Smirnoff Frozen Mango Sorbet

These were on offer at Tesco £5 for two and at 4.7% this seemed reasonable for something fairly unique, until I thought “But that’s just when it’s on offer, bloody hell!”

Smirnoff Frozen Mango Sorbet

You are meant to freeze them for eight hours, yes eight! Before squishing the packet until the sorbet is a favourable consistency, then empty into a glass. Sounds simple but who knows precisely when they will fancy a drink in eight hours? So I chucked it in the freezer over night. I pulled it out the next day and run it under slightly warm water as suggested on the packet until it felt slushy.


The first thing I noticed was how unbelievably sweet and syrupy this tasted, the second wasn’t the alcohol (intact that was barley traceable) but how thick it was. It acted like a real slushy, were you loudly slurp out all of the flavour for what seems like an hour to be left with masses of ice.

I tried the Lemon Sorbet next. These tasted like old fashioned cloudy lemonade – which I love – with the taste of alcohol much more prevalent. I defrosted this sorbet twice as much as last time and it was fantastic! I can see how someone could get really tipsy on these very quickly.

Bit of a faff but if you get it right, these are fab!