10 Reasons Why Bad Weather Can Sometimes Be Good

I’m English, weather is a big thing here. I had a massive surge of energy at about 11.oo last night and was really restless. Then I realised it was because I hadn’t gone out in two days. So, no more using the weather as an excuse!

My optimistic guide to bad weather:


  1. Fresh air, no matter how gusty is still good for you. If you visit your nearest big park with trees, you can trick your brain into thinking you’re more than a mere 15 minutes away from a motorway.
  2. Rain makes everything lush, so you don’t need to remember to water the forgotten window box that’s somehow still clinging to your windowsill or your folks plants while they’re away or an allotment.
  3. It could be worse, much worse! You could live right by the sea. We’ve all seen the news reports of the flooding.
  4. The country side is always so beautiful no matter how hellish the weather, especially if there’s a nearby pub with an open fire you can run to.
  5. Rainbows! Fairly common but always beautiful.
  6. You get to go bargain hunting for winter waterproofs in the sales. I got a gorgeous deep pink Berghaus coat from one of the outdoor shops on Deansgate. The Bloke also took me to the snow & sports department in TK, full of cozy but very cool clothes.
  7. Extreme surfing dude! No, me neither.
  8. Snow: Snowball fights, snow days off school (even work), snowmen, snow angels, sledging, watching small animals almost disappear into it.
  9. You have the perfect reason to dig out your fancy festival wellies and splash through muddy puddles – while smugly rolling your eyes at women floundering around in heels. Also what a fun way to keep kids entertain for a while.
  10. If all else fails, you can snuggle up to someone and drink mugs of hot choccy while watching the rain lash against the windows and listen to the wind outside.

I’m really glad we have seasons in the UK and so much weather. I mean, when we’re all huddled together under a bus shelter, what else are we going to talk about?