Veggie, Wheat & Dairy Free Haul


Raw Health Cacoa Brazilnut Bliss Spread
Not as sweet as I hoped it would be but very tasty with a strong Cacoa flavour.

Illumi Singapore Style Rice Noodles
Exactly the kind of savoury, slightly spicy flavour that you would expect from Asian noodles. After 5 minutes he sauce sauce and the noodles really thicken up.

Meridian Creamy Mushroom & White Wine Cooking Sauce
I think it was the white wine in this which threw me off a little. I added a tiny bit of sesame oil and some nutritional yeast flakes to really bring out the nutty mushroom flavour. I had this lovely creamy, chunky sauce with gnocchi and it was the loveliest dish I’ve ‘cooked’ for weeks!

Punjaban Tasty Tamarind Curry Base
This has some moderate heat to it, good rounded flavour including tomato and onion as well as slightly sweet tamarind.

Engevita Savoury Yeast Flakes
I tend not to use this in food much as the flavour gets overwhelmed easily and I don’t do baking. I love eating them in crunchy nutty/cheesy handfuls though lol

Free & Easy Green Pea Soup
The only way I can describe this is that it tasted of perfume. The herbs totally overwhelmed the flavour of peas!

Free & Easy Tomato Soup
This was a lot tangier than I expected and I sprinkled some sugar in before heating it up which made it taste more like a cream of tomato soup, which complimented the medium consistency.

Amy’s Kitchen Spanish Rice & Red Bean Soup
This was so incredibly filling and ever so slightly spicy.

The Foods of Athenry Lemon & Poppy Seed Cookie
Sweet with an undercurrent of saltiness, zesty flavour and a nice crunch. I actually preferred it a few days after I’d opened it when it had softened up a little.

Plamil Egg Free Mayo with Tarragon & Chives
The texture of mayo but slightly tart like salad cream. The (too sweet) Sour Cream and Chive Popcorn tasted great dipped into this as they balanced each other out in flavour.

Ten Acre Pastrami in the Rye Crisps
Perfect meaty, smokey flavour but veggie of course!

Ten Acre When Bombay Got Spicy Crisps
Mild, medium spiced, traditional Indian curry flavours.

Ten Acre Sour Cream & Chive Popcorn
Absolutely nothing like sour cream as it’s too sweet! Does have a very cheesy flavour though.

Nakd Pecan Pie Fruit & Nut Bar
Tasted way too much of dates and not pecans.

Raw Health Blissed Chocada Truffles
The most solid truffles you will ever eat. Fairly sweet Cacoa flavour, very chewy in a satisfying way. Just one at breakfast gave me enough energy for around 3 hours. You may want to avoid if you have loose fillings or caps though!

I bought all of this from Holland &a Barrett but I’ve seen a lot of these brands in the free-from sections of big supermarkets like Tesco, Morrison, Sainsbury’s and Coop as well as Unicorn in Chorlton and The Eighth Day on Oxford Rd.



Gluten and Dairy Free Products I love!

Snacks For On The Go

Village Pride Sweet Plantain Chips


These are perfect for people who love that savoury but sweet flavour combo. If anyone knows the name of that type of flavour, please let me know.

Proper Corn Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun-dried Tomato Flavour


I’ve found these in Tesco, Waitrose and Spar. There are quite a few flavours out now, this being one of the newer ones. I love anything flavoured with Worcester sauce (I’m totally having to say this in a US accent to be able to spell it) flavour but I never know how to use it in my cooking. I like that you get a decent amount and it’s not just a bag full of air!

Tesco Smooth Coconut and Vanilla Shake


These come in handy for when I’m chilling in the back garden (ok, yard) or when I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to fix a proper shake. This has a strong authentic vanilla flavour.

Choices ‘Bunnies!’


This chocolate has that slight hint of saltiness those white mice you used to get as a kid had but without the horrible waxy texture. This is the closest to dairy white chocolate I’ve ever tasted. I’ve found these in Sainsbury’s and Holland & Barrett.


Viotros’ Violife


This comes joint first with Bute Island Sheese for *fanfare* The Best Cheddar Cheese Substitute! It even melts into gooey gorgousness so it’s great for pizza’s as well sandwiches. Available from Tesco and Holland and Barrett.

Coconut Dream (with rice)


Great for cereal and shakes (I add blended frozen bananas to thicken mine). If you want a good cup of builders tea then I suggest Co-op unsweetened rice milk instead.

Nestle Gluten Free Honey Flakes


These should probably be under ‘snacks’ as I have a bad habit of eating these dry straight out of the box…*nom nom* They also do plain GF flakes if you are vegan.

Main Meals

Amy’s Kitchen enchilada


Amy’s Kitchen do a lot of gluten/dairy free soups and ready meals which I love. These are perfect with vegan ‘cheese’ melted on top. Their texture is between crunchy and solid pastry and the sauce is spicy rather than hot, which I like because it’s easier adding heat, than taking it away.

ASDA Vegetable Curry


This has a medium if not-quite-creamy consistency with a pleasant amount of heat. It makes a great baked spud filling if you are really hungry! I’ve tried a few foreign brands of tinned veg curry and found them to be very oily but this is quality. Sometimes I add fried firm tofu for added protein and texture.

Clive’s Gluten Free Pies


When you are in the mood for a pie (say ‘pie’ out loud in a thick Yorkshire accent, go on) this one isn’t half bad. The pastry is very short so I’d suggest knocking a whole 10 minutes off the cooking time so it doesn’t get too crispy. The filling isn’t the creamy kind but it is very tasty!

Morrison Ratatouille


When I first left home I survived on cans of this and cheap white bread for like a year ha! Now I have it with new potatoes or rice noodles or I simply add fine flakes of seaweed sea salt which really brings out the flavour of the tomatoes and various seeds for added crunch.

Hope my list helps any crap cooks who are stuck for quick free-from meal or snack options.

Chrissie xx

Top 5 Gluten and Dairy Free Snacks

I did another free-from snack haul in the supermarket and these are the fabulous five that I’d recommend.

9 bar – Peanut

Gluten, wheat and dairy free


These mixed seed energy bars are named after the 9 amino acids they contain. The peanut version is chunky, tasty and has just enough golden syrup to hold it all together without it being to sticky. The flax seed version is tasty and handy if you’re not a fan of adding dry seeds to your food. These keep your energy up for hours.

Fabulous Freefrom Factory – Covered Raisins

Gluten, wheat and dairy free

Fabulous Freefrom Factory Dairy Free Covered Raisins

These soya based covered raisins are a welcome, and very moreish change from dark chocolate snacks.

Warburtons Sweet Chilli Cracker Thins

Gluten, wheat and dairy free

Warbutons New Bakehouse Sweet Chilli Cracker Thins

Most savoury free-from snacks are either salt and vinegar or sweet chilli flavour, which can get boring but these are really nice. They break easily but are great to dip into soup or salsa, although not practical for shovelling up large amounts of humous.

nairns biscuit breaks chocolate chip

Gluten, wheat and dairy free

Nairns gluten free biscuit breaks

These taste gorgeous dipped in rice milk for breakfast or super or broken into ice cream for desert. As nairn do a ‘normal’ version make sure to look for these in the free-from isle.

nakd Banana Crunch Wholefood Bars

Gluten, wheat and dairy free


These are a genius collection of 3-4 raw ingredients ‘smushed’ together that are moist, chewy and naturally sweet. The vegan and gluten free flavours are Berry Delight, Cocoa Delight, Rhubarb & Custard, Cocoa Orange.

Chrissie xx