My Mission: To Keep ‘Normal’ Hours

I’ve unsuccessfully tried to keep ‘normal’ waking and sleeping hours since I left college age 19. I managed (with the relentless help of my Mum) to keep different 9-5 jobs, the longest being a year before getting sacked for being late too many times.

The second part age 27-28 away from home I got insomnia for an entire year. I survive the work day on a cocktail of pro-plus and Red Bull. On the bus home I’d be barley conscious then once home, I’d fall asleep sat up (sometimes with my tea on my lap) for an hour or two, then I’d be wide awake until around 4:00am or until the sun started to make an appearance. Then at 7.00am I’d get brutally jerked into consciousness half way through a sleep cycle by my alarm and actually feel hungover. Then with a sinking heart I’d realise I had to do it all over again.

I’ve got better over the last 5 years, now I sleep deeply and I feel physically refreshed upon waking up naturally.

These things are still messed up though:

I find it difficult to switch my weird and varied thoughts off.

My dreams are either based around a frenetic uni life (I never had) or an Indiana Jones style adventure, leaving me mentally exhausted upon waking.

I honestly don’t wind down until 12.00am

I don’t actually do enough in the day to tire me out but doing too much exhausts me into a stressed mess.

I’m having to stay up because I’ve eaten too much, too late.

My Mission

Wake up before 9.00am

Get my ass out of bed before 10.00am

Remember to take phone to bed with pretty jingly-jangly alarm on.

Have a vague idea what to wear so I’m presentable in under 30mins.

Eat breakfast an hour after getting up – no later.

Start exercising early evening before I even think about parking my arse in front of the telly.

Eat light evening snack before 10.00pm

Switch off all screens an hour before bed.

Go to bed before 12.00am

Spend around 15 mins thinking about my day and the next day, then just concentrate on my breathing instead of being all wired and creative.


Ignoring my iPod before bed will be a serious test!

Getting to sleep without going over random scenarios in my brain or asking myself deep questions will be tough. I’m at my most creative in that in between stage.

The waking up shouldn’t be a problem, having the will to haul my ass out of bed however…

Wish me luck!

Has anyone got any tips?

A great cure ring for snoring!

As anyone who has to put up with a partner who snores like an angry lion roaring will tell you, it can be really frustrating. Frustrating to the point of wanting to boot them out of bed – literally. I got a bit of a shock when my bloke informed me that I also snore “like a little dog”, which isn’t as cute as I thought and actually quite annoying apparently.

I was really pleased when another blogger informed me that Good Night Anti-Snoring Rings existed and I asked Good Night if I could put them to the test. My bloke was rather skeptical but willing and I was just plain desperate.

Good Night Anti-snore Ring

How It Works

The ring uses acupressure theory by applying pressure on specific points using two Acu-Activators which work on different pressure points S12 & HT9 located on the little finger. This works in harmony with the body’s bio rythms.

Good Night Anti-snore Ring


You need to wear the ring for at least 30 minutes before you go to sleep.

Going of the Chinese belief of Yin and Yang men should generally bennefit from wearing the ring on their right hand and women on their left. If the person is a very heavy snorer however, they can wear one on each hand!

Wear the ring ONLY when you are about to sleep and for no longer than 12 hours.

The ring is not suitable for pregnant women or for people under 18 and it’s also not suitable for people with sleep apnea.

The Anti-Snoring Ring is available in three sizes Small J-P, Medium N-S. Large S-Z


Good Night Anti-snore Ring

Putting Them To The Test

After 4 nights:

“This ring really works, it’s amazing!” we are both saying.

After 5 nights:

Aaargh! Really bad night of snoring from my bloke, what the heck is going on?

After 7 nights:

Throughout the night when he’s on his back my bloke makes a quiet rumbling noise every now and then. I pressume this is when he’d normally be snoring loudly if it wasn’t for the ring.

After 14 nights:

Blissful sleep for the majority of the time. We realise the first snoring instance was because my bloke confessed he wasn’t sure he had the ring on the right way round that evening. I must admit I tried to put it on my ring finger a few times… ha ha, don’t even go there people! . The second instance was a result of my bloke consuming a large amount of beer (always a bad snore omen) and then being woken by me as I desperately tried to shove the ring on his finger. Hardly a great start to a relaxing nights sleep.

Our Verdict

Over all we are really impressed! The Good Night Anti-snoring rings which we refer to as ‘our snorings’ have become a nightly his and hers accessory. I haven’t snored once while wearing mine and I find it very comfortable. One could argue “Well you might not have snored anyway during those nights.” but the fact our snoring stopped and only returned when we didn’t use the rings correctly is a kind of default test, as I see it.

I must let my Mum know about these rings as she still hasn’t got accustomed to my Dad snoring, even after 40 years of marriage!

Money back guarantee on website:

‘If you are not satisfied that after using the Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring that it has not stopped or reduced your snoring after using the ring and wearing it each night correctly and according to instructions for a minimum of 21 days, we will refund your purchase price less the postage and packaging.’

Rings cost £30.

Rating 5/5