Moonstone Rings from Gemstone Silver Jewelry

When Gemstone Silver Jewelry asked me if I wanted to feature their rings I knew I wanted to choose two with Moonstones. I love the way Moonstones play with the light and appear solid, yet translucent at the same time; this is known as adularescence. Both tbands and mounts are 9.25 stamped, nickle-free silver.

Here they are in direct sunshine.



Here they are in defused natural light, where you can see the depth of the stones.

Moonstone Ring – Nobble Passion is so pretty with it’s pear shaped stone and dainty band.

Moonstone Ring – Shimmering Yonder is a beautiful globe shape which bounces the light back in obvious blue and purple colours. It simultaneously looks magical and contemporary.

Considering these rings came all of the way from Nevada, I was surprised at how quickly they arrived. The sizing is spot-on and both rings are reassuringly weighty, without feeling clumsy or distracting – well apart from the wonderful stones which I find myself gazing into frequently!

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OOTD Breezy Summer’s Day

It was breezy , it was sunny, there were big patches of cloud and frankly I had no idea what the weather was going to do from one minute to the next. All I knew was that I was determined to look summery.




Earrings – Nude Jewellery 

Shirt – Matalan (old but similar from M&Co. here)

Vest – M&S

Bag – Florence and Fred

Skirt – Matalan (old but similar from New Look here)

Shoes – Topshop


The Chain Reaction earrings were kindly handmade for me by Nude Jewellery. I love how contemporary they look and how versatile they are. The linked up chains obviously work well with a tough urban look but they also look elegant paired with a little black dress and also add an edge to simple daytime outfits like this one. What would you wear them with?

Chrissie xx