearance where you can colour Ryan Gosling, shoe illustrations and Cara Delvine who’s available from Selfridges.

Finally, on a slightly different note, I think it’s great more people are blogging about their embarrassing experiences and almost being proud of the fact that they are indeed #awkward!