Best Natural Formula Mascara’s

I have long eyelashes that are very straight. In the past I’ve used a brand which fanned them out ridiculously without any curl, making them resemble Betty Boop lashes. Sexy on a cartoon chick from the 30’s, not so sexy on me. Nowadays I use natural mascara without any silicone or added rubbish and shape them eyelash curlers.

Cruelty free Mascara

LUSH Eyes Right, avril bio, Lavera Bio sensitive mascara

LUSH Eyes Right £12.00

LUSH Eyes Right Mascara

Eyes Right glides on so smoothly and gives my lashes great definition without any hint of clumping. I advise you to give it a minute to dry before putting on another coat and building it up to whatever volume you want. Not very sweat or water proof but perfect for sensitive eyes and skin. It moisturises my lashes so much they have really filled out since I started using this! It takes a little getting used to using the short brush but it’s not a big deal. Great everyday mascara.

Features: Vegan. For sensitive eyes.

avril Beaute Le Mascara (Bio) €7

Cruelty free Mascara

Le Mascara is a product I received in my Souk Souk beauty box. This is the coolest mascara I’ve ever used. Although I have to thicken it on to get an even coating, once it’s dry, lashes appear really volumised and glossy. It really moisturises lashes, in fact they remain so pliable I can just bend them into shape with my finger! I’m gutted that avril ship to several parts of Europe but not the UK, although it is available through Amazon.

Features: Organic

Lavera Bio Volume Mascara £10.00

Lavera Volume Mascara

I bought this Lavera Mascara  in a three-for-two deal at Holland & Barrett. This mascara is for sensitive eyes which I can attest to after absent-mindedly rubbing it into mine when I was tired. I think the word ‘volumising’ is a little bit of an over statement, however,  you could just keep layering up as many coats as you want. The brush does a fairly good job of separating lashes so they don’t get too clumpy. Get the sensitive Long Lash version from H&B here.

Features: Vegan. Gluten free. For sensitive eyes.

18 thoughts on “Best Natural Formula Mascara’s

    • I don’t know if Aldi do that. I know Laveri have their own website. I was just thinking I should nip into Aldi and sampling some of their makeup yesterday. I think it’s fab how Aldi, Co-op, Superdrug and M&S own brands are cruelty free!


    • The colours are wonderful in the Emotional Brilliance range. You are meant to close your eyes, spin the colour wheel and pick out the first 3 colours you are drawn to – although I wouldn’t use them all at once! ;0)


    • Damn I should have used that in the tittle lol Well I was checking out all these indie ethical beauty brands but couldn’t find mascara (I wasn’t impressed with one from The Body Shop) so I searched a bit further.


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