Our Little Christmas Tree

Hello lovely people!

It’s the perfect size for the only place we can put it, so we are really happy with it. Nice to have traditional decorations on it too.

We are going to put a garland over the old stereo and then we are done. Last year we had window jellies which said ‘Let it snow’ surrounded by snowflakes but they went all sticky and weird after two years so we won’t be buying those again lol

What are your decorations this year?


My Fave Dairy Free Chocolate and Gelatine Free Sweets!

Biona Fruit Bears – Full of natural fruit flavour, these are even liked by my friends and family who don’t usually like sweets. Organic. Gluten free.

Tribe Nature Bombs Chocolate, Caramel and Almond Butter – Caramel and Almond Butter mixed together and covered in chocolate. These are so more-ish, the two pack isn’t enough so treat yourself and get a bag.

Love Raw Peanut Butter Cups – These lasted all of two minutes nom! Vegan.

Candy Kittens Eton Mess – These creamy, chewy sweets taste exactly like the dessert. Quick, take them away from me, before I go through the whole bag. Palm oil free.

Bouja-Bouja Truffle Selection No1 – I actually prefer the purple selection as these chocolates were almost too rich in flavour for me, especially the champagne and espresso but I loved the rum and cherry cognac flavours. Best to keep these cool or they become sickly, quickly. Organic. Vegan.

Rhythm 108 Hazelnut and Praline – This small Swedish brand makes bars that are the most like traditional chocolate bars – delicious. Gluten free. Organic. Vegan.

Pulsing High Fibre Brownie – Although it’s called a brownie, it isn’t squishy in the middle. It does have nice big chunks of choccy and it is very substantial. It did give me a good start to the day, energy-wise.

So lovely people, do you want me to review more choccy, sweets or both?


Testing a Magnetic Eyelash Kit by Lola’s Lashes – Have I finally found falsies easy enough for a Dyspraxic person?

As you probably know by now, I’m Dyspraxic so faffing about with eyelash glue and false lashes has extremely messy, if rather amusing consequences. Not a realistic option!

This is why I jumped at the chance of reviewing Lola’s magnetic lash kit £35. The lashes ‘stick’ to the metallic eyeliner which comes with the kit. Afterward the just gently peel off (they are reusable) and liner removed with oil (which also comes in the kit).

I’ve been given two styles of lashes (there are six in total, with different options for kits, colours of eyeliner and bundles): The thick, fluttery Diamond style which look fabulous (above) and the more subtle Sapphire style which pass for my real lashes but prettier. I prefer the latter because I can wear these quickly and easily, every time I go out, with hardly any other makeup.

I struggle with the Diamond lashes but the Sapphire one’s are perfect as they don’t crowd my mono-lid or drag down the look of my hooded eyes.

Quite a difference between my normal lashes (left eye) and the falsies (right eye)!

The eyeliner brush is incredibly easy to use and I draw the best flick I’ve ever done but I still manage to get eyeliner all over (and even inside) the inner corner of my eye. After I’ve spread that everywhere by trying to clean it up with the oil on a cotton pad, I let it dry. The lashes themselves are fairly easy to apply. I think they actually lift my hooded eyelids too!

Rating 4/5

What do you think? I would love to hear your comments as always.


Lyra’s Oxford by Philip Pullman – Book Review

Lyra’s Oxford by Philip Pullman

I like that most short stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. The pacing of the plot, the scene setting, the detail in descriptions of a journey as well as character development should all be comparative to the size of the novel.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case in this short story. When the action does get moving it is gripping but it feels like there could have been so much more squeezed into the pages.

The book even finishes before it explains who one of the main characters are and what they are doing that’s supposedly so important. The whole plot (it turns out) revolves around them though! Lyras Oxford reads like exciting excerpts from a much bigger novel, rather than a self contained short story

The book contains a map of Lyras Oxford, although not really necessary I did think this was a cute addition. It also contains a short explorers guide.

Overall I found Lyras Oxford to be an informative glimpse into Lyras new life. As expected it was imaginative and compelling in places. Frustratingly, it felt rush toward the end and needed more plot and character development overall.


October in Photo’s

These are screenshots from my Instagram, which I find are a great way to recap and share my month with you.

Featuring my fave cruelty-free beauty products, veggie places, blog posts and style, to creepy-cute stuff and independent artists/designers.

1st row: Dr Martens outfit; armour ring and earrings; my avatar wearing cat ears, watching spooky films.

2nd row: Sunday quote; Zao concealer; Bat tee from EMP outfit.

3rd row: Mexicana vegan chilli cheese block from Asda; my avatar as a bat; the trees outside the housing turning lime green and lemon yellow.

4th row: Halloween art by @thisisjonturner ; October quote; copper coloured Ciate nail polish.

1st row: ‘Being normal is vastly over rated’ Aggie Cromwell quote; ghost and vampire dolls; Leopard print dress from Hellbunny outfit.

2nd row: Selfie; planning the week ahead in my planner; salt and pepper tofu.

3rd row: Acers in garden; spooky pins on my handbag; Oomph!, rice and green beans.

4th row: Soul and body quote; stickers on my laptop; spooky mummy plushie.

1st row: Funny haunted quote; plants on windowsill; black Zoya nail polish and star decals.

2nd row: Watching Teen Witch; bat decoration and plants on windowsill and golden trees outside; Cheers! selfie

3rd row: Headless horsewench by @coloquix; funny anti-social quote; pad-Thai noodles.

4th row: Ghost necklace from Em and Sprout; Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar; Zad’s Zadams Family vegan Pizza.

1st row: Ghost cartoon; vegan sweets from Cruelty Free Candy; Halloween black cat makeup.

2nd row: Creepy looking Scottish loch; alternative selfies; full moon behind a church steeple.

3rd row: Ghost joke; red dress selfie; my bloke’s tee from Hoodie Lab.

4th row: Red dress, biker jacket and knee boots outfit; creepy bird statue in front of hazy full moon; Mediterranean wrap.