Style: I Finally Find My 3 Most Wanted Items!

Yes, I’ve ben at it again, it’s my form of relaxation and me time! I was really pleased to find three items I’d been searching for for ages: Round toed cowboy boots, a piece of tribal/ethnic statement jewellery (that didn’t look tacky or cheap) and a fun geeky tee that wasn’t too laddish. I scrimped, saved and borrowed with these three things in mind. I’m lucky that my loved ones appreciate my style so they knew that I’d “been going on and on about finding something like that for ages!”

Cowboy boots, Primark

Cowboy boots – Primark

Superhero tee

Superhero tee – Primark

Tribal Statement Necklace - New Look

Tribal Statement Necklace – New Look


What’s on your wish list?