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Helloo! 💙

This is the bargain Spring/Summer outfit I originally wore for a local day out because it was comfy and practical. I entered it in a Cosmopolitan magazine competition for best street-style in the bohemian category and it won!

This photo is a screen shot of a copy of copy so at this point, it looks almost 2D Sadly, the original was on a hard drive which died.

The dearest thing in this whole outfit is the Clark’s comfy sandals, which were £35 (my feet swell in the heat and I need arch support so these were essential).

I got the skirt in a sale for £3! It was two sizes too big but I knew my Mum could easily put darts in the waistband.

The vest was actually free with another magazine lol

I got the bag from a charity shop.

The scarf/necklace was a present but also from a charity shop.

The sunglasses glasses were on sale in Autumn the year before.

My hair dye was a cheap box dye from Naturtint that had gotten much lighter and brighter because of the sunshine that month.

Fifteen years later and I still have the bag, shoes and scarf. 😊 It really is possible to look good on a budget, by teaming simple pieces with one or two statement pieces (that still don’t have to be dear). 💃🏻


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