Simply Beautiful Collection – Collagen Hydra Gel Serum

Founded in 1988 Simply Beautiful Collection uses natural ingredients to create luxury skincare for all skin types and skin needs. I opted to test their Collagen Hydra Gel Serum £35 for 3 weeks.

Colagen hydra gel serum

As you may know if you’ve read this blog for a long time I have quite a lot of acne scarring on my cheeks. Actually my body naturally creates a lot of collagen which means that I heal quickly but get too much lumpy ‘keloid’ scar tissue (most usual in people with ethnic skin tones). This has created a sort of ‘orange peel’ effect on my cheeks and lately it’s starting to show around my chin as my skins natural collagen breaks down as I get older.





The gel serum has the consistency of a light moisturiser but holds together rather than being runny. It’s easily spreadable but has a slight tight feeling afterward. I absolutley love the packaging as I think it looks very luxurious.


My skin does look plumper and more even but unfortunately that ‘orange peel’ effect is still noticeable without foundation. Sadly it hasn’t made any difference to the lines that come down from my nose to my mouth. This product was just to heavy for my skin and made me break out around my chin and the lines I mentioned. Having spent my teens and early twenties plagued by spots and self esteem issues as a result, I’m happy to say that I prefer the scars left behind, rather than more spots!


I’m going to keep using this but just on my cheeks and only half of the amount – one pump, rather than two – as my skin does look smoother under (even a very lightweight) foundation. I’d recommend this for people with dry or possibly combination skin but definitely not anyone with oily skin or areas of skin which are prone to breakouts. I might be approaching my mid 30’s but this still isn’t quite the right product for my skin type, yet….

Rating <3<3


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