Why I think this £5 Lime Green, Snake Print Vest Will Suit Every Body Shape

I don’t always review single items of clothing, unless I’m really happy with them and want you to know about them too and I absolutely love this Lime Green, Snake Print Swing Vest £5 from George.


How Summery is this!


It’s such a bargain at £5 with adjustable straps, a soft jersey material that doesn’t feel like it will bobble, a decent length and a really flattering swing cut. Unusually for me, I got a size 10 as I knew it would fairly roomy from the reviews but they go up to size 24 (my Mum was a 20-22 and she always loved George clothing).


This is me and my podge (after having four cans of non-gluten free larger the night before) and as you can see, when the vest isn’t pulled tight it just skims over it perfectly! I also have deep stretch marks above my boobs but by raising the straps slightly the neckline covers them, while still looking sexy.

This would be a great day-to-night top if you added gold statement earrings or bracelet and heels. My only niggle is that it’s more acid yellow then a true lime green but everything else about it makes up for that.


Style Mood Boards Vol 1 & 2

It’s the end of Polyvore as we know it as it’s now turned into a shopping website called SSense, meaning all of our mood boards and outfit collages have just disappeared – never to return! Luckily the reason why I started using Polyvore was to share my creations on my blog so I still have them – phew!


Fruity and Fabulous

Stylish Stationary

Summer in the City

Jumper, Jeans & Heels (JJH)

Late 80’s Early 90’s Cool

Girls Cagool, Boys Drool

Life is Better, Down Where it’s Wetter…

Rose Gold

Belt Bags, Belt Bags, What Ya Gunna Do

Superhero Stuff


Cross Your Heart

Rainbow Unicorn

I’m So Fancy – Velvet

Colourful Kicks


Glam Goth

Rose Gold & Monochrome

Geek Girl

It’s the Vinyl Countdown

Miss Sporty

Summer Style Sensible Shoes

Stranger Things…Have Happened

Girls Night Out

Sneaker Pimps

Looking Well Shady

Glam Rock

Back to Nature

Big Kid

Tough Bitch

I’m going to stop now and post more next week. I mean, how many mood boards can one handle at once, really? ;o)







Stylish Summer Cover-ups

Stylish Summer Cover-ups


Self-conscious about you arms, legs, cankles or toes? No problem!

70’s Inspired Casual #OOTD


Sunglasses – Jaeger 

Gold Tripple Hoop Earrings – Claire’s

Top – New Look

Trousers – Very

Shoes – Clarks (last season) New season here

Style Tip: To stop the ends of a wavy or frizzy pony tail from spreading out wildly, cover it with a wide home made hair bobble. Cut a strip off old laddered black tights at their narrowest part, then roll the strip until there’s no raw edge, then wrap it around your ponytail several times to create a deeper hair bobble. This will make your pony tail narrower at the base to stop it spreading out so it’s nice and sleek. It has the same effect as those plastic cones from the 80’s but looks a lot less noticeable!

Stylish and Sensible Summer Shoes

Stylish and Sensible Summer Shoes


Summer shoes shouldn’t end up being carried in your hand after an hour of walking!

Summer Clothes Haul

Joe Browns Clothing

As soon as I saw this top from Joe Browns I knew I had to have it. With lace sections front and back and a semi-loose fit it’s surprisingly cool in hot weather. The cut gives the illusion of fuller hips (great to balance out a top heavy figure) and that pattern!


I’ve always like the rock chick evening look that black crochet and lace give to an outfit and shrugs/bolero jackets which fit curves are frustratingly hard to find. This is another find from Joe Browns.


This is the sweetest denim jacket I’ve ever had. It’s fitted, fairly short waisted, very blue and very soft. I chopped the arms off my bigger denim jacket so I could wear it as a body warmer over hoodies in the winter so this is the cuter replacement from Matalan.


I only need a cowboy hat now ;o) I bought this cape in the BHS sale and adored how stylish it looked with the angular print and leather piping and how incredibly soft it was. Unfortunately if you are going to wear this almost every evening for nearly 3 months it kinda gets too fluffy so the colours overlap and it looks very bobbly. More camping blanket, than fashionable cape, hmm.

These Clark’s boots are my ultimate summer boots which seem to go with and give attitude to everything, including casual dresses, denim shorts, khaki trousers, long gypsy skirts and leather mini’s. It’s the oval toe and suede finish which makes them so versatile I think. Available in wide fit – though my feet may look boney, they are surprisingly wide and I just bought the regular size. They were also incredibly comfortable straight out of the box. No ‘breaking in’ necessary.


Palazzo Pants – Have A Bit of Flair!

Have some flair!
Palazzo pants are the comfiest fashion trend ever – so have some flair!
Which one’s are your faves?