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An Interview With…Me!

This is a tag I picked up from Nickie O’Hara at Typecast as I loved her questions and also the opportunity to make up my own questions to ask you all at the end.

Who would you like to dance with and why?

The Bloke (aka my bloke) as he has great hip action (oi, naughty!) and fairly delicate hands for a tall stocky dude. He’d be great in hold, maybe something like a basic Rhumba or American Smooth. He’s kind of coming round to the idea, slowly…

Roller Disco or Ice Skating?

The last time I went to a roller disco I fell and comically could not get up even with help. I’ve learned how to rollerblade OK now, apart from the stopping part. Ice skating terrifies me!

What music do you listen to?

Blues, Northern Soul, 80’s alternative, 90’s R&B, 90’s trip-hop, 90’s/200’s hip-hop, rock, punk, drum & base.

Mayo or Ketchup?

Garlic mayo but ketchup on chippy chips.

How do you evaluate success?

I couldn’t give a damn to be honest. As long as I’m not stressful to be around then I’m a success at being a decent person.

What is your social media platform of choice and why?

WordPress! OK, that’s cheating a bit. Twitter suits my attention sp…

What would be your chosen superpower?

Most awesome and important question ever! I’ve given this a lot of thought over the years and I’d say to re-wind time just for a few moments within my own life time, to put things right for me and others.

Going out or staying in?

Ah, er, going out late afternoon for a mooch about town and a pub tea then grabbing some cans and going home to watch box sets with The Bloke. Gosh I’m rubbish at answering either/or questions!

Who would you like to have a brew and a chat with?

Juliette Lewis, she’s such a lovely, accepting and free-spirited individual.

Who is your biggest female influence?

It has to be my Mam for better and for worse, ha!

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

My Mam always used to say “Just do your best kid, whatever the result it’s OK with us.” Hardly optimistic like, but very reassuring. Also “Just be yourself love, never change just to fit in with certain people or you’ll end up loosing yourself.” So true!

Here are my questions for you to answer:

If you could fine members of the public for doing one thing that you find really annoying what would it be?

Which animal do you most relate to and/or would choose to be?

Ideally would you like to live in a town, by the sea or in the countryside?

What genre of films do you like watching?

Name someone you admire and tell us why?

Which sites online are you most addicted to?

What do you think is the best bit of you?

If you could be famous for any reason, what would you want the reason to be?

Happiness is…

Which do you prefer, God or dinosaurs?

So if anyone wants to play then answer these questions, then make your own up to ask the next person and either nominate another blogger or hope with fingers crossed tightly (as I am) that someone is game enough to play tag. Don’t forget to let me know if you’re playing. Tag!

5 responses to “An Interview With…Me!”

  1. Sherri Of Palm Springs Avatar

    I might if I have looks like fun..
    we all that don’t we
    Nice blog and Thank you much for liking a couple my images or words..


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      Thank you! I’d like so many more of yours if I was on a PC more often and not a fiddly small screen x


  2. Nickie Avatar

    Fab responses Chrissie! I agree with your sauce of choice(s) and your superpower is a great idea! Thanks for joining in.


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      Thanks, well I thought being bullet proof ect would be too much responsibility and all that.


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