5 Fandom Friday: My Favorite Things About Winter

Fandom Friday

Anyone who lives up North in the UK either develops SAD during the winter months or learns to like or at least appreciate winter. I used get really down with the dark mornings and evenings but now I realise I’m lucky to live somewhere that has seasons and I appreciate them all individually. Thanks to Super Space Chick and The Nerdy Girlie for creating 5 Fandom Friday.

1. Sometimes bleak can be beautiful

It really is worth going on holiday in winter, not abroad but to the countryside – especially to Scotland and Wales. They are equally beautiful in bright sunlight or cloudy shade. Me, the Bloke and some friends hired a cabin at the side of a loch and on one of the days we caught a cable car half way up mountain. I loved being at cloud level.

4006ft up Aonach Mor

2. Hot drink creations

Cinnamon tea, Egyptian spiced tea, ‘Chrissie’s special coffee’ milk and one sugar, hazelnut syrup with a little coffee added for flavour. Then there’s ‘Chrissie’s special soup’ which is a heaped teaspoon of bean miso paste, a heaped teaspoon of Bisto onion gravy, 2 generous pinches of seaweed flakes, a little glug of tamari (wheat free soy) sauce and 4 little splashes of Tabasco in a mug. Sometimes I use this pre-prepared one so I don’t offend guests noses!

Miso Soup

3. Staying all snuggly inside 

I love snuggling under a giant blanket with the Bloke and watching the rain on the windows and listening to the wind roar, while the trees dance outside.


4. Snow!

It’s rare that we get snow near in the centre of Manchester as it’s quite low and it only takes a little moisture to produce sleet rather than snow. When it does snow I immediately go straight into my local park. I love that it looks like there is a beautiful white blanket covering everything. I love the crunch of snow under my feet. I love snowball fights!

Cizzy in snow

5. I get to wear my new winter coat

The kind of coat that is so warm no matter what you wear underneath, it’s only for the coldest days. Here I am looking rather chuffed with my Christmas present…Oh, and Christmas of course!



Chrissie xx

10 Reasons Why Bad Weather Can Sometimes Be Good

I’m English, weather is a big thing here. I had a massive surge of energy at about 11.oo last night and was really restless. Then I realised it was because I hadn’t gone out in two days. So, no more using the weather as an excuse!

My optimistic guide to bad weather:


  1. Fresh air, no matter how gusty is still good for you. If you visit your nearest big park with trees, you can trick your brain into thinking you’re more than a mere 15 minutes away from a motorway.
  2. Rain makes everything lush, so you don’t need to remember to water the forgotten window box that’s somehow still clinging to your windowsill or your folks plants while they’re away or an allotment.
  3. It could be worse, much worse! You could live right by the sea. We’ve all seen the news reports of the flooding.
  4. The country side is always so beautiful no matter how hellish the weather, especially if there’s a nearby pub with an open fire you can run to.
  5. Rainbows! Fairly common but always beautiful.
  6. You get to go bargain hunting for winter waterproofs in the sales. I got a gorgeous deep pink Berghaus coat from one of the outdoor shops on Deansgate. The Bloke also took me to the snow & sports department in TK, full of cozy but very cool clothes.
  7. Extreme surfing dude! No, me neither.
  8. Snow: Snowball fights, snow days off school (even work), snowmen, snow angels, sledging, watching small animals almost disappear into it.
  9. You have the perfect reason to dig out your fancy festival wellies and splash through muddy puddles – while smugly rolling your eyes at women floundering around in heels. Also what a fun way to keep kids entertain for a while.
  10. If all else fails, you can snuggle up to someone and drink mugs of hot choccy while watching the rain lash against the windows and listen to the wind outside.

I’m really glad we have seasons in the UK and so much weather. I mean, when we’re all huddled together under a bus shelter, what else are we going to talk about?