You Gotta Bag It Up

You Gotta Bag It Up


You Can’t Beat a Black Boot

Black Boots for 2017


The shoe equivalent of the little black dress!

15 Long Sleeve Dresses That Are Definitely Not Boring

Long Sleeve Dresses

Winter Coats Because Baby its Cold Outside

Baby its Cold Outside


Pastel Goth Christmas

Pastel Goth Christmas

Velvet is Versatile!

Velvet is Versatile
Wether you want to be casual or glam, velvet is easier to wear than you think!

Pastel Goth Inspired – Outfit of the Week – Version 2

Pastel goth fashion

The first time I tried this outfit I wore 90’s style goth tights which were pretty opaque on the bottom, then had a black band and then were less opaque with a black line going upward, creating a grungy faux suspender pattern. Due to the camera flash making them look real, they made my outfit look less ‘relaxed pastel goth’ and more ‘Rocky Horror Show’! So I’ve worn totally opaque tights this time lol

Pastel Goth Sweater – Similar here @ Bajues Best

Quilted Faux Leather Skirt – Similar here @ Miss Guided

Black Opaque Tights – Similar here @ Next

Patent Ankle Boots – Similar here @ asos